Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Air I Breathe"

(by Mat Kearney) 

Well...back to school week has wrapped up, and this mama is exhausted! From getting up before the sun to getting home after it sets (at times), I'm ready for the upcoming long weekend when I can sleep in a couple of times!

In addition to a couple of chiropractor visits and a youth leaders' meeting, another thing that kept me out late was shopping for school supplies. How I miss the days of supply lists that were out well before school started! Those of you with children in secondary schools understand the struggle. For those of you without children in secondary schools, let me explain...Because each child had a different schedule, there's no way for schools to supply a list of what is needed. You have to wait until the kids go to school and get their lists from each teacher. Then you go to three or four stores that have been cleaned out of most of their school supplies (while they were on sale, I might add) and try to find exactly what you need. You might be able to find an item or two at the first store, then you move on to the next one and the next. Ultimately you end up spending $3 on a binder that would normally be $1.50, or you're simply unable to find the item that you need. Like graph paper...I can never find graph paper once school has started! I try to stock up on these items when I find them throughout the year, especially when I find them at a great price. But it never fails that I'll buy 10 packages of dividers when I finally find them, and then I only need two the next year. Ugh!

On a more positive note...Cody was able to run on Friday!

And he ran on varsity!!

And they won!!!

He placed 22nd out of around 100 (the top 30 medaled) and 4th out of the seven on his team, which is pretty legit for a freshman!

I'd say it was a pretty successful first high school meet! ü As mentioned in the team tweet above, there were a billion mosquitos, though! Seriously, it was awful! I hadn't been out of my car for five minutes & had received at least 30 bites {no exaggeration!} before Cody called to say that Coach K was asking if I could go to the store for bug spray. Gladly! The athletes have never been so happy to see me as when I showed up with these!

Anyways...I went to Lindsay's that afternoon and hung out with her, her little girls, and Laurien. I was able to sleep in a little on Saturday, which was super! Laurien came over to go over some songs for Sunday (more on that in a second), and she stayed for a lunch of delicious burger dogs! Elly found the recipe, and she & Chris made them...Yummy!!

I got to lead worship with Laurien this morning! She and Sheridan usually lead worship at a church in Bryan/College Station once or twice a month. Since Sheridan was leading worship elsewhere this morning, Laurien asked me to fill in. I'm hoping I didn't mess things up badly enough that they won't be asked back! ;)

I met some nice people, and we heard some solid Biblical teaching based on the Good Samaritan story. We ate lunch at Chuy's, visited a furniture store that Laurien has always wanted to visit, and then stopped by Sweet Eugene's before we headed home.

And for today's someone who struggles with perfectionism (as if I could ever attain it) and fights the tendency to operate under the illusion of my control, today's song really speaks to me. And because he can do a way better job of explaining the song than I can, this is what Mat had to say about it in an interview on Beliefnet:

This song, at its core, is my journey battling perfectionism and being in control. I am a micromanager and I love being involved in every detail of my life, but in the big picture you realize how little control you have. “Air I Breathe” is about those moments of surrender where you get to something that is bigger than you and you don’t have answers for it. You are kind of forced to wave your white flag and be like “Okay I can’t control this.” Sometimes those moments can be very freeing because they are humbling. You realize you have been holding onto something and trying to control it when there’s grace available for you that is bigger than your own control 
I have faced and continue to face things that are bigger than me, and I don't know why I find it so hard to surrender to the only One who is perfectly in control. But I'm waving my white flag today. Is there something that you need to surrender? You don't have to tell me what it is, but let me know if I can be praying for you. And maybe you can pray for me, too?


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"On the Brightside"

(by Never Shout Never) 

I've posted today's song before, but I couldn't think of another song that would be a more fitting theme song for today, so I'm going with it! Natalie recently made a comment about Cody's height, and I got to thinking that I haven't really talked about it on here too much. I noted when he grew taller than his sister and taller than me, but I appear to have failed to mention when he grew taller than his dad. It's true, though, and it has been true since at least last Father's Day...

