Friday, July 31, 2015

"The Hustle"

(by Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony) 

Today's song was the Billboard Hot 100 number one single the week that I was born...40 years ago today!! And in honor of that, my mister threw a surprise party for me! It wasn't one where I showed up somewhere and everyone yelled, "Surprise!!" It went more like this...

Christopher brought a 70's disco dress to me and said, "Happy birthday! Put this on and wait..." 😬

{He had texted me a couple of weeks ago saying something along the lines of, "Don't ask questions. What are your measurements?" He did well with the size, though I almost couldn't get it zipped!}

Around ten minutes later, he came in wearing a 70's disco outfit {complete with green polyester disco pants!}

And Elly came in wearing a 70's punk outfit!

We drove to Brian & Jana's, