Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Love Alone is Worth the Fight"

(by Switchfoot) 

I don't think I've posted any Switchfoot songs from their latest album. I don't know what's wrong with me!

This has been a nice week! As you probably already know, my kids started school this week. There weren't any major schedule glitches or bus delays, so this was a smoother start than the past couple of years! With the kids back in school, I don't feel guilty going to work every day. So that's nice!

There were a few great things that happened this week...

...I received three bits of yummy goodness in one day! I failed to take a picture of the cookie from Wade and the six-pack of cinnamon rolls from Neil, but I did take a picture of the chocolate that John went all the way to the Dominican Republic to get me! :)

...I got to meet a sweet little baby girl! Her dad Michael works with Christopher, and he & Tina have been coming to our church for about a year. I think they're coming over for Labor Day tomorrow!

...I was blessed to enjoy a couple of conversations with my 92-year-old neighbor who waves at his neighbors as we drive by! I've been waving at him for months and finally took the time to stop and tell him how happy it makes me to see him every morning. I was honored and brought to tears to discover that he prays for us as we drive by! I now make it a habit to stop when I can, because I'd like to do what I can to bless him in return for the blessing that he is to me! ♥

...I visited Nichole and her kids at their new home! We enjoyed coffee on her balcony while looking out over a farm and the river. It was basically perfect! :) Plus, Nichole is such an authentic, beautiful friend who I enjoy spending time with!

...Misty & I met up for coffee yesterday morning! She's one of my girls {one of the original ones} who was a student in our youth group back in the day & now works at NASA! I saw her at her & Rob's housewarming recently, but we haven't gotten together in way too long on our own. It was so nice to catch up with her!

...We have officially begun looking for a new-to-me car! Baby girl is getting Silvie when she gets her license (in October), so I'm on the hunt for an SUV for me! I'll let you know how it goes...

Alrighty, I'm off to Jana's to watch some recorded Jen Hatmaker shows! I hope y'all have a great Labor Day as well as the week ahead! ♥


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Baby Got Class"

(by The Holderness Family)

In case you missed my kiddos' back-to-school pics in the midst of everybody else's on Facebook the other day...

My baby girl is now a Sophomore in high school:

And my sweet boy is in 8th grade:

I love them! ♥

Lest the above picture fools you into thinking I was able to snap the perfect picture on the first try, look at what I had to endure just for one or two decent ones...

They're crazy!

...or at least HE is! ;)

I'll close with my only other "normal" picture of the two of them...

{maybe one day I'll be able to get him to smile naturally?!}

I hope your kids, nieces, nephews, and grandkids have a great school year! And if you don't have any, I hope you're able to enjoy less-congested outings during the day! :)


Sunday, August 24, 2014

"The Show"

(by Lenka) 

I've liked today's song ever since I heard Melanie Martinez perform it on The Voice, but I've never managed to post it. I think it's cute! :)

My week was nice! Here are a few highlights...

We had our last youth event of the summer, the Back to School CHILL:

While most of the students did some ice blocking...

...I hung out on the porch with one of my girls and became The Holder of the Phones!

To add to the "chill" theme of the night, Aaron challenged the entire student ministry to do the ALS ice bucket challenge:

The kids & I went to The Chocolate Bar after finishing up our back-to school shopping on Friday!

Laurien & I hung out a couple of times this week! She came over for Pizza & Movie Night (which is an every Friday occasion around here, though sometimes we watch a TV show/series instead of a movie). I helped her shop for throw pillows and curtains on Saturday, and we ate dinner at Torchy's! Their queso is SO good!!

Not that you can tell by the picture, but their queso has green chiles and a glob of quacamole in it...delicioso!

Though it's still terribly hot here, I try to find as much time as possible to spend in my garden. One corner of the yard has filled in nicely! {The other corner isn't too shabby, but I forgot to take a picture while it was still light outside...}

Alrighty, tomorrow is the first day of school, so I better get to bed...I hope y'all have a super great week! ♥


Saturday, August 16, 2014


(by Sara Bareilles) 

I realized today that I've never posted today's song. I have no idea how that happened, but I had to make it right!

