Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Moving Forward"

(by Colony House) 

My friend and co-worker Lindsay had purchased a couple of tickets to see Colony House in Houston a few weeks ago. Then she ended up with a little schedule conflict, so Laurien and I were able to go instead! We arrived at the venue a little early, so we walked around for awhile and posed like the posters and mannequins we encountered along the way...

When it was time for the concert, we found a spot against the wall by the sound booth and settled in for the opening act, The Rocketboys. Though their name sounded familiar, it wasn't until after the show that I realized that I had actually heard of them, only as Homer Hiccolm and the Rocketboys. I don't know why I didn't put two and two together! Anyways, my husband knows the band, and his best friend actually toured with them. And I was just standing there watching them, talking with Laurien about how talented they were, clueless that I knew of them. I'm losing my music game, y'all...

Anyways, Colony House was super great, as expected! If you're ever able to see them, I encourage you to do so.

Plus, isn't Caleb adorable?

{& does he look like his dad, or what?!}

My favorite part of the concert was when they did today's song. Caleb started it out on his own, then the rest of the band joined him at the end...

Though my video clip isn't the best quality (as usual), I still had to show you. I get chills at around the 50-second mark:

Seeing from a distance a bit of the heartbreak that Caleb, Will, and their family have gone through, I can only imagine how difficult their journey has been. Their songs tell some of their journey and how God is still good. It's just beautiful to see how He is helping them move forward...

My eyes are open
My heart is beating
My lungs are full
My body’s breathing
I’m moving forward
I found my freedom
I found a life that gave me reason to live


Monday, November 23, 2015

"Love is a Hammer"

(by Ross King) 

Though I posted a live version of today's song a couple of months ago, Ross posted today's lyric video the other day. And the song is so good that I felt the need to post it again!

So, I failed to post all three things that I had intended to post in the past couple of weeks. But two out of three ain't bad! I actually finished up the third post and scheduled it for this week. Better late than never, right?

Things are actually beginning to slow down a little bit now, so maybe I'll get back into this whole blogging thing?? As for my last couple of weeks, here are the highlights...

Elly & I met up with some other girls for one of my eighth grader's school play!

I got to meet up with Laura for coffee! Though I failed to get a picture, I do have a shot of the gif she sent me! :)

Madison and I went for brunch to celebrate her 18th birthday!!

We had a little "food truck festival" in our neighborhood. Though there weren't really enough food trucks to legitimately call it a festival, I'm chalking it up to this being the first year and hoping for a bit more next year. Anyways, there was this super cute one that I thought y'all should see. If I were to have a food truck, I'd want a cute one like this!

Funny story...Cody was sick one day last week {that's not the funny part!} and stayed home from school. I waited to check on him until after staff meeting and sent a text at 11:11 saying, "How are you feeling?" He texted back that he was fine, then he sent the following picture of a text exchange between him and his dad:

Note the time that his dad sent the exact same text that I sent! Crazy, huh?!

Though I know that y'all would rather eat yummy good than just see pictures, I have to brag on my friends who bring me yummy goodness at work! First of all, Krispy Kreme has returned to Houston, and Laurien brought me one!!

And Clyde & Nicole went on a lunch date to Ruggles Green, and Clyde returned with crème brûlée for me!

Speaking of Clyde and Nicole, Clyde was ordained last night! It was a great time of people affirming his call and his character. It has been a big year for him as he earned his Master of Divinity, went full-time at the church, and is now ordained as a minister! And his and Nicole's second baby will most likely arrive by the end of the year!! So exciting!

In other news...I had to have a little cyst removed from my scalp on Friday. It wasn't a huge big deal, and the incision was only 1.7 cm, but man, it hurt! I wanted to throw up and cry a few times over the course of a couple of days. I could hardly sleep for several nights. I couldn't wash my hair for two days, which was made worse by the fact that it had blood, gross ointment and stuff stuck in it! I didn't go to church on Sunday morning because of the pain and gross hair situation, but I turned a corner that afternoon and was able to wash and fix my hair in time for Clyde's ordination. I am happy to say that I'm feeling better now and am not counting down the minutes until I can take pain medication again, though I'm not 100% yet. It's basically impossible to stick a bandage to hair, so I'm holding the bandage in place with bobby pins. And I am sometimes able to hide the bandage, too. Anyways, I'm not sure why I decided to share it all with y'all, but there you go...

Speaking of incisions, my poor baby puppy was spayed today. She is currently sleeping and shaking a little bit. She has a rough few days ahead of her, and I feel so sad for her!

On a happier note, she was groomed for the first time on Friday and looks super cute!

{& her hair is turning gray! Apparently this is what our dogs do...start out much darker than they end up!}

I hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!! ♥


Friday, November 13, 2015

"A Nightmare on my Street"

(by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince) 

This post is a couple of weeks overdue, but I finally have a chance to sit down and tell y'all about Rollerween! It's always a little hectic to pile into vans and drive to/from a bowling alley, skating rink, or all around town for scavenger hunts, so this year we stayed at the Warehouse for Somethingerween. We played games and had a costume contest, as always. We just didn't have to resist the temptation to speed through town!

