Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Hey Now"

(by FM Static)

This song has been one of my favorite FM Static songs since the very beginning. I mean, how can you not love a song that mentions Fruitopia? Not that I'm a huge Fruitopia fan, it's just the fact that this song says it that makes me happy! It's like the Veggie Tales writers working an apple chopper in to one of their songs. That kind of clever wording just makes me smile! Like Hot Hot Heat's song that I mentioned in one of my very first Scrobbled Saturday posts.

Anyways, this song came up as one of several that I've listened to the most. I think it's because we were listening to my iPod alphabetically, starting with songs that began with "Hey" ('cuz we're weird like that)! And let me tell ya, there are some pretty great "Hey" songs out there...Superchick's "Hey Hey", "Hey Jude" from Across the Universe (& of course, the Beatles version, too!), Leeland's "Hey", Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah", Taylor Swift's "Hey Stephen" & many more...

Well, sorry this is so random. I'm sure I have other stuff I could talk about, but my boy is waiting on me to go on a bike ride. I hope y'all are having a super wonderful weekend!


Friday, January 28, 2011

"Every Moment"

(by Joy Williams) Every Moment - By Surprise

"We laughed out loud ‘til we cried
And the tears were sweet
Midnight melted to morning
A moment faded to memory
All these days
They just slip away through our fingers

Don’t let go
Hold onto every moment
Always know
Hold onto every moment that You can

We move on with no regrets to our destiny
Held by the hands of the Father
We share His love and He leads us through
All these days
'Cause they slip away through our fingers


Running through yesterday into tomorrow
Don’t let it just drift away
Forget about tying the hands of time
Give every minute to the One who's given today

Don't you let go


I'm heading to MOPS in a few minutes, and I thought I'd post the Mentor Moment that I'm sharing with the moms today. It's nothing they haven't heard before, but it's what I feel like I'm supposed to say today. If you're not a mom, this may be boring! {Sorry!} Anyways, here's what on my heart...

I still remember when I was in college, & I watched a video where Christian comedian Mark Lowry stated the following bit of scripture as his life verse, “And it came to pass.” That’s only a portion of many different scriptures, but it’s so true. He says it like this, “And it pass. It didn’t come to stay.” No matter what is going on in your life, it will pass...

Whether you’re feeling like a failure, or you’re on top of the world...

If there is crayon all over your wall, or you’ve recently used the magic eraser & the walls look good...

In the midst of the mundane day-to-day routines or in the middle of a full-blown toddler tantrum...

It pass.

I speak from a little experience, but I’m sure more "mature" moms can vouch for me, too. If you’ve been around kids for any length of time, you've probably already realized this, too: children grow up super fast! My baby girl is now a 12-year-old woman, and my son turned 10 a couple of weeks ago. And I have NO idea how it has gone by so fast! When they were little, I would get bogged down in some of the mundane stuff & feel quite helpless with the frustrating stuff! But honestly, all of it was bittersweet. With each new stage, I missed the stage they had just outgrown, I loved the stage they were currently in, and I looked forward to the next stage. Even during the “terrible twos”, there were some very enjoyable moments ~ like the cute things they would say! But I remember wishing we could just hurry up past the terrible parts of that stage!

I’m sure most of you have seen the movie “Click”, where Adam Sandler has the universal remote that he uses to fast forward through events. It ends up out of control -- with life speeding by -- and suddenly he realized how much he missed out on. I seriously feel like life goes by that quickly sometimes, and I’ve come to realize that I really don’t want any part of life to go faster anymore!

I miss rocking my babies to sleep & holding them with their little heads nestled on my chest. I remember moments when I wished they’d just be content by themselves & not feel the need to be held constantly. But now, I can’t even pick up my girl anymore, and I can only carry Cody around on my back (& briefly, at that). HE can actually pick ME up! How did that happen?!

For now, my kids still let me snuggle with them at bedtime & when I wake them up in the morning. But I know that won’t last forever. I dread the day when they discover that their friends don’t do that, so they must be too old for it, too. I’m holding on to these moments for as long as I can!

I know it’s not the easiest thing to do when you’re actually IN the moment, but it’ll be gone before you know it! If you can try to gain some perspective on just how brief your time at home with your babies is, then I hope it will help you appreciate that time more. If I could go back, I would in a heartbeat. If I had only realized then just how fleeting those moments were, I wouldn't take a single one for granted.