My sweet baby boy is our resident tall person.

Though none of the following pictures were taken with height in mind -- so we aren't intentionally standing up straight or anything -- they are the most recent pictures I have of all of us, and they help explain why I refer to him as my tall person:

I have no idea if he is done growing or not, but statistically he isn't. Based on our short families, though, I'm not expecting him to grow too much more. At 5' 8", he's an inch shorter than my dad, who is the tallest person in our immediate families. Chris and I both have one uncle who is 6', and they had to get their height from somewhere! But who knows?!

As for my baby girl, she has statistically been done growing for nearly three years and appears to be staying at a fun-sized 5' 1"! ü I happened to mention when she reached this height in February of 2011, though I didn't realize that she was finished growing at that time. I was basically her main hope for height as far as the females go, since I'm the tallest female in our immediate families! {Ha! I'm currently 5' 31⁄4" but was 5' 33⁄4" before my scoliosis got so bad!} Though Chris and I both had a grandma who reached 5' 6" or so, our other grandmas and great-grandmas were 5' 1" and under!

According to the Mayo (among other sources), there are a couple of different ways to predict adult height. One way is to...

  • Add the mother's height and the father's height in either inches or centimeters.
  • Add 5 inches for boys or subtract 5 inches for girls.
  • Divide by two.
Christopher is 5' 6", and for this purpose we're going to say that I was 5' 4" at my tallest. Due to noticeable scoliosis during puberty, my spine was never completely straight, but I think it's a fair estimate to add the 1⁄4" to my tallest height (and it makes the math easier). By doing this, Elly would be 5' 21⁄2", and Cody would be 5' 71⁄2".

Another way to predict adult height is to double a boy's height at two years old and a girl's height at 18 months. Unfortunately I only have Elly's measurements at 15 and 24 months (30.5" and 31.5" respectively), which put her between 5' 1"-5' 3".  Using this method, Cody would be 5' 10", but I don't want to get his hopes up about that! We'll just have to wait and see! do you and/or your children measure up? If you have your own height records, are you as tall as predicted by either of these methods? If your kids are little, have you predicted their adult height? If your kids are grown, how did they turn out compared with predictions?


Monday, August 24, 2015

"Be True to Your School"

(by The Beach Boys) 

For the first time in five years, my kiddos are in the same school again...


Both of them...What?!

My baby girl is a junior:

And my sweet boy is a freshman:

I didn't cry when I dropped Cody off at high school (like I did with Elly). Though he's my baby, I was fairly confident that I wouldn't cry this time. But I have thought that in the past and still did, so I wasn't really sure where my emotions would be today. The thing is I've been dropping him off at the high school field house for two years already, and that's where I dropped him off this morning. Had I never dropped him off there, or had I dropped him off at the front of the high school, things would have been quite different I'm sure! So thanks to cross country, I wasn't an emotional wreck today!

Due to Cody & I having to leave the house for cross country 30 minutes before Elly woke up, I wasn't able to take pictures of the kids together before they left for school. I took Cody to the track on Sunday evening because I wanted to take the pictures I posted above (without interfering with football practice or something). While it would probably be a better spot for Senior pictures, there are no guarantees that the fence will still be decorated like that in four years. There isn't a neat spot like that with art stuff for my girl, so she got the usual pics in the entryway before she left for school! :) But I took them out there after school so I could get some shots of them together, and I actually managed to get a couple of normal pictures...

...before the goofiness kicked in...


I ♥ them!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Today is Beautiful"

(by David Dunn) 

I just realized that I've never posted today's song, but I should have already! In my lack of blogging, I guess it sorta fell through the cracks somehow. Have you heard it? I just love it!!

I didn't get around to my normal post last weekend, but I'll catch you up on things now...

So we've been doing a little back to school shopping lately...

...and some eating out (since we couldn't go shopping until after work).

