Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"I'm Just a Cat and I'm Doing Cat Stuff"

(by Mylo the Cat)

{please disregard the last two seconds...}

So this happened the other day:

A random cat stranger came up to me and acted all friendly, rubbing himself all over my legs, jumping up on me, and nibbling my toes...

And the whole time he was doing that, all I could think of was this:



Saturday, July 19, 2014


(by Colbie Caillat)

I meant to post this song last week, but I completely forgot when it came time to post. Of course y'all know why I love this! :)

My week was pretty good overall. Scans aren't happening tomorrow, but we all figured that would be the case. I'll keep y'all posted on when/if they're rescheduled.

Mister Christopher had a birthday on Monday! He's my age for another 11 days or so! :)

My friend Nichole took my kiddos to the movies one day while I was at work, then they surprised me by bringing me popcorn!!

We had another Bowl Games at the Warehouse, and the theme was:

All of the teams were Star Wars themed, and here is the picture that was used for the red team captains:

My team didn't win this time, but I think they all had fun!

My beautiful little neighbor & her family stopped by one evening. While her daddy & brother were playing basketball with Cody, and I was talking to her mommy, I looked over and saw her sitting under my tree. My baby girl isn't little enough to sit there, and I had never realized how perfect of a spot it was for littles until then. I just had to take a picture! :)

Elly & I had to pick up some stuff for church at Sam's the other day. We made a spontaneous decision to get a Monster Cookie from Cheddar's.

Our waiter also gave us five honey butter croissants for some reason, but I'm not complaining! Because this is classic Amy moves, I had to show you how beautifully I spilled my creamer as I was trying to pour it into my coffee:

An Aggie joke played out in real life today right before my eyes!! I had to notarize some forms for the junior high students who are leaving for camp in the morning. As I was leaving the Warehouse, I dropped my notary stamp and broke it. I need it again in the morning, so this was not good! Though I was able to put it back together, it wasn't functioning properly. When I got to the main building, I was still trying to get it to work. A few of my friends gathered around to see if they could fix it, and I realized that they were Aggies! So of course, I said, "How many Aggies does it take to fix a notary stamp?" ;) I begged John to take a picture, because I thought it was awesome!

{In case you care, Gary was able to fix it!}

I have been quite productive around the house over the past few days! Cody and I went through his clothes and got rid of loads of them...

{there ended up being even more than pictured here!}

I also put together a coffee table, end table, and desk for upstairs (pictures to come once  the room is complete). And I finished another task that I've decided to do a whole post about, because there are at least seven pics that I want to show you. Plus I'm trying to blog more! :)

I'll close with this bit of awesomeness...Baby girl made this for me out of a dollar bill (because she loves me):

I hope y'all have a super great week!! ♥


Friday, July 18, 2014

"Word Crimes"

(by "Weird Al" Yankovic)

When I saw this video the other day, I just knew that I had to post it for y'all! And in case you ever thought I was remotely cool, this post will prove otherwise.

I am a nerd.

And I'm alright with that...

As someone who has been called a "Grammar Nazi" a time or two, I can relate to a lot of today's song. I may not always use correct grammar on here, but I do use it in real life. I don't interrupt conversations to correct people, though, and I only inform people of their mistakes if they have previously asked me to do so. {I just want to make that clear!} It is generally emails, signs, and publications that make me want to wield the red pen. I cringe when the guys at work send out a church-wide email with several grammatical errors. I would rather edit every single email than see mistakes after they've already been sent to everyone.

BuzzFeed posted an article (with a grammatically incorrect subheading that I hope was intentional) about how it's both a blessing and a curse to be good at grammar. This article is the story of my life (minus the foul language and the social media corrections), and it is also hilarious! I laughed out loud when I originally read it, and I laughed just as much when I read through it again today. I hope y'all enjoy it, too!

Can you relate to anything that I've posted? or have I made myself out to be a complete nerd? Do you go through life noticing every single misuse of punctuation? or might the unnecessary use of quotation marks used at your place of business cause me to second-guess my patronage there? Did you laugh while reading the BuzzFeed article? or did you not understand what was so funny? Do you like "Weird Al"? Would you like for me to stop asking questions and publish this post?! ü


P.S. On a somewhat related note, I am pro-Oxford comma. I still use it most of the time. Did anyone notice that I used it in this post?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Born in the U.S.A."

