Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"Do You Want to Play a Board Game?"

(by ambierona)

I was out of town over the weekend, so I didn't get to do my quasi-regular post. But I had started a post about a student event but never finished it, so I'll share that with you for now...

We had a low-key Ultimate & Games night during Spring Break. It was mostly just the boys who actually played Ultimate...

...while the girls played GaGa...

...or board games!

Some boys played board games, too ~> that's Geoff in the lower right corner. He's our new youth pastor!

There were also a few rounds of Around the World Ping Pong...

...and volleyball...

...and spectating! ü

I know that I already mentioned this, but I felt it was worth mentioning again that we were invited to Freddy's with these cool kids afterward. It was so fun!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"My Dear One"

(by Jenny & Tyler) 

Y'all may already know this, but...Jenny & Tyler performed at the Warehouse a couple of weeks ago!

The Warehouse, as in the student ministry building at our church!

It was so neat to have them there! It turns out that they are close friends with some of my friends. So not only did we manage to get them to perform at our church, but I got to hang out with them that evening! Dorothy, one of our mutual friends, had picked up dinner for all of us, and I was standing in the kitchen eating it when Tyler invited us to join them in the "green room" (our preteen room at the Warehouse). So we joined them, Taylor Jones (drummer for The Vespers, who played for Jenny & Tyler on the tour), Matthew Clark (who opened for them), and some of our mutual friends' daughters (who walked us through a brief lesson on using Snapchat).

As I just mentioned, Matthew Clark opened for them. I'm pretty sure he & Laurien were separated at birth. Seriously, they are just alike!

This is Laurien telling us that he quoted her favorite obscure poet who nobody has ever heard of except for the two of them! ;)

As expected, the concert was super great!

They mostly did songs from Of This I'm Sure, but they also took requests for a few songs.

So we got to hear songs like "One-Eyed Cat" and  "Skyline Hill" as well! ü

Speaking of Skyline is located in Delaware, which is where Tyler was Don & Dorothy's "adopted" college student. We heard a lot about Delaware that evening, which I thought was cute!

And because we're silly, Elly & I asked if we could take a picture with them while standing in the same order that we stood last time we saw them...Here we were then:

And now:

{Random fact: I'm wearing the same sweater...}

As usual, there was a song played at the concert that I have a new appreciation for. I thought it was good before, but I really heard it for the first time that night. It's today's song, though you probably figured that out. It is a bit haunting, but there's a tinge of hope in what is I see as a passionate plea.

My Dear One, find freedom
Forfeit not hope
My Dear One, believing
Will bring you home


Sunday, April 17, 2016

"It Is Well (Live)"

(by Kristene DiMarco & Bethel Music) 

Howdy! Once again, I'm a week late on my weekend post. I really don't want this to become a monthly thing, but, gosh...I just can't seem to find the time to post more regularly. And I'm so far behind on your blog posts that you've probably given up on me! I'm so sorry!

Though my life hasn't been super crazy, here are a few things that have occupied my time lately...

We got to babysit Clyde & Nicole's baby girls -- both of them for the first time!

Jenny & Tyler performed at the Warehouse, but I decided to write a separate post about that! ü

I attended my church's women's retreat last weekend! My new friend, Michelle, rode up with me on Thursday evening. She's the wife of our new Connections Pastor, and I've spent a little bit of time with her since they moved here last month. But it was great getting to know her more on the way to the retreat and back! We left after work and stopped for dinner on the way up, so we got in pretty late. We still had a chance to play a couple of games before heading to bed, though! Friday was a free day. I could've gone in to Huntsville for lunch and shopping but decided to enjoy no agenda at the lovely camp! Though I went in to the nearby town for lunch with Amy, Kyla, and Kim, I spent a lot of my day taking walks around the lake on several occasions with several different people. It was so beautiful!

After dinner, evening worship, teaching session, and small-group time, we stayed up way too late playing games again on Friday night! The morning consisted of breakfast and another worship/teaching/small-group rotation, then we had free time again after lunch. I took another couple of walks around the lake with different people, which I enjoy so much because it allows me time to either get to know them better or reconnect with them. I also enjoyed watching the foosball tournament and talking with some other ladies who didn't play.

Though I didn't get a whole lot from the speaker, I thoroughly enjoyed the music! Donna Stuart led worship for us again, and I just love her heart.

We had one last worship/teaching time before we loaded up and headed out. Michelle & I enjoyed dinner with Jana & Felicity on our way home! After a retreat, I usually read over my notes and think about all that I heard and experienced. What's probably a little bit odd is the fact that what keeps resonating with me is one line of today's song (that was sung a few times over the weekend)...

So let go, my soul, and trust in Him.

As for this past week...

We had Rick & Theresa's family over for dinner one night. Our boys had caught some fish in the Gulf while out with their friend, Trevin, for his birthday. We had it all in our fridge for some reason, so we invited their family over to enjoy it all together. It worked out great, because they were in the middle of an unplanned kitchen remodel and didn't even have running water in their kitchen! They had been eating out most of the time since Spring Break, so they were glad to have a home-cooked meal. We had a nice evening. Though I didn't take pictures, Julie sent me a shot of the boys with a couple of fish:

We babysat Marcus & Kennan's little Jaxson one evening!

