"A Good Day"

(by Lena)

A Good Day by Lena on Grooveshark

Last night at community group, I was reminded of how grateful I am for this series. We were discussing things that we should be thankful for but possibly aren't, and I honestly couldn't think of anything that I am taking for granted right now. I'm not trying to say that I've reached some level of greatness or anything, but this little series has helped me to be more conscious of the good things in each day. Though some of the things on my list are actually things that are purchased, most of them are not. So when I heard today's song, I thought it was super great for this series ~ especially the line that says, "And I can't buy the things that made this a good day." Today I am grateful for...
  1. Watching my favorite six-year-old girl blow the seeds off of a dandelion
  2. My neighbor's assistance in pulling my tree stakes out of the ground {he told me I needed to put all of my weight into it. Umm...}
  3. Running into my old mailman at the store {I miss seeing him every day & having him tease me about my vicious little dog!}
  4. Fuzzy's with Amy & Sloan
  5. A surprise visit from Christopher's dad, step-mom, & baby brother
  6. Dinner with my mom on her birthday!
  7. Finding out that my friend Tony knew {& had positive things to say about} my baby brother! :)
  8. Discovering an entire extra layer of chocolates in my box of chocolatey goodness {when I thought I was about to eat the last one}
  9. Breakfast for lunch with Jana & Caleb
  10. My friend Carrie & her sweet heart {I had a sore throat when I got to the church for Bible study, so she made me some hot tea & gave me her last cough drop! ♥}
  11. One of our youth volunteers wanting to hang out with my baby girl
  12. Pajama Day {I know its seems like I was super busy, but it really was a wonderful, relaxing day!}
  13. A spontaneous lunch with a lady from last semester's Bible study {Y'all, this is huge: I've been spontaneous like maybe three times in the last couple of months! How about that?!}
  14. Bible study with my baby brother & my older brother
  15. A note from a friend telling me that I'm a good mom {I've been feeling like a bit of a failure when it comes to raising my teenager ~ so I'm thankful for the encouragement!}
  16. Froyo with my little friend Aiden
  17. The Gungor concert with good friends
  18. Discovering The Brilliance {we had never heard of them, but what a happy surprise when they opened for Gungor!}
  19. Cody enjoying his first Lock-In
  20. Elly enjoying her first dance {even though Mama wasn't quite ready for it!}
  21. My beautiful cousin Kendra {who had a birthday on Saturday!}
  22. Christopher surviving cancer for 3½ years
  23. Finding a donut buddy {we both want a bite or two on Sunday mornings, but not an entire donut ~ now we split one, & it's perfect!}
  24. Christopher's safe trip to & from the Eye Am Not Alone patient retreat  {despite a crazy adventure at the airport in DC & the fact that he didn't get home until 2am}
  25. Getting a lot of goingLOCAL VBS stuff planned with Keiljuana this morning

What is something that has made this {or any day} a good day?



Jen Price said…
So much to be thankful for! Fuzzy's as in Fuzzy's Tacos?? Yum! Love their fish tacos.
Aww... dinner with your mom on her birthday. That is so sweet Amy! Bible study with two brothers? Awesome! #822... such a special gift. So grateful for that for you. :)
Brooke said…
a donut buddy? that's awesome!! :) most of us would scarf the whole thing down and then site something about starving kids in africa or something.

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