Friday, November 28, 2008

"One of Two"

Gary Chapman - Shelter - One of Two
(by Gary Chapman & Amy Grant)

"Jill, so in love
She can't think, think enough of him
She's in love with Jim
Jim, he's the same
Just the thought of her name brings a thrill
He's in love with Jill

And though the road of life is sometimes hard
It begins and ends in their front yard
They're just glad to have the others face in their view
And with God adding it all up
One and one is more than just enough
'cause in love He does something only God can do
He makes one of two
He makes one of two

Early on, we are taught
One and one is not a lot, that's true
But it's more than two
Less and greater than, they reverse in God's hand, they do
One is more than two

And though the road of life can seem so long
It moves fast if you just move along
And it's better if you've got someone next to you
And with God adding it all up
One and one is more than just enough
'cause in love He does something only God can do
He makes one of two
He makes one of two

As long as God's adding all up
One and one is more than just enough
'cause in love He does something only God can do
He makes one of two
I want to be one of two
Amy, we are one of two"

For once, I don't really have a lot to say! Can you believe it?! In 1997, Christopher graduated from CFNI, and we moved into Alumni housing (on our 1st anniversary~how romantic!), where we only had to pay $400 a month for rent. {Crazy cheap, huh?! In hindsight, maybe we should have stayed there longer to save up some money!} That summer was great. We took the youth on a mission trip to Mexico, and our worship band got to travel for a week to Kansas, Iowa & Wisconsin. Chris was still working as the youth pastor at our church in Midlothian, but he also had to get a “real” job, too. He became a collector (yikes) at a company that was eventually bought out by Citicorp. It was nice, because I didn't have to be the one to “bring home the bacon” anymore, and we could start planning for a baby. That may seem quick, but being a mom was the only thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up (besides a princess!), so I was ready! Stay tuned for the next installment as soon as I get a chance...

[Update 7/20/09: For those of you who are here from MM&M, I don't mean to bore you by having already completed the story of our meeting/dating/wedding! But, next Monday is our anniversary, & I wanted to still be participating at that time! I'll be doing a final MM&M post with the links to posts of our whole story that I did last Fall. Thanks so much for stopping by!]

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Jesus in Your Eyes"

(by Julie & Buddy Miller)

"Oh look at where we are
God has brought us both so far
We've been delivered by his hand
And brought to the place where we now stand

Love is patient love is kind
Love comes thru every time
Always protects, hopes and trusts
Keeps on believing and it never gives up

In my life I have seen so many things
But nothing has touched me so deep inside
As when I see Jesus in your eyes

In my heart I'm very sure
In His love ours will endure
Loving Him by loving you
In serving Jesus I will serve you too

For His glory we will live
He has given us love to give
I am with you heart and soul
Wherever He leads together we will go


1996 started out pretty bad, but ended well. On February 13th, Christopher's mom passed away after suffering kidney failure 14 years earlier. She was only 36 years old. Mama Beth was a very special woman, and I had looked forward to having a mother-in-law that I got along with. Shortly after her death, Christopher's twin cousins went to live with their father. They had been raised in his home as his sisters for almost 6 years, so it was very hard to adjust to not seeing them every day. Chris became an uncle in April. It was fun being around Brandy and her baby, Joseph. Our church went through a split, and that was pretty stressful (sorry, this is the bad news paragraph, but it's almost over!). The pastor was forced to resign, and about half of the church left, including the youth pastor. As a result, though, Chris ended up becoming the youth pastor. He was still in Bible school at Christ for the Nations, but since we had less than 10 youth left, he was able to sort of ease into the role.

We got married on July 27th. The song I posted today is the song that we sang to each other at our wedding. Brother Jerry, my pastor from high school, officiated. We had three attendants each: Charlie & Muffi (the youth pastor & his wife that I had been living with) were our Best Man & Matron of Honor, then our friends Geary, Kasey, Corey & Kim were our groomsmen & bridesmaids. My baby brother Aaron was our ring bearer, and we had three flower girls. Aaron walked with little Rachel (my precious friend from Weimar, who is like a little sister to me), and Danielle & Desiree (the twins) walked together. They were all so adorable! My Dad sang “The Wedding Song (There is Love)” during the lighting of the unity candle. We did everything in a pretty traditional way, except we walked out as husband & wife to the funky electric pop song from a couple of posts ago (“Every Boy & Girl Falls in Love”). It was great! Christopher's dad paid for our honeymoon, and we could've gone to Cancun or something; but we were fairly young (20) & afraid to go out of the country by ourselves! So, we went to Walt Disney World, and it was so fun!!

For the rest of the year, I continued to work, Chris continued to go to school, and we just enjoyed being married! We lived in an apartment on campus, where we met some really great young couples that we hung out with whenever we got the chance. We hosted the College & Career group from church fairly often. Plus, we babysat Joseph every other Saturday, while Brandy was in school. It was so much fun! People say that the first year of marriage is the hardest, but it really wasn't for us. Things weren't perfect, but it was a breeze compared to the 6 months prior to our wedding.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Say Hello"

(by The Throes)

"There is nothing you can't know about me
Nothing you can't see within my eyes
There is nothing I can't tell about you
Nothing comes to me as a surprise

There's another person in the bathroom
Taking something deep within her eyes
There is nothing new about the passion
Weeding out the truth between the lies

Is there another place where we can be alone? (be alone...)
Is there another place where we can talk alone? (talk alone...)
Is there another place where we can sleep alone? (sleep alone...)
Is there another day where we can say hello (say hello...)
Say hello (say hello)
Say hello (say hello)

Sitting on the sofa in the soft room
Blue light slowly fading in y eye
You talk about these friends who last a lifetime
Nothing comes to me as a surprise

There's another person in the kitchen
Burning something slowly on the stove
Taking in the smoke like a desire
Burn away is just the way it goes


"Have you ever heard of The Throes?"...That was Christopher's pick-up line. I bet you haven't heard that one before! It was the end of April 1995, & I had been going to the same church as him for about 8 months. I had met his mom, dad & the twin cousins that his family was raising, but I only knew him as the guy who played bass. About a week or so before the pick-up line, a group of us had gone to Six Flags, and he seemed like a pretty nice guy. We were both volunteering with the youth group, and that particular Wednesday night after church, he really started talking to me. He showed me the engraved pen he had received that day as a manager at Whataburger. He ended up leaving it with me while he jammed with the drummer, then he came back over to the concession stand where I was. When I tried to give his pen back, he wouldn't take it. He said it was an excuse to come back & talk to me. At one point, he was talking to our good friend Geary, and I tried to give his pen back again. He was conveniently busy getting a Dr Pepper, so he didn't take it, & I said, “Oh ya, it's an excuse to come back & talk to me”. {And about 5 years later, I found out that Geary thought I had started the flirting!}

As we were all walking out to our cars to leave, Chris asked the question about The Throes. We ended up sitting in his car for hours, talking & listening to music (and I promise, that's ALL!) At about 1:30 am, the youth pastor (whose family I lived with) drove up. He was concerned about me, because I was never that late coming home! We had no idea how late it was! All of Christopher's friends couldn't believe that HE had actually talked 'til the early hours of the morning. Apparently, he wasn't much of a talker, but I would've never known!

He asked me out the next day, and we spent the next few months seeing each other as often as we could. I worked two jobs during the day, and he worked at night; so we would stop by each others' places of employment whenever possible. If we weren't able to see each other, we would leave notes on each others' cars! When his mom (who had been sick since he was little) went back into the hospital, a lot of our “dates” were spent there with her. We got engaged in August, about 3 months after our first date! I know that seems fast, but we knew that we were meant for each other. We were talking about the future, and we knew that we wanted to get married the following summer. We figured it was easier to plan a wedding if we were engaged, so we got the rings & started planning!

I've scanned some pages from the album that I made Christopher for our 10th anniversary, so some of those pages will be in my "Through the Years" posts. Below is one of our engagement pictures.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Every Boy and Girl Falls in Love"

Joy Electric - Melody - Every Boy and Girl Falls In Love
(by Joy Electric)

"Every boy and girl falls in love
Every boy and girl falls in love again
Take my heart
I want to be in love
Take my heart
I want to be the one
You're my heart
You're my soul
Keep me true in your thoughts
Keep my heart forever..."

So, I helped give a baby shower for my friend Sally this past weekend. This is her first baby, and it got me thinking about life before Elizabeth was born: falling in love, getting married, the anticipation of expecting our first child, building a house, expecting our second child,...and I decided to tell you our story. Of course, there's a song for every year, so it'll take awhile! Some posts will be longer than others, because some years were more eventful; but I'll try not to drag it out too much. {if you know me, you know how hard that is!!} I'll also include some pictures of us along the way. Stay tuned for the 1st installment of "Amus Loves Butch: Through the Years"...I hope you enjoy my trip down memory lane!

[In case you're wondering how Chris is doing, nothing has really changed. At his appointment on Monday, Dr. Boniuk said his eye was healing well, and he didn't see any retinal detachment. When we go back after the first of the year, he will probably do a laser treatment to help prevent radiation retinopathy (which is, basically, damage to the retina due to radiation leaking through the blood vessels). By that time, Chris should be completely healed from the surgery, though the tumor will never go away. There have still been no new pictures taken; but we don't expect any change yet, so there doesn't seem to be a point at this time. Dr. Boniuk still says it will probably take a year to see any effect of the radiation. I'll keep you posted if there's anything new! Again, we really appreciate your continued prayers.]