Ftr, I've been shopping with my baby girl, too, but I failed to take pictures with her. I did take a picture of a store where we found a good deal on shoes for her, though! {In case you're wondering why I took the picture, Laurien has been waiting for it to open, so I let her know that the day has come!}

And because we found such a great deal on Elly's shoes, we were going to return a pair that we had already bought at Journey's. But instead of returning them, I actually exchanged them for a new pair of TOMS for me. Laurien can attest to the fact that I've been wanting a new pair for quite awhile. So while I hadn't planned on buying a pair that day, it wasn't really an impulse buy. Not sure why I felt the need to justify this, but I did!

Speaking of shoes...We spent a lot of time looking for Cody's shoes, partly because he's picky and partly because I'm too frugal for his pickiness. Once we remembered that I had a Sports Authority coupon and he had a Sports Authority gift card, we were able to find both the shoes he wanted and the price I wanted! :) Random side note...When Cody and I shop for shoes, we pretend that these are for Kirby:

They're basketball shoes, and Kirby' a runner. But they're his initials, so we can still pretend, right?

Speaking of running...we're three or four weeks into cross country practice. So we've been up and out of the house before the sun again, gearing up for the start of school...

And speaking of school...Cody & I went to freshman orientation at high school!

{How are we here already?!}

Part of the reason I didn't do my normal post last weekend is because it was rather busy...

...We celebrated Brian's birthday last Friday night! Check out this amazing platter of sushi that we shared before heading back to Brian & Jana's house for cake, ice cream, and swimming!

...We had a little house guest for the weekend!

...Kyla's son Caleb (my former red team buddy) is heading off to college soon, so we went to a send-off party for him on Saturday night!

...and we said goodbye to my friend Ashley's family. They have moved up to the Dallas area, and I'm sad about it. Fortunately it isn't too far away, though.

{Ashley's son Jake is the one at the very front of the picture. You may remember that he invited me to his going away party! ü}

Aside from weekend stuff [and in effort to keep things real around here] we've had disgusting little visitors in our household. I hope you don't judge me for this, but I think it's too ironic not to mention. We discovered lice on one of our kids' heads on the last day of school, then we discovered it again on the last day of summer. Good times...Fortunately it hasn't affected everyone in the house either time, but I've still washed everything like crazy! Ugh. We've been through it a few times over the past fifteen years, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Not that I have a worst enemy, but still...

In happier news, we had a back to school event at the Warehouse on Friday night! We've never played bubble soccer before, but how fun does this look?!

I just happened to be filming when the following happened!

Unfortunately, before the night was over, Cody [and Austin, pictured with Cody below] got injured...

The injuries were not incurred while playing soccer, in case you were concerned about the safety of bubble soccer. I'm not entirely sure of Austin's circumstances, but a nail somehow sliced a good 11⁄4-11⁄2" gash on the bottom of Cody's foot. It may have needed stitches, but we were advised to wait until morning and see if it closed up on its own at all. Most of it had by morning, but I was still unsure about stitches. I texted a picture to Kloe' (who is a nurse) who happened to be with her mother-in-law (who is also a nurse), and they gave me some instructions. We're hoping butterfly stitches will do the trick (along with proper cleaning and medicating). It seemed quite a bit better this morning, so I feel like we did the right thing.

I know this is minor in the grand scheme of life, but Coach K said that he's running varsity on Friday, and I'm afraid this injury may prevent that. Maybe it sounds prideful, but I was really hoping to say that he was running varsity at his first high school meet. Am I being real too here? Whether he runs this week or not, I suppose we still have a chance to say that. It just may not be this Friday, huh? The other thing is that he can letter if he runs varsity a certain number of times, and he'd love to letter this year. Again, prideful, I know. If you'd please join me in praying for healing and/or humility -- whatever is needed most for both of us -- I'd appreciate it!