And it pass.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I Swear"

(by John Michael Montgomery) I Swear - The Very Best of John Michael Montgomery

Yesterday, I babysat a little friend who recently got her ears pierced. We were discussing her experience, so I decided I should look through old scrapbooks to show her pictures from when Elly got her ears pierced. Of course I couldn't just look at one page! So I took a little trip down memory lane & looked through an album or two. Thinking of my baby girl in all of the cuteness of her preschool days, I recalled a time that I terribly MISunderstood something that she said...

One of our youth interns lived at our house for awhile when Elizabeth was a toddler. One day, she walked down the hallway & pointed at his door saying, “Fukaw.” I couldn't believe what she had said, so I asked her to repeat herself. She pointed at his door & repeated the same terrible thing!

Had he seriously taught her to say "F-off"?!?!?! Of all four-letter-words! I must say I was pretty shocked & angry that Jon would say that one, especially in front of my baby girl! All afternoon, I tried to figure out the best way to confront him about the language he used around my little one.

That evening, Jon had barely walked in the door when Elizabeth pointed toward his room & said, "Fukaw!"

Just when I was about to say that he was busted, he said, "You wanna play football?" He had a game system in his room, along with a football video game that he had played with her! All along, she had been saying "football"!

Have you ever drastically misunderstood a toddler?


Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Sore Eyes"

(by Brandon Heath) Sore Eyes - What If We

This week I...

...had a fun shopping/girl day with my baby girl! a letter from my baby brother ~ gotta love his honesty: he said that he meant to tell me during our visit last weekend that I'm still very pretty even if I do have a small wrinkle on my eye! :)

...said goodbye to one of Elizabeth's pet frogs...RIP little Drek!

...discovered a new workout routine! Who knew you could get a workout from stapling papers?! Either I'm WAY out of shape, or I'm onto something! While I was working in the copy room at Elly's school the other day, the automated stapler wasn't functioning properly. I had to manually staple the copies that I had made for the entire student body! (Ugh!) Apparently the repetitive little twist I was doing was something like a side crunch, because I am so stinkin' sore. So, if you're looking for an alternative to "Abs of Steel", try stapling 500 or so stacks of paper! a package from Shutterfly!

...made a LEGO cake for my son!

{He had a friend spend the night in celebration of his birthday. Finally!}

...played a fun game at Ladies' Game Night at church!

...listened to "Sore Eyes" the most! I like Brandon Heath :) And this song is sweet. I like how he's trying to cheer this girl up & says he wants to bring that light back to her eyes to stay. Sweetness! His new album came out this week, but I haven't had the opportunity to buy it yet. He's going to be in the area for a Brown Bag Lunch next week, maybe I can go see him & spare a few bucks to buy it. Maybe?

I hope you had a great week ~ and an even better weekend!! :)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Coffee Break"

(by Forever the Sickest Kids) Coffee Break - Underdog Alma Mater

Have you had your coffee break yet? Well, in case you needed an excuse, today is National Coffee Break Day!

Y'all know I don't need an excuse to drink it!

My addiction love for the stuff began in college. I had tried it before and didn't like it, but I guess it grew on me. Or maybe I started liking it out of necessity! Either way, all it took was some hazelnut creamer & a late night talk about Jesus with a roomie.

Hazelnut coffee + Jesus = pure bliss! about you? Do you drink coffee? If so, when did you start? What's your favorite way to drink it?

{Because there were so many great songs to choose from, I added a few more coffee-related songs to my playlist at the bottom of the page!}


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"I and Love and You"

(by The Avett Brothers) I and Love and You - I and Love and You

I've been meaning to tell you about our friends' little baby for awhile now. I'm actually quite ashamed that I haven't asked you to join me in prayer for baby Brooklyn. I have been praying for this sweet little baby for nearly five months now ~ since she was in the womb & her parents found out that her diaphragm had not developed properly (a condition called CDH). Brooklyn was born on November 28 to proud parents Jered & Lindsey. She had surgery a week or so later & is still in NICU, recovering slowly.

