"What a Wonderful World"

(by Louis Armstrong) What a Wonderful World (Single Version) - Louis Armstrong's All-Time Greatest Hits

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I know I totally skipped this last week! I figured y'all were OK with that, because I actually had a couple of events to blog about. I was still writing things down on my list though, & I am quite grateful for...
  1. A super great Spring Break!
  2. A student who was willing to clean something incredibly nasty so I didn't have to {how could I have forgotten that in my last thankful post?!}
  3. The opportunity to sleep in a little
  4. Lunch with my bloggy friend & her family
  5. Lupe Tortilla's soft chicken tacos
  6. Buy one, get one 50% off deals {I got two backpacks for a total of $10.50 at Zumiez ~ that's pretty super!}
  7. A safe business trip for my mister
  8. My baby brother giving me scripture to look up ♥
  9. Wildflowers
  10. A book that was one of my absolute favorites from my childhood {it was from my Mema A, which is probably why it was a favorite ~ my dad found it when he was packing ♥}
  11. Having the time to do a little Spring cleaning
  12. Eating {too much} cheesecake with my baby brother
  13. Confirmation {I'm always nervous when it's my turn to give the Mentor Moment at MOPS, but God always confirms the word that is on my heart. I love that about Him!}
  14. New plants for my garden
  15. Being included in late night girl chat with my baby girl & her friend
  16. Room for my dad to stay with us for awhile {he closes on the sale of his house this week!}
  17. An afternoon with my brother {he brought Dad's TV & stuck around for the rest of the day}
  18. An encouraging email from the mom of one of our students at church ♥
  19. Tuna with dill relish & onions {one little pouch has 16g of protein ~ how about that?!}
  20. Heartbreaking yet beautiful conversation in small groups with my favorite students {gosh, I love those girls so much!}
  21. Chalk drawings on my driveway
  22. Panera with Marcie
  23. The chance to see my dad's house one last time before he sells it {they bought it when I was in 5th grade, so it was a part of my life longer than my baby brother has been!}
  24. Coffee from my favorite place in Kingwood
  25. Meandering through the town where I spent most of my childhood {a drive full of memories: my first kiss, middle school, church, my favorite Astro's house,...}

It really is a wonderful world! What's on your list of wonderful things today?



Brooke said…
cheesecake and panera - is it any wonder i love you? ;)
Zion said…
WOW, you are almost to a thousand. It's so great to stop and realize how much we are blessed.
Glad you had such a great spring break Amy! I love how you love your family! I love tuna with dill relish too! :)

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