I hope y'all have a super great week! School starts tomorrow, so I have a feeling mine may be a little hectic! ♥


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"The 900 Number"

(by The 45 King) 

This is post number:

& blogiversary number:

Here are a couple of random facts about the number 900:

  • In skateboarding it is a 2½-revolution (900 degrees) aerial spin performed on a skateboard ramp.
  • The year 900 was a leap year in the Julian calendar.
And here are a few random facts about the number seven:
  • A seven-sided shape is called a heptagon.
  • It is the number of inches in the original diameter of the 45rpm format gramophone record.
  • It is Craig Biggio's number!
  • There are probably 900 more facts about the number seven than there are about the number 900!
But instead of talking about those numbers, let's talk random facts about my blog:
  • I wrote the most blog posts in 2011 (maybe because that's when I started my One Thousand Gifts posts??)
  • The month with the most posts was October 2013 (when I did a month-long challenge and wrote about 31 songs that changed my life)
  • My post with the most views (9,334) is "It's Time" which was written on 1.4.14.
  • I've had 55 pageviews today, 90 yesterday, 1,989 last month, and 131,413 since this began seven years ago.
  • Of the countries where people view my blog, the US is the most and Poland is the least.
  • As absurd as this is, the most common browser is Internet Explorer. Really?! That surprises me!
I'm interested to see how these stats will compare with the stats when I reach my 1,000th post and/or my 8th blogiversary. Maybe I'll remember to look into it at that point. Anyways, thanks for joining me in my randomness today (the past few days, actually)! Yay for my 900th post and my 7th blogiversary! I hope y'all have a great day!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"My Buddy"

(by Pancake Manor) 

Things said by the four-year-old boy who stayed at my house this weekend...

"One day when I'm a real guitar player..." [strums guitar] "...I think I am a real guitar player!"


Trenton: Do you sleep with a nightlight?
Cody: No.
Trenton (in shock & disbelief): You don't even have a nightlight?!


After Chris explained something about the TV remote..."I think you're wrong, Miss Butch."


Trenton: Miss Amy, where am I sleeping tonight?
Me: In Cody's room, like you wanted.
Trenton: Oh good! 'Cuz he's my favorite person in the whole wide world!


After letting us know his mom doesn't let him have Sprite a lot... "I have a great idea for Sprite. Put some water and more water and more water, then a little bit of sugar and more water, like a lot more water, and there you go- Sprite! I can give it to my mom." He then explained the conversation they would have, which ended with her taking the drink, and acted out her drinking it. Then he burped. "All done!...Except for the burp!"


During a game of "peek-a-boo" with Elly, he looked at the shaved side of her head and said, "On that look like a boy."


At bedtime one night..."Who's gonna get ready for bed with me?!...Cody?...'Cuz you're my best friend!"


To me he said, "Your dad has crazy hair in this picture."



After asking if Cody was still sleeping..."I wish my superhero would wake up!"


In the middle of my conversation with Cody about how if he felt well enough to be gone all afternoon having fun with his friends, then he could not skip practice in the morning, Trenton said, "And you never got to spend time with me! Your best buddy!" He then walked away and said to himself (somewhat bitterly), "Well I guess you just had fun on your own."


On a related note, I have to share two brief stories that occurred at my friend Kyla's for her son's college send-off...

I had prepared Trenton's food and was sitting in the living room with a bunch of people for around five or ten minutes when he said, "Miss Amy, are there any drinks?" I totally forgot that he's too young to get that sort of thing on his own! As I quickly got up to remedy the situation, Elly sarcastically said, "Gosh, Mom, how did I survive?"

And later on, we were enjoying conversation with our friends. The sun had gone down, so we were just relaxing outside and reminiscing as if we didn't have a care in the world...when I realized that it was getting late for a four-year-old to be out. I hurriedly went inside to tell Kyla that we needed to go and said, "I keep forgetting that I have a four-year-old!" Her parents and in-laws (from out of town) turned toward me a bit confused, and I realized how irresponsible I had sounded! I quickly added, "Temporarily! I have my friend's four-year-old for the weekend..."

All that is to say that I think I've adjusted a little too well to the fact that my kids are independent! But Cody's little best buddy managed to survive the weekend! ü