As usual, the kids were super creative with their costumes! Below we have a Hawaiian ukulele player, Lilo (& Stitch),  Hester Prynne, Taco Belle, Katniss, twenty one pilots, and Russell from Up!

A few of us leaders tossed around a couple of team costume ideas, but in the end we weren't able to throw anything together. I made a paper doll costume out of poster board, though, and I think it turned out pretty cute! ü

Cene' and Stephen came in their Saudi Gras attire...

& Aaron and Kloe' were [obviously] Thing One and Thing Two!

The kids formed teams for a scooter relay race through the parking lot and building...

Cody's team won the relay!

And Elly & Sierra won Best Team Costume!

It was a super fun evening, and one that I look forward to each year!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Long Distance Runner"

(by Fugazi) 

I'll just go ahead and spoil the ending by saying that Cody's team didn't advance beyond Regionals, but he went! As a Freshman! And I'm pretty happy for him! {Side note: I went to Regionals as a Sophomore almost exactly 25 years crazy! I was in a much smaller district, though, so nowhere near the level of these runners...} Anyways, even though he and the team didn't do so great, I feel like this event deserves its own post.

The Regional meet was hosted by Sam Houston State University in Huntsville on a Monday after a weekend of storms across the entire state. And I live in a pretty big state, so that's a lot of rain! It was cool and super windy. The team stayed in or near their bus before the race, so I hung out in my car. Fortunately, SHSU did a great job with parking, and I managed to get a really great spot near the starting line!

I snapped a picture of the team on their way to the starting line...

Then I watched the race with the high school principal and our school district's athletic director, 'cuz I'm kind of a big deal...

Just kidding! Mike (the AD) happens to be my friend. He's also an elder at our church. {& his wife is a godly role model and someone I hope to even partially resemble when I'm in her stage of life!} We usually touch base at meets, and I happened to see him when I walked up the the starting line. He asked if I had met Mr. K (who is new this year), and I hadn't. After the introductions, it just made more sense to hang out with them than to find some other place to stand.

Anyways, it was basically a mud run, though that wasn't the intention. The officials took carts around the course picking up shoes throughout each race. Some of the runners had so much mud kicked up in their face that they couldn't see. Needless to say, times were slower because of the crazy conditions. There was only one sub-18 finisher in 5A (our class) and five in 6A. That is highly unusual, but again, the conditions were unusual.

I took a few pictures of Cody after the race and didn't realize that Tyler had photobombed at first!

Then I had him join Cody so I could send a picture to his mom! :)

For funsies, here's a BEFORE picture that Coach K took...

...and here's the AFTER!

What a mess! But it'll be a day we always remember!


Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Second Guessing Games"

(by Colony House) 

So...I'm really far behind on this little blog o' mine (once again)! But as usual, it's because I've been a little busy. I'd like for you to know that I've started posts for a few different things that have kept me busy lately, and I intend on completing them over the next week or so. {I'm telling y'all this for accountability!} ;P

Until then, here's a recap of my last few weeks...

My cute kids dressed up (or down, actually) for Pajama Day at school one day!

Evie Kate had a sleepover at our house while Clyde & Nicole got away for a little babymoon!

We went to Costco...

...played outside...

...and simply enjoyed her cuteness!


Cody was a student leader for the preteen students' fall retreat, and he shared his testimony during one of the sessions. Kloé sent me a picture, which made me so happy!

Cody's cross country team went to Regionals, which is one of the posts that I've started...

We had Rollerween at the Warehouse, which is another post that I've started...

...I didn't manage to get pictures, but it's worth mentioning that Wade & Amy had us over for our Halloween tradition. It looked a little different this year, though. Alex was out of town for a band thing, so Cody took another offer and went to his friend Tyler's instead. Since he was going there, Elly hung out with her friend from elementary school. But Kim's family and one of Marcie's girl's were there, so each of our families had a representative or two! :)

...And Laurien & I went to see Colony House, which is yet another post that I've started!

All of the things I mentioned from Evie Kate's visit until this point happened over the course of 8 days or so, which [I hope] justifies why I haven't posted until now! And this week...

Elly & I shared a pizza and dessert in Houston the other day!

My sweet boy got braces {& is still pretty handsome, if I do say so myself!}

{Remind me to tell you about how my life feels like The Truman Show sometimes, OK?}

The kids went on their fall retreat this weekend, so Christopher and I went on a couple of dates. We ate at Pappadeaux for lunch today, went for coffee and floor shopping yesterday, and binge-watched some shows on Netflix. But I only managed to take a picture of us on our date Friday night when we tried out a local moving sushi bar -- so fun and delicious!!

I guess that's all for now! I hope y'all have a super great week!! ♥