Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mvmt IV, "Every Bell on Earth Will Ring"

(by The Oh Hellos) 

Merry Christmas!! I hope y'all have had a wonderful Christmas with family and loved ones.
We had our traditional Christmas Eve candlelight service at church followed by dinner at Denny's last night! :) I tried something new this time, the Peanut Butter Cup Pancake Breakfast:

Then we came home and each opened one gift. We tried to take a family selfie, but we were mostly unsuccessful...


Our Christmas Eve gifts haven't always been PJs, but it's what we all got and gave this year. It worked out great, because we all had new PJs to lounge around in all day today! Seriously, none of us ever got dressed. It was awesome! I just got some pants, but they're from India! And they're super cute!! I didn't model them for a picture or anything, but you'll see pictures with them later...

Pepper was adorable today...

She tried to help open almost every single present, and she proceeded to shred most of the wrapping paper once each present was opened. By the time we were finished, she was exhausted! :)

...& we had quite the mess to clean up!

Anyways, I won't post every single picture from today, but here are a few of my favorites...

{They're making Grumpy Cat faces, in case you wondered!}

{I was acting like Cody that one Christmas when he opened every present with his eyes closed!}

I'd be remiss if I posted this without any mention of the reason we celebrate Christmas. Though the family time and presents are great, Christmas would be nothing without Jesus. I am so grateful that He came to earth to live and to die for us, and that we have the hope and promise of His return! May the peace of Christ be with you today & every day! ♥


Monday, December 22, 2014

"Hope Is Alive"

(by Ellie Holcomb) 

Gosh, y'all...I had every intention of updating y'all after we got results from Christopher's scans, but time got away from me. I think most of y'all know this already, but...they were CLEAR!! Thank you so much for your prayers!

Last week was much better than the week before...

I got this awesome CauseBox by Sevenly! :)

It was $50 for $150 worth of products from companies that change lives. Plus, $7 went to Mocha Club, a charity that I've been involved with for nearly five years! {here's proof! ü} I found out about the CauseBox through Mocha Club and knew that one of their scarves (that I've talked about a couple of times) would be in the box, but I didn't know what else would be in there. The surprise that I was most excited about was the elephant pendant from Matterial Fix, a company that works with non-profits to empower girls. The proceeds of this particular necklace help rescue and restore girls in ♥ India ♥ who have been victims of sex trafficking.

Speaking of India...Nicole, Kristin, and I went shopping for saris on Friday! Though I failed to get pictures of us trying on beautiful clothing, I did manage to get a shot of our dessert at the House of Pies!

Friday night was our annual hayride, but (again) I failed to take pictures. I spent most of Saturday trying to finish up Christmas shopping! I left the house at 7:45 am to take Laurien to the airport, and I didn't get home until after 6:30 pm! I also got a haircut, but seriously...I was gone all day!

My family met up with Dad, P-Dub, and Kerry's family at the Main Event yesterday! We bowled and played laser tag, and I tried to convince Julia that selfies wouldn't hurt her! ;)

Cody & Chase were the only brave ones to try the ropes...

The kids had fun with their cousins, and my dad had fun giving us "tips" on bowling! Tips like, "Your goal knock all of the pins down!" Thanks, Dad...helpful... ;)

I've received some yummy goodness from a couple of my favorite India teammates! Scott gave me the most delicious candied pecans in the whole wide world...

And John gave me a tin of homemade cookies today!!

And because I love Kristin and how enthusiastic she is about everything, I thought I'd share our text exchange that occurred later in the day:


Alrighty, I suppose that's all for now. I really am going to try to post something Christmas-y before Christmas is over, and I plan on catching up on blog posts, too. I hope y'all have a wonderful week and CHRISTMAS!! ♥


Monday, December 15, 2014

"God With Us"

(by Ross King) 

I'm just going to be honest and say that last week wasn't my favorite. There were actually quite a few positive things, though, so we're just going to talk about them...

I got a case of my favorite carbonated beverage from my Sneaky Santa!

A couple of my co-workers & I had a little de-stressing/distressing party!

{this is a desk that's going to be in the children's building SOON!}

The little party happened on the morning of scans, which was a great day to beat up a desk! Speaking of scans, my friend Ashley came to the Med Center with us for Christopher's scans. They've never gone by so quickly! It was so great to have someone sit with me and keep me company! Now we await results for another couple of days...I'll keep y'all posted!

My friend Twila brought me a delicious cupcake!!

We had a Tacky Christmas Shindig for the students on Friday night!

Nicole had a birthday/going away party on Saturday night. There are several pictures taken me with & a few friends, but the only one I have in my possession is this one of my friend/neighbor Chris & me saying, "What are YOU doing here?" to each other! :)

{We sound sorta like this. Random, I know, but it's our "thing"...}

We had our annual Community Group Christmas party last night! {Natalie, I made your chocolate mint cookies, and they were so good!} Davy didn't make an appearance for the first time in years...

...But adorable Evie Kate looks much cuter on the piano than Davy did! ;)

I guess that's all for now! I really am going to try to post on the actual weekend next time, maybe even sooner. We'll see! I hope y'all have a great week!! ♥


Monday, December 8, 2014

"That's Christmas to Me"

(by Pentatonix) 

I'm sorry, y'all...I had started this post yesterday, but Elly needed the computer for homework. Then I totally forgot that I hadn't published it...Anyways...It's about time that I post a Christmas song this year! And what better way to kick off the Christmas season on this little ol' blog than with Pentatonix?!

Speaking of Christmas, I made this wreath last week! Neil & Rick decorated their office doors at work. I don't have an office door, so I hung it on the closet door near my desk! :)

I got more yummy goodness from my Sneaky Santa the other day!

I dressed my puppy in an infinity scarf so she'd look like a hipster...

Not really...she wore it to coordinate with the family for pictures at Freddy's studio on Thursday night:

I'll post more when Freddy is finished editing them, but here's the teaser he posted that night!

We ate empanadas with Dan & Amanda's family on Saturday! This has been "our place" with them for nine years now!

We also had a staff and elders Christmas party at Rick & Theresa's on Saturday night! I didn't even think about getting a picture, but I took a pic of the ornament that they made for each of us. It has our church logo on it, how cool is that?!

As of now, Christopher's scans are scheduled for Thursday. There's some discrepancy between our approval/denial letters and what Dr L's office is saying regarding whether insurance has approved both of the necessary scans, so I'm not 100% sure that it's all going to happen. But if they are on Thursday, we're scheduled to get results next Wednesday (because Dr L is out of town this week). Please pray that they happen and for peace while we await results. Thank you!

That's about it! I hope y'all are doing well! ♥