(by Bruce Springsteen) 

I told y'all I'd schedule a post after my weekend wrap-up! Two posts in a week, y'all... ü

We stumbled upon a new Fourth of July tradition last year: dinner with Dad & Chris, followed by fireworks with Lance's family! I make traditions pretty quickly...If I like something, one time is enough to consider it a tradition! ;)

Dad & Christina came over, and we grilled some yummy goodness. I totally failed to get a picture of them or our delicious salmon, but I did take a picture of our desserts:

Funny story...the desserts were actually Jana's! She forgot them when she went out of town, so she asked me to get them and eat them. So I had to. I mean, what else could I do? ;) {Your plate & basket are in my van, Jana. Wanna guess how many times I'll pass by your house &/or see you at church before I actually give them to you?!}

A storm rolled in around an hour or two before dark, so we were a bit concerned that the fireworks would be cancelled. The storm ended up passing through, and we had a bit of a reprieve before the next storm made its way our direction. Good thing, because Plan B was to watch some firework videos on YouTube, and we didn't know about any of the drone firework videos yet!


Lance & Mel saved us a spot so we could watch fireworks with their family again!

While we waited for them to start, Lance brought out a family pack of fireworks that he and the kids played with! There was another Pop-its war...

And sparklers...

The kids enjoyed the colored smoke bombs {Except for white...that wasn't so impressive. It just looked like regular ol' smoke!}

Cody pulled the back seat of of the van...

...which provided seat for all four of the kids (not necessary, though, because each of them had their own camp chair)!

We had to bring out the umbrellas by the end, but it was worth it to enjoy our little tradition with these beautiful girls and their family! Is it too early to call dibs on holding baby Moses next year?! ♥


Saturday, July 12, 2014

"I Place My Hope"

(by Ellie Holcomb) 

So y'all probably noticed that I didn't post last week. I really thought I'd have more time to blog this summer, but it's not happening at all! One good thing about the 100 Happy Days challenge that I'm doing on Instagram is that I've been better at taking pictures of things. Even though they're on my phone & not my real camera, they're better than nothing! So if you keep up with me on IG, then you've seen a bit of what I've been up to. ü

Now for some of those pics, some I haven't posted there, and a few more details about the past couple of weeks...

My friend Heather was in town, so we met up at Tornado Burger :)

Kristin picked up this amazing Indian tunic for me!

{I'm so ready to go back!!}

I got a haircut and took a couple of selfies with Mal:

Baby girl went to camp in Colorado!

And while she was at camp Cody got to hang out with his friend Isaac one day & went to a water park with Alex, Austin, and Elijah another day!

We also went to the mall one day. He's outgrowing his clothes so fast these days, so he needed a few things that he can wear to church. How handsome is this prep?! :)

We both got a pair of Sperry's because of a little BOGO deal. He thought it was funny that my casual shoes are his dressy ones! ü

Clyde brought his beautiful baby girl to work one day, and I got to hang out with her for a little while! :)

My sweet boy & I went on a date one night while his sister was gone ♥

{We split an appetizer so we could have a trio of pazookies!}

Baby girl got home from camp on the Fourth of July! I had planned on posting pictures right now, but there are too many for this post so I'll tell you about it another day. I might even schedule it when I'm finished with this post. We'll see... :)

Speaking of my baby girl, we went to the mall the day after she got back from camp!

That night, we went to the first of two surprise parties two nights in a row! Carrie turned 40:

And Blake turned 30:

His party was a superhero theme. We didn't have anything, so we made up a couple of superheroes and made our own shirts! Meet the Aiminator and B3 (Big Bad Butch):

I met up with my small group girls at Julie & Nicole's on Monday night, and we played Cranium. It was so much fun (even though Grace & I didn't win)!

We got snowballs for Cody's half-birthday (except for Elly...she got nachos because she doesn't like cold stuff)!

I went to lunch with Kim yesterday, and we went to some antique shops. We didn't buy anything, but it was fun to look around! I want a door like the one behind us in this picture...

And today I changed up a few things in my flower beds up front. I had some little yellow lantanas that weren't growing as quickly as I'd like for them to, so I moved a few and planted some bigger red and yellow ones in their place:

I guess that's all! We're still waiting on approval for the scans. I'll keep y'all posted. I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. I really do plan on posting again soon... ♥