"In the Garden"

(by Brad Paisley) In

Today would have been my Mema A's 100th birthday! {How cool to have a birthday like 8/9/10!!} Sadly, she passed away about 28 years ago, so I guess she is celebrating in heaven! But I will always love her & think of her fondly. For most of the time that I knew her, Mema A lived in New Mexico ~ 12 hours from my hometown of Houston. We saw her once or twice a year; but even though I was young, I have very clear memories of her dog Spot & eating sugar cubes at her house! When my mom moved out, Mema A came & stayed with us for awhile. It was so great to have her living in our home & being there for us after school! She was the smartest woman I've ever known, & I'm not just saying that because she's gone! She really was a genius! My little six-year-old self didn't believe it though, & I would give her spelling tests! I was amazed that she would always get a 100, & I would write "A++" at the top of her tests!!

While she was staying with us, Mema A had a heart attack and ended up passing away. I will never forget the day that Kerry & I got called to the office at school. A nice couple from church was there to take us home, where our parents told us the news that she had died. I took it so hard. I was so upset that I threw up the day of her funeral. I had several dreams that we were mistaken, & she was actually still alive. Oddly, her dog Spot died about three days after she did. I guess he sensed that she didn't need him anymore.

Last year, when we moved into our new house, I was reminded of a little girl who was missing her grandma. The mover was carrying in some pieces of the bedroom set that I inherited from her, & he said that there was some writing on the bed frame. Sure enough, it was the scribbling of a grieving little girl who wrote, "I miss Mema A. ♥ her forever."

I'm sorry to seem so sad today. I don't know if this is all about grieving my grandma, or if some of this stems from the fact that her son [my dad] is having surgery this morning to remove a cancerous kidney. And I'm a little worried. And I'm angry at the fact that stupid cancer is rearing it's ugly head in the life of another man that I love. And I'm mad at the devil who has come to steal, kill & destroy...

Anyways, today's song was Mema A's favorite hymn. {Well, not this version by Brad Paisley, but my dad likes this one!}

"And He walks with me and He talks with me
And He tells me I am His own
And the joy we share as we tarry there
None other has ever known"



Brooke said…
prayers for your dad today...sounds like your grandmother was a terrific lady
RR Mama said…
Chin up my friend! I miss my grandmothers every day! I have to drive right by one of my grandma's house to get to my house everyday. She lived right around the corner. Hoping your dad is OK!! Keep me posted!
Laura said…
I am so sorry that you're going through all of this, but thanks for being so real and honest about it. I've been thinking about and praying for you these past few days. We'll have to schedule another chocolate date soon. :)

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