Monday, January 18, 2016

"Wasn't Expecting That"

(by Jamie Lawson) 

I'm not even going to try to make excuses because I'm beginning to sound like a broken record. I would like for you to know that I've composed most of my 2015 recap post, though, if that helps at all! To be honest, there hasn't been a whole lot of exciting stuff, but my highlights of the past couple of weeks are...

...I had a really nice visit with Clyde, Nicole, and their two beautiful daughters! Again, I failed to take a picture of their newest addition. I was too busy enjoying her and her family, and it didn't cross my mind until I got home and was telling my family about how she wrapped her tiny little hand around my finger. Seriously, her hands are so tiny!

...Indian food. That may not seem like a highlight to you, but it was a solace on a sad day. There is not an India trip on the calendar at the moment, though there was originally a trip planned for last week. And on the day that we should've arrived in India, I made Indian food for dinner. It was good, but definitely not as good as being there.

...I did Timehop's Facehop thingy, and I thought it was fun!

...I ran into my old youth pastor at our youth associate Matt's wedding!! John was the youth pastor in the small town where I went to high school. He moved on after my freshman year, but his wife Becky's grandfather still lived in town, so we saw them occasionally. After high school, though, I didn't see them until my baby girl's first grade year, when I saw Becky and discovered that Elly was in the same class as their youngest son! I only managed to see John once, on the day that they moved to a different neighborhood, so this really was the first time I had the opportunity to catch up with him in a very long time. It was so neat!

...Kristin was a huge help for Matt & Molly's wedding! She hosted for me on Friday night and went early to let everyone in the building so I could be part of Cody's birthday party. And since Christopher almost ended up in the ER {long story, not cancer-related, and he's fine now!} it was a relief to know that she could've handled it all if I had needed her to. She stayed for the whole day, and we made sure everything was ready to go for Sunday services. It was great to have her there to share the load, plus it was nice to have her there to hang out with!

...My sweet boy turned 15 and got his learner's permit!

...You have probably already heard about this, but SAEED ABEDINI WAS RELEASED FROM PRISON!!!!! Praise God!! In case you don't know who that is, I briefly wrote about him before, but you could also just Google him. Start typing his name, and he'll pop up after only the first three letters.

...My friend Desiree's mom turned 90, and I got to attend her surprise party on Saturday! Yia Yia is a hilarious little woman who is a delight to know.

...I forgot to tell y'all that Aaron is no longer our youth pastor. He is focusing on finishing up school, and his last day at work was on the last day of the year. In all honesty it was a good day for that since I had the distraction of New Year's Eve festivities. It was sad to see him go, though, and I cried the whole way home. I had known for only a month or two, and like with Lance, I had basically chosen not to think about it until I absolutely had to. It probably isn't the healthiest way to deal with things, because then I totally lost it on the last day (with both of them). But that's apparently how I roll. I had called his office to ask him something before heading out, and he asked if I was about to leave. After hanging up, I sat there thinking that I should probably go say goodbye to him. But I wanted to just chicken out and leave without saying goodbye, because I didn't want him to see me cry. Because, of course, I was already crying. Then, what do you know...he showed up at my desk. It was actually our first time to talk about him leaving, because we had both been keeping our distance from each other for the month or so prior. Again, maybe that wasn't the healthiest way to deal with things, but that's how we did it. Sigh. Have I mentioned that I don't like change? And I don't like goodbyes either...

Anyways, as for today's song, you probably weren't expecting that. I should've warned you, but the title of the song should have clued you in to the fact that there could be something unexpected. And I suppose the video was more of a clue, unless you didn't quite realize what was going on. Anyways, Neil played that song for me at work one day last week. He realized in hindsight that he probably shouldn't have, as Marcie told me later. He told his family on the evening of day that he played it for me, and Marcie and Madison were both in disbelief that he would do that to me! Maybe I shouldn't say this, but it's not the first time he told me about a song that made me cry. He knows that I appreciate good music, though, and it's true. I just think that he forgets about the fact that my husband has cancer and could die. I have enjoyed listening to Jamie Lawson over the past week or so, despite the sadness in today's song!

Speaking of stupid cancer, we have finally decided to look for a new medical oncologist. Scans were scheduled for this coming Tuesday, but insurance denied them (surprise, surprise). Dr L was fine with that and ordered a chest x-ray instead. We aren't fine with that and have put up with his lack of OM knowledge long enough. The next medical oncologist may not want to do scans at this point, either. But as stated before, if an expert who knows OM (and knows Christopher's OM) advises against having them this frequently, we'd be more likely to trust his advice. The latest recommendations from the expert who knows Christopher's situation still stands, and we'd like a doctor who is more willing to fight for us. I'm not sure how well the search will go, but I'll keep y'all posted!