As I'm sure you can imagine, Jered & Lindsey have some major medical bills. Her friends made some cute t-shirts that they are selling as a fundraiser. {You can also simply make a donation on that page} And their family is selling raffle tickets to help them raise funds for her medical bills. The winner of the raffle gets a two-night stay at a hotel in Houston (near the Galleria) plus a $100 Pappa's gift card. You can read more details about the raffle on Lindsey's blog.

Thanks for your prayers, sweet friends!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Find Me Tonight"

(by Everyday Sunday) Find Me Tonight - Wake Up! Wake Up!

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I'm sure all 3 of you missed my Saturday post yesterday, huh? I went to see my baby brother, and it's an all-day affair! I know y'all have been biting your fingernails in anticipation of what song I listened to the most last week! ;) Well, I'd like to know actually, but the scrobbler didn't work properly. It didn't scrobble anything past January 6th for some reason! So, I picked this lovely Everyday Sunday song. Because I love it, and it has somehow never been on this little ol' blog!

I love the entire song, but my favorite part is the bridge:

"You speak without sound
Your love is so loud
You always save me"



Friday, January 14, 2011

"Stop SPS"

(by the cast of Sonny With a Chance)

This song is just hilarious to me! I have a love/hate relationship with skinny jeans. I like them, because UGG-style boots are only cute when worn with them. But I hate them because if you're not wearing boots, they only look good on certain body types. And by certain body types, I mean not mine. I finally gave in & got some jeggings the other day ~ but only because it has been super cold, & I only have one pair of jeans that work with my boots. {Plus, they were only $10 at Marshall's, & I had a $10 Marshall's gift card!} But I refuse to wear them without a long sweater.

And no, I will not post a picture!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

"A Celebration"

(by U2)

Bono is joining us for a little celebration today!

And what are we celebrating, you ask?

First of all, this is my 300th post!!

Secondly, and just a little more exciting, I have some news about a little something I mentioned in December...

If we're facebook &/or IRL friends, you may already know...

I was going to wait until I had the official link to prove it...

But I just can't wait any longer...

{No, I'm no pregnant!}


Can you believe it?! I found out on Monday, and I'm still a little shocked! There were a lot of really great photos in the contest, and ours was simply taken with my point-and-shoot on self-timer! Every penny of the prize money is going toward our medical debt, and I am just so thankful to God for providing for us in this way! There's no way we could've won without Him & the support of our amazing friends! I owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many of y'all who voted and re-posted the link on facebook. It brought tears to my eyes countless times when I saw my friends' posts & the kind words they had to say about my family. Several friends even told me that their friends had re-posted the link! {People whom I've never even met!} I could really feel the love & support from so many people. I am so honored not only to have won the contest, but to have such amazing friends!

[They finally posted it on the contest home page. Check it out!!!]


Monday, January 10, 2011

"Heart to Heart"

(by Toby Keith) Heart to Heart (Stelen's Song) - How Do You Like Me Now?!

My baby boy is 10-years-old today! DOUBLE DIGITS!!

It's crazy how fast these ten years have flown by.

It seems like just yesterday that he was a mischievous toddler coloring the rug with an entire tube of my lipstick or doodling on the kitchen cabinets with a Sharpie!

Despite the fact that he could be quite the handful, he has always been such a sweatheart.
& he loves his mama!

Even though he's big enough to pick me up now, he will always be my baby boy!

Happy birthday, sweet Cody! I love you bunches!!


Saturday, January 8, 2011


(by Taylor Swift) Enchanted - Speak Now

I received Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" album for Christmas, and I'm really enjoying it! I think the idea behind the album is a really good thing. I mean, how many times have you wished you had said something, & then you live with the regret of not saying it? I definitely don't agree with everything she has to say in her lyrics ~ and she can come across as bitter, unforgiving & vindictive at times. But speaking what's on your heart is the essence of the album, and that I can agree with!

How often do we hold back words that might help a situation? Not that I think you should always speak your mind! Like, if you told someone you loved them upon your first meeting, I think they might freak out a little! And sometimes you need to allow a situation to diffuse somewhat, so it's best to bite your tongue and not take it from bad to worse. But there are definitely times when a few words could make a positive difference. Wouldn't it be great if we all learned to be a little more honest, open & transparent with people? {Especially the ones we love!} And a simple word of encouragement can mean so much to someone.