Once again, I have failed and need to fill you in on two weeks at a time. There wasn't a whole lot of exciting stuff last week that didn't involve birthday festivities, so I've basically talked about the good stuff already! The only non-birthday exciting event was Saturday afternoon/evening with our friends Daniel & Maria, their girls, and John! :) They came over for a late lunch. Then we watched random YouTube videos and went to a couple of parks in our neighborhood...

We are in the process of revamping Christopher's office (finally)! I'll show you pictures of the rest of the room when it is complete. For now, though, I had to show y'all that Davy & his friends (a.k.a. The Mount Rushmore of Texas History) are finally out of my living room & have found a new home!

Amy, Elaine, and I took our boys to a water park yesterday!

They had a great time! We mostly stayed in the lazy river, which was nice and relaxing. I don't think anyone got a sunburn, so I'd say our day was a success! I ran into one of my best friends from high school...the same one I ran into at the Med Center when we were there for Christopher's last scans! I had thought we might see someone from the town where I went to high school (because we were only 20 minutes away). But I expected to see someone who still lives there, not someone who lives in Houston!

That evening, Elly had a movie night with her small group girls. Can you guess who she was?*

After I took baby girl to her movie night, I picked Amy up and went back to Elaine's (where our boys were) for dinner. She & John had made some delicious burgers and homemade french fries. We ate that and drank yummy Maine Root soda. I also got to hang out with this cute little cross-eyed {& sometimes crooked-eared} kitty! :)

Today was mostly a relaxing day, which was something I desperately needed! I slept until 8:00 and ran a couple of errands this morning. The rest of my day was spent on my back patio sanctuary or in my rocking char! :) I watched some TV with my girl and won 2048, which is a silly game that Cody convinced me to put on my phone. One super great thing that happened today is that one of my best friends from middle school found me on Facebook!! She moved to another state 25 years ago, and we lost touch during our college years. I had tried to find her before but was never successful. It has been so nice to catch up with her today!

I decided to save the BEST part of my week for last...

...meeting Mojo!

Baby Moses is Lance & Melissa's baby boy! He's absolutely precious, and I got to see him twice already!! :)

I hope y'all have a super great weekend & week to come! ♥


*In case you didn't see my IG or fb post last night &/or didn't guess: Elly dressed up as Inigo Montoya for movie night :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

"Happy Birthday Amy"

(by XY Unlimited)

I had such a great birthday that ended up becoming more of a birthday week! :) I feel really loved on/around my birthday, which is why I like it so much! Some people just happen to know my birthday, but the majority of the birthday greetings we receive these days are because of Facebook. I don't really care how people know it's my birthday. I'm just happy that they take the time to say something! :)

This post from Laurien started my day on a positive note:

{& I just realized that I never told y'all about New Mexico!}

When I got to work, these were on (and in) my desk:

(from Mister Christopher)

Evie Kate brought me cookies (by way of her dad)...

...and helped me answer the phones for a few minutes! :)

Sam stopped to get me coffee on her way in to work! :)

And Lance brought me these delicious cupcakes!!

{He said yesterday that if he didn't know me, he'd think I'm an egomaniac with all of my birthday celebrations! Y'all know I'm only like this for a week to ten days out of the year!} &uuml

Grace (one of my girls) dropped by work and gave me chocolatey goodness:

Laurien took me out for dinner at a quaint little place in Houston! We also went to Trader Joe's and discovered their Kona Coffee Creamy half-dipped Shortbread Cookies:

When I got home, my family had the following nice gifts for me to open!

And that was just my actual birthday!! :)

The following Sunday, my family went to Pappadeaux for lunch after church! The picture with my dessert is a little dark, so here's one of me while we were waiting for our table:

And my birthday girls took me out for one last celebration last night! Next time, we really need to take a picture of all of us {not just me with dessert!}

After I got home, I took a picture of all the wonderful goodies they gave me!

There was a bit of an India theme (including an elephant item from two out of the three girls), which I thought it was super! :) I had intended on taking a better picture of me wearing my shirt and necklace today, but I forgot and have already changed for bed. You can still get an idea of how cute they are in this picture I took earlier:

Do you love birthdays as much as I do?! ♥