And because I don't want to end on that note, here's a picture of a cute girl with a cute puppy!

I'm hoping to catch up on your blog posts soon!! Hope y'all have a super great week!! ♥


Sunday, January 10, 2016

"Let Mercy Lead"

(by Rich Mullins) 

Here is yet another birthday post for Cody that is written to a boy by another name. It's good stuff, though, and it's my prayer for this sweet boy on his 15th birthday.

Cody had some of his friends over for a LAN party on Friday night and most of Saturday. Sadly, Alex was out of town for his grandpa's retirement party. This is the first party he has missed since their 5th birthdays! In the picture below Cody is holding a picture of Allen, who couldn't come over until after work.

Cody always requests ice cream cake. Like Elly's cake of choice, it isn't pretty but is delicious!

After staying up super late, they didn't get up for breakfast until after 10:00...

Then they continued to play XBOX, went to the park, ate lunch, and played more XBOX...

And because Dulce likes to eat shoes, the boys kept them safe on the staircase!

Cody picked Double Dave's for lunch after church today!

Then he opened his presents after we got home...

I think he had a good birthday weekend!

Let mercy lead.
Let love be the strength in your legs .
And in every footprint that you leave, there'll be a drop of grace.


Monday, January 4, 2016

"Free the World"

(by Ross King) 

I accidentally posted a playlist instead of just one song, but I'm just going to leave it because it's Ross King. And he's just that good.

So...even with Elly getting a computer for Christmas, I have failed to post more frequently. I guess I'm out of the habit. I'd say that I'll resolve to post more this year, but New Years' resolutions aren't really my thing. I generally lack the time and/or motivation to follow through on much of what I resolve to do, so I'm thinking that my only goal this year will be to complete the Daily Challenge on Solitaire every day. Who am I kidding? I don't even think I can manage that!'s the part where I catch you up on my oh-so-exciting past week or so! I'll just go ahead and say that things have been pretty low-key around here, and it has been nice! On the Saturday after Christmas, we went to my brother's house for lunch and spent some time at my mom's afterward. Though I failed to take any pictures of the festivities, I did take a family selfie in the car on the way there! The picture was actually for Wade & Sophie -- because for some reason, I started sending them a family selfie or picture on their birthday -- but I'll share it with y'all, too! ü

I don't guess I ever showed y'all last year's picture. It was much more creative!

My co-worker Lindsay was super sweet and offered to sit at my desk so I could be off work an additional day over the holidays! Though we didn't end up going out of town this year, I enjoyed being able to sleep in a little as well as spend some extra time with my family. Elly & I ran a few errands, too, and has a smashing time at lunch! {haha!}

After lunch, we went to my friend Susan's house to pick up a ukulele that Elly bought from Susan's son. We ended up spending a couple of hours with Susan and her daughter! ü

That evening Julie hosted a Christmas reunion with our old small group girls! We had a delicious meal, played games, and had a gift exchange. After my gifts kept getting stolen, I ended up stealing back the present that I had brought. I felt a little bit guilty about that until Amelia told me that she had done the same thing!

We spend New Year's Eve at Samantha's house again! We ate yummy food, played games, and set off some fireworks!

Because my life is so exciting, I spent New Year's Day in my PJs and doing laundry. And y'all probably don't care, but Dulce was quite the little laundry helper! It started when she got in the hamper before I even started sorting the dirty clothes...

Then she jumped on my chair every time I would dump a new pile of clean clothes there to sort & fold...

Several loads later, when I went to grab the last of the dirty clothes out of my closet, I found her hanging out in the laundry basket that I was about to pick up! I hadn't touched the basket of whites all day, and that basket is nothing like the hampers that I had been using throughout the day. It was so weird that she would happen to jump in it only a minute or so before I was going to get it. And because I had been documenting the rest of her antics, I set the basket on the counter so I could take a picture in better lighting...

When all of the laundry was complete, I placed the basket full of clean clothes near the bar stools where I place everyone's clothes for them to take to their rooms. No sooner had I put the basket on the floor than she jumped in it again!

I think she was satisfied with her work for the day! ;)

And because I think this picture turned out cool, I'll close with a shot of a cookie that Elly made the other day! It's peanut butter with a Hershey's Kiss inside it rather than on top!

I hope y'all have a super great week! I will try to catch up on your posts soon! ♥