Today's song is one of my favorites from the new album. I love the way it sounds & the feelings behind it ~ the "butterflies" & stuff! My favorite line is, "This is me praying that this was the very first page, not where the story line ends". I know it's sorta fairy tale-esque, but it's sweet. It's like a delightful encounter that holds some hope for a future. Have you ever felt enchanted to meet someone? How did that relationship turn out?


Friday, January 7, 2011


(by Zac Brown Band) Free - The Foundation (Deluxe Version)

Well, if you haven't read the news on facebook, I thought I'd let you know that my mister's scans were clear! The oncologist reviewed the results with us & compared them with the scans in June. Do you remember the little spot on his liver that Dr L wasn't concerned about? Well, it's actually smaller than it was in June, so I shouldn't have been concerned about it either. {Dr L didn't think it was metastatic, and I should've listened to him. After all, he's the oncologist, & I'm just the SAHM!} His bloodwork looked great (or "boring" as the doctor put it!), and the lymph node that was enlarged last time appears to be the same size. The radiologist report wasn't in yet, but Dr L didn't see anything that concerns him! Praise God for good news!!

We had a little celebration after dinner! Cheers to clear scans!!!

{For the record: that's sparkling cider in those cute little recycled Dublin Dr Pepper bottles!}

& what's a celebration without ice cream?!

Upon arriving at the Medical Center earlier in the day, we passed by a Cancer Survivor's Plaza that we've somehow never seen before. Since we had arrived a little ahead of schedule, we decided to revel in the beauty of the day & check out the little park...

& goof around a little bit, too!

In case you're wondering why I picked this song today, it's 'cuz it makes me think of my mister & me. Maybe we don't live out of our van. And we're not actually free to travel across this land. But I like the feel of this song. I feel like it's saying that we can do anything as long as we're together. "We don't have a lot of money, but all we need is love".


Thursday, January 6, 2011

"You Can't Over Love Your Underwear"

(by The Fruit Guys)

I just had to share my deal of the week! My mister's CT scan is today, & I plan to update you on that tomorrow. So I decided not to wait and link up with a Frugal Friday meme.

Because this is too great of a bargain not to shout out loud about!

But it's a little too "personal" to tell all my facebook friends (well, more specifically, those of the male gender). When I paid 98¢ for the glider cushion, I didn't have a problem sharing that on facebook. But today we're talking about underwear.

Ya, I know, so I post it on a public blog instead. I guess that could seem weird, but I only know of an occasional man who reads this, & it's not like I posted pics of me wearing the panties I bought! OK, I'll get to the point now...

I received a $10 coupon to Palais Royal the other day & found the most random panties for super cheap!

I'm normally an Aerie boybrief kinda girl, but I couldn't pass these up! And when you have a disgusting dog who likes to eat underwear, it's hard to sacrifice the $3-7.50 a pair. I resisted the "Bite Me" & other vampire-themed ones, but I figured I'd be alright with the skulls & "LOL"! Yes, I know. They really belong on teenagers and not me, but if you found them this cheap you'd buy them, too! So, without further ado, check out the total on my receipt:

8 panties for 21 cents!!!!

Six of them had already been marked down from $6 to $1.80 & the other two had been marked down from $7.50 to $2.25. Plus, there was an additional discount of 33% off the red-ticket price! The receipt says that I saved $15.10, but that was the cost before my coupon & the 33% off. The original price would have been $51 + tax for a total of $54.70. Which means I saved $54.49! I only paid about 2.5% of the original price! The best deal I ever remember getting from American Eagle was around $25 + shipping for 8 (on clearance and with a coupon code). I'd say I scored! How's that for "living like no one else"? I think Dave Ramsey would be proud!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Faith of a Little Seed"

(by Big Tent Revival)

Do you mind if I brag on my awesome God a little bit? I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago, but I was so busy with Christmas & all. I never want to forget how good He is to me though, and I feel like I don't give Him enough credit for all that He has done for me. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned our journey towards financial freedom a time or two. (There are a few more posts, but I won't bore you with all of them). I could tell many stories of the times that God has provided for us in amazing ways! Just before Christmas, He provided for us in such a way that I had to chuckle a little...

