"True Things"

(by JJ Heller) True Things - Painted Red

Yet another post for NEDA Week!

"I'm not the clothes I'm wearing
I'm not a photograph
I'm not the car I drive
I'm not the money I make
I'm not the things I lack
I'm not the songs that I write
I am I am I am who I am
I am who I am

There are true things inside of me
I have been afraid to see
I believe, help my unbelief
Would You say again what You said to me?
I am loved and I am free
I believe, help my unbelief

I'm not the house I live in
I'm not the man I love
I'm not the mistakes that I carry
I'm not the food that I don't eat
I'm not what I'm above
I'm not my scars and my history
I am I am I am who I am
I am who I am


To Your love I'm waking up
In Your love I'm waking up..."

Along the lines of my NEDA Week posts, I wanted to tell you about a night of prayer that our ladies had at church the other night. There were stations set up around the sanctuary, where we could rest (Psalm 23), repent (privately, ftr!), bear one another's burdens (Galatians 6:2), and several other things. I thought one of the stations was super great for NEDA Week! We were encouraged to ask God how He sees us & use Scrabble letters to make words that describe who were are to Christ. Before I left, I took a picture of all of the words that the ladies placed on the table. I thought I'd share it with you! ♥

This is sorta off subject, but it's too beautiful not to show y'all! Another station was set up for us to meditate on God's names or aspects of His character. Then we got to take some oil pastels & write them on painter's cloth. How beautiful is this?!

Don't you just love Him?!



Brooke said…
have you seen the video for "remind me who i am"?? i love it! they hold up what they truly are, then later you see their card that has been changed to "beloved"
That is such a great video! Your night of prayer sounds and looks like such a great night. Love the beautifully decorated painter's cloth!
Zion said…
Great ideas! That sounds like such an amazing night.
Amanda said…
Looks wonderful! Great planning who ever planned it!
Jen Price said…
So beautiful! Sounds like such a powerful evening!
Jen Price said…
Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you that we should get together for coffee sometime! We don't live that far from each other!

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