Tuesday, May 26, 2015


(by Jars of Clay) 

Well...we've had a bit going on around these parts lately, both good and bad...

Elly & I were invited to a surprise party Kassie's 18th birthday on Thursday!

Then on Saturday, we got to celebrate Dan & Amanda's boy Isaac's 5th birthday!

And later that evening we went to a graduation party for Alexis!

I don't know if I've mentioned that the graduating class this year is the largest we've probably ever had in our youth group! It's definitely the largest since I've been volunteering (nearly nine years now). This has also been the most emotional graduation season for me. I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm sure that some of it has to do with the fact that I've known most of these girls since before they were in youth. Plus my friend Kyla's son Caleb (my red team buddy) is graduating, and he's supposed to be eight. It's crazy!

Anyways...the boys both had plans on Sunday night, so Elly & I decided that a Girls' Night was in order! It was a beautiful evening, so we walked around a nearby outdoor shopping complex and made a few stops along the way...

First we got some cookie butter from Trader Joe's...

...then we shared dessert at Torchy's...

...and tried a bit of a PB&J chocolate bar from Trader Joe's...

Then we went to the grocery store {because we really know how to live it up!} & enjoyed mini Frappuccino's while we bought a few groceries!

On Memorial Day, Laurien, Elly, & I did a little shopping and went out for lunch. That evening Christopher grilled burgers, and I made homemade fries! Before that, though, Laurien helped Chris repressurize the storage tank for our water filter because it had gotten to where it would only dispense 20 ounces or so at a time. Again, we really know how to live it up around here! ;)

On a serious note, though, the reason for today's song is that we've had some crazy flooding around here! We had 5.5" of rain overnight, but areas near us received nearly 11". And those totals are just from a six-hour period last night. We have already had so much rain this season that many of our creeks, rivers, and bayous were overflowing today. There was major flooding in Houston. Here's a before and after of a heavily flooded part of town:

Water is still rising in some areas, and more rain is expected for the rest of the week. And, sadly, this is only a small portion of the state that has been affected by flooding. Several people have died across the state, and others are missing. It's just not a good situation. Though we are safe, so many others are suffering. Please join me in praying for the people who have suffered loss as well as for protection from what lies ahead.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Picture in a Frame"

(by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors) 

Once again it's long time no bloggy...same ol' same ol'. I'm just at this place where I don't want to give this little spot up, but I don't have the time to do any more with it than this right now. Maybe I'll have more time in the summer??

Anyways, let's get to the highlights of the last couple of weeks. I'll start with things I didn't take pictures of...

...Laurien came over to make mini Oreo cheesecakes! {yum!!}

...I went to my first of at least a half dozen graduation parties this season!

...We got to witness Aaron's ordination. It was such a special night where Aaron acknowledged God's call on his life, several people attested to his character and call, the elders prayed over him, and the rest of us had the opportunity to pray for him and Kloe' as well. It was such a sweet thing to experience.

...I babysat sweet Evie Kate earlier this week! She is at such a fun age right now (about 16 months). She still likes to snuggle some, but she likes to play, too! And she's still absolutely adorable! :)

We had a Fellas' & Ladies' Night with the students one Friday night. The boys took over part of the main building and ate junk food while playing video games [lame]. And the girls took over the Warehouse and ate better food while doing way more fun stuff! First, my friend Becca instructed us in painting these masterpieces...

I did one of these painting classes before and wasn't as happy with the result. This time I have actually hung up my painting! :) I love how different everyone's paintings look! I really enjoyed walking around and seeing how each girl made it their own.

Since this was the last youth event that some of our girls will attend (because they'll be gone this summer), we prayed over the seniors. We also prayed for the children in Romania who would be receiving cards that we made that night...

And we goofed off a little bit while we were putting the chairs back in order...

The next day we went to Adam & Susan's for a crawfish boil! Some of our old neighbors were there, so it was neat to see them and catch up on their families. There were also quite a few people from church, though I only managed to get a picture with lovely Deidre...

...this poor crawfish...

...and Adam! :)

{ftr, it's a tank top that you see beneath my shirt. I wear tank tops under almost everything...}

We went from there to celebrate Clyde's graduation from seminary!!

He completed 90-something hours to earn his Master of Divinity, which I think is pretty impressive! {In case you wondered, though he is quite tall, he is not a giant. That's the cap from the cake. His real cap was much bigger!}

The next day was Mothers' Day! My family made lunch for me and bought me gifts from World Market! ü Then we went to my mom's with my brother and his kids. Unfortunately, I failed to get any pictures there. We took plenty at home, though...

Baby girl and I had a little free time one day. What better way to spend it than enjoying dessert together?!

And in case you were hoping for a bit of randomness...this just happened one night, and I asked Elly to take a picture because I knew Kristin would love it (& she's out of state for the entire summer, so I knew the picture would make her happy):

I realized I was wearing an Indian tunic, with my India hair {which is what happens when the weather's crazy...my hair it ends up "au naturale" & the bangs have to be pinned back 'cuz they're cray cray...which is how I wear it in India!}, eating Indian food {chapati!!}, standing by my Indian boy, and *bonus* you can see my Indian tattoo! I was originally standing a couple of feet away and decided to move closer to the fridge so Ajaya could be in the picture! That's the only thing that was staged -- everything else was coincidental! ü

As for today's song, it's an oldie but a goodie from back in the day when Ellie was still a neighbor! :)

I hope y'all are having a great week! I'll try to post again soon... ♥


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"More Now"

(by Ross King) 

Ross King's new album Unfettered is out today!! I've already posted one song from it, but I was saving today's song for release day! ü

I don't know if it's just a thing I do with Ross King albums or what, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite lyrics...

So I refuse to believe that this is all I'm ever going to be...I hear those voices running through my head. They're telling me there's nothing left, no reason for my hope. (from "Hope Dies Last") <~ I like this song's sound the most, but you'd probably figure that out if you listened to it! ü

In the end, when we get home, there will be no need for hope because every longing will be satisfied in You. And every sad and broken thing will come untrue. (from "Hope Dies Last")

What kind of person would die and rise again to save the kind of person that I have always been? (from "What Kind of Person")

And you'll have to ignore all the mockers and scoffers until all you can hear is the voice of a whisper. (from "Give Away Your Life")

I'd rather be where you are now than where I was then. (from "Where I Was Then") <~ this is one of the songs about his dad who was suddenly taken to heaven a few years ago. Though the situation is obviously very sad, it's just so good to see beauty from ashes as evidenced by this song.

And I could probably quote today's entire song, but it's already in the lyric video! :) I'll limit it to just a portion...I've definitely struggled with the idea of God's sovereignty and have had to just accept that I'll never fully get it. Despite my doubts and questions, He has shown Himself faithful. And I trust Him. So the second verse really resonates with me...

So I don't need to understand if you pushed me or let me fall
Or the days when Your tender hand was a wrecking ball
The illusion of my control has shattered and been replaced
With a hunger deep in my soul and a childlike faith

I'll close with my absolute favorite part of today's song:

Now I can't shake this truth
after all I've been thru
I believe in You more now


Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Take the World"


JOHNNYSWIM brought back their New Music Monday, so I thought I'd share their latest video with you! They have so many great songs, y'all. If you haven't checked them out yet, you totally should!

So...y'all probably already saw what I got to do on Tuesday night, and it made my week pretty amazing!! Funny little story, though...it's interesting to me how mentioning certain people on social media will prompt responses, sometimes from the one you mention and sometimes from others. I have felt almost famous this week because Ross King retweeted my tweet about his album, Colony House favorited my tweet about the Tour De Compadres, Ellie Holcomb mentioned me in reply to a comment on a photo she posted in Instagram (squee!!), and both The Icarus Account and Ty Turner (of The Icarus Account) favorited a couple of my tweets about Ben Rector and the Tour De Compadres. What's funny/odd is the following situation...My baby girl has been a fan of The Icarus Account for years, and she tagged them in a post with a picture of their shirt awhile back. When I told her that they had favorited my Tour De Compadres tweet, she responded that they never liked her picture. So I tweeted directly to them with a link to her picture (in hopes that they would like her picture). The next morning I discovered that they had favorited my Ben Rector tweet, but there was no response to the tweet where I mentioned them, nor did they like Elly's picture! Maybe it was a weird tweet? Maybe I don't understand how it all works? Maybe they don't like to promote themselves? I don't know, but what I do know is that it would totally make my girl's day if they liked her picture! :)

I went to my very last Awards Assembly on Friday. My sweet boy had already won awards at previous assemblies for most (if not all) of the subjects as well as the Principal's Award, so I didn't expect him to get an award for anything except All "A" Honor Roll. There were some Class Choice Awards, too, and I knew that he had been nominated for Class Comedian, but for whatever reason I didn't expect him to win. I mean, I think he's super funny! But his class of nearly 600 kids was voting, and I just figured there was a more well-known student who would win. So I was surprised to hear his name announced as the winner! I may or may not have stood up and whooped. Then I realized that a couple of other moms had turned around to look at me, so I quietly apologized and sheepishly said, "Should I be proud?" Ha! I wasn't really sure at first, though I knew that his dad would be proud! If he didn't have the good grades to go with an award such as that, I don't suppose I should be proud. But he has shown himself to be a good student, too, so I am proud of this guy!

We had absolutely nothing on the calendar yesterday, and it was so nice! Christopher & I went for coffee...

...then he washed my car for me!

And, though I don't have pictures, we had a lovely evening at Aaron & Nichole's house! Our kids played with their littles in their backyard, we ate dessert on their balcony while watching the sunset, and I got to read a bedtime story to their little girl. It was such a nice way to spend the evening!

One last [random] thing...I just had to try out How Old Do I Look? for funsies:


Have you done it? Was it even close for you?

I hope you have a super great week!! ♥


"Twenty Years Ago"

(by Kenny Rogers) 

I had scheduled this post for May 3rd, but apparently I forgot to hit "Publish." Good times...

Christopher and I officially started dating 20 years ago today! The following caricature was drawn on our first date (a week or so before we were an official couple), but I thought today was a good day to post it!

Here's to the next twenty years! ♥