"The Video Store"

(by FM Static) The Video Store - Critically Ashamed

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I still need to get pictures &/or my memory card from Nicole, so I'm not ready to tell y'all about Gungor yet. I realized that I never showed y'all Elly's scarf, so that'll have to do for now...

Since video stores are pretty much a thing of the past, I don't suppose I need to save this song for another post. And as far as I know the only MIShap-type incident at a video store is not blogworthy. A little boy once thought I was his mom & wrapped his little arms around my leg. He was embarrassed when he realized I was a stranger, but I thought it was cute. See?...not worth even mentioning. Gosh, y'all, I'm rambling. And there really is no reason for it. I just wanted to show y'all my baby girl's scarf!

I am quite in love with "Fade to Black". It's just your basic knit & purl stitches, but I really love how it turned out! And Elly likes it, too, so that's even better! I got its name from today's song, as you'd expect. Again, it happens to be one of my favorite parts of the song, "As I'm talking to myself, I saw her reach for the top shelf, right for the 'Fade to Black'. Then I knew it was over." I could've name it something having to do with the color of the yarn (Black Raspberry), but no song came to mind.

Not that y'all really care, but this was actually my second project. I finished it the night before the trip to New Mexico with my dad, so that I could start a new project & have a little less stuff to keep up with on the road. Alrighty, I've got a list of things to accomplish today, so I better get busy! I hope y'all have a super great day! ღ



Brooke said…
for the record, i don't mind when you ramble :) and love the scarf!!
Aww... what a sweet smile! :) Love the scarf. So pretty!!
RR Mama said…
Love that sweet smile on your daughters face and I love the scarf!
Jen Price said…
Love it! Can't wait to hear about Gungor. I love them!
Zion said…
It looks great! I can't believe how grown up your kids are :( and :)

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