See, for the past few years, we had some money that would come in quarterly to provide for things like HOA dues, taxes (at least a little bit of them), back-to-school expenses and Christmas. This year, things didn't quite work out that way, plus we had the added expense of some car repairs that wiped out our emergency fund. [Disclaimer: this is in no way intended for you to pity our situation or anything! We are fine! Yes, we have some debt to pay off, and I greatly anticipate the day that I can tell you that we are debt free! But for now, we are on a tight budget that I try very hard to stick with. God is providing more than we need for our monthly expenses, and all extra is going toward our debt. We are making progress, and I am cautiously optimistic that this will be the year that we pay everything off except for the house!]

Enter the holidays. Starting at around Thanksgiving, I became very discouraged about our financial situation. I felt like we had made such a big dent in our debt over the summer but had barely made a scratch in the fall. We didn't have the money I typically counted on for Christmas, and I knew of other expenses coming up that we had no money for. Then there was the fact that we still hadn't been able to replenish our emergency fund. I sorta moped around about it for a couple of weeks, and then I realized that God was doing something that He had done so often a few years back: giving us each day our daily bread. We had a full pantry & freezer, so I'm not talking actual bread, but He was providing for Christmas a few presents at a time. And He continued to provided enough money to buy gifts for all of our family. We still had some other expenses looming, but I could see that He was providing. For Christmas, at least.

So I had a heart-to-heart talk with Him one day. I told Him that I knew He could provide, and I just really needed Him to do that for me! I told Him exactly how much I needed and when I needed it (as if He didn't already know)! I also reminded Him that there really wasn't anything I could do about it, seeing as the kids were getting out of school for Christmas break (and I couldn't do anything to earn any money before the expenses were due). I wasn't mad at Him when I told Him these things--I wasn't even complaining--I was simply stating the facts & giving up control. There was nothing else I could do. I couldn't rearrange anything else in the budget, and I couldn't make money magically appear in our account! So I gave up. And guess what? He came through!

Through my mister's mad bass-playing skills, some work he did for a friend and an unexpected bonus, God provided every penny that I had asked Him for. And guess what else? He tossed in an extra $25! And that made me chuckle, because that's so like Him! I think it was a subtle reminder that He can do more than I ask. Oh sure, He could've done even more. And He has in the past. But that's not what I needed in the moment. And that's just one of the reasons why I think He's super awesome!


Monday, January 3, 2011

"Let Go"

(by BarlowGirl) Let Go - Another Journal Entry (Expanded Edition)

With it being the New Year & all, I thought I should reflect on some goals. The only problem is like most people I'm not so great at sticking with them. I generally set the bar too high to reach. It's probably pointless to go through each of my goals from last year:

I feel like I was only remotely successful in one of them. Yes, one. My first goal was to spend time with God daily ~ and while I didn't have a "quiet time" every day, I definitely talked to Him each day & read through the Bible over the course of the year. I signed up for a reading plan through youversion, and I actually completed it! I even earned a badge!

Other than that, I've made a little bit of headway in some other areas, but I haven't fully accomplished much of anything on my list. So, I've decided that if I'm going to make any sort of goals for this year, then I need to spend a little more time seeking what God wants me to accomplish this year. I want my life to be more about bringing glory to Him & not simply setting some personal goals. I'm not totally disregarding any personal goals ~ I'm just not technically setting any particular ones right at this moment.

As with last year, I definitely want to spend quality time with family & friends, and I definitely would love to get caught up on my scrapbooking. I don't feel like I'm ever going to get anywhere with discipling my crazy dog ~ or myself when it comes to housework! I've decided that exercise is overrated; & any time I've attempted to make it a priority, it becomes more about how I look than being healthy. So that won't be a part of what I plan to focus on this year (unless God tells me otherwise). One thing I didn't have on my list last year was a financial goal. This year, I have high hopes of paying off our debt (other than the house), and I'm praying that no big expenses come up that prevent that from happening.

All that is to say that I don't have a set direction at this point, other than the debt thing & reading through the Bible again (this time, chronologically). I plan to get through my mister's scans this week (unless insurance continues to deny them, as just this morning we found out they have done), and then I'll see what God lays on my heart. I'm sorry if this post seems all over the place, but I sorta wanted to jot down a little of what I've been thinking on for this year!