Cody's district meet was on Wednesday. He ran the 3200 and finished 7th/8th out of 10 (he crossed the line at the same time as another guy). The top six medaled. Not too shabby for a freshman on varsity, but this season was just so discouraging and disappointing. I don't want to speak poorly of anyone, but I will say that his training didn't seem to be what it should've been. And though he got close (with a time of 5:04), he didn't have much of a chance to meet his mile goal of 4:XX for several reasons: 1) He only ran it twice and only did one timed trial (pre-season, at that). 2) He wasn't trained for it, so he didn't have an opportunity to know his pace. 3) Most of his distance training was with girls and for the 3200 (not the 1600). I saw a marked difference between his improvement and his friends at our rival school. It's amazing what a difference hard work and proper training can do, and I'm just sad for Cody. Maybe this seems like a minor thing to you, but please pray for wisdom for us regarding what to do for him...if we pursue a team or trainer outside of school, look into a summer and/or winter program, research training programs online, or just let it go. I haven't had a chance to feel him out, but I really don't think he's wanting to let it go. He has such a natural ability that I hate to see it go to waste. Anyways, sorry for the rambling. Just keepin' it real.

On to more pleasant things...Dulce and I spent some time in the backyard yesterday!

I hadn't touched the garden since last fall, so I had some cleaning up to do. I love that there's still a bunch of color, but the opposite corner from what is pictured above had gotten out of control. That's the positive and negative of planting native. I ended up cutting my lantana way back, and I'm hoping I didn't wait too long to do it! We've probably been past the danger of frost for a month now, and there has already been a lot of growth. They're super hardy, though, so I'm thinking they'll fill in alright. Maybe I'll remember to take a picture soon, and we'll see how they look in a few months.

I hope y'all have a great week! ♥


Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Parent Rap"

(by RightNow Media)

 I have a Weekend Wrap-up, Jenny & Tyler, and a women's retreat to fill you in on...but for now, enjoy this:



Sunday, April 3, 2016



Talk about happiness...this girl was happy to wake up to emails from NEEDTOBREATHE on Friday! New album info, instant downloads with pre-order of the new album, new videos, Tour de Compadres much goodness on April Fools' Day, but it was all for real!

And in non-NEEDTOBREATHE happiness...

Baby girl drew a sketch of me for art class!

Dulce turned ONE!!

And Laurien and I went to Brenham for Cody's track meet! The 3200 was at 2:30, and the remainder of the running events didn't start until 5:00. That left around five hours between his events, so we explored the town where Blue Bell ice cream was created! We ate at a little cafe, then we visited a few little shops in the square. We came upon a little park where I took this picture for you, Natalie!

And of course we enjoyed some ice cream!!

A couple of hours in to our little adventure, we realized that we totally could've gone to Austin if we had thought of it earlier. We were too late for that, so we drove around town for awhile and discovered a park with an amphitheater. It was too cold and windy to be outside any longer than it took to take a picture with our new friend, Athena, though!

We eventually ended up at a coffee shop where we were delighted to discover this cute little band that played some gospel tunes as well as some 60's stuff! Ü

Then we got the text from Cody informing us that they were putting out the hurdles for the second time, which meant that it was time to head back to the track!

Because I'm generally using my phone to time my boy, I have a hard time getting pictures of him actually running. But I promise he did! And for such a cold, windy night, we were totally fine with a 5:06 mile!

Two adorable things happened at Community Group tonight...I got to hold an adorable puppy, and this:

Mabel Grace kept nuzzling her little head into Christopher's beard! It was precious! ♥

And the coolest, most exciting thing in a week full of exciting things...

...Our friend Susan gave Cody her 2003 Honda CR-V!! Meet Hank:

Seriously, y'all...she gave him to us! A couple of months ago we had a conversation about vehicles that ended with the prospect of us buying her old vehicle when she bought a new one later this year. Then she texted me a couple of weeks ago and said that, though it was a little earlier than we had previously discussed, she was getting a new vehicle and would like to give us hers for Cody! Y'all. I hesitate to use this word because of its overuse, but this is such a blessing! Though I know we are not obligated to buy our son a car when he turns sixteen, we had hoped to be able to provide one for him like we had for Elly. Unfortunately, things changed when Silvie was totaled. Our plan had been to replace Travis (Christopher's car) with one that would become Cody's after a couple of years. Then we would get Christopher a newer one like Lola. But the money we had saved for Christopher's car went to buy Oliver instead, then several other things came up and prevented us from being able to save up to replace sad little Travis. So I really didn't know how we'd be able to buy cars for both boys in the next year or so. With Chris working from home now, it isn't as urgent; but it is still something that needs to happen because there's a very real possibility that Travis won't start next time. He's in that bad of shape! But now we have a little more time before it's urgent, and we know that God provides. He has proven Himself faithful once again!!

I hope y'all have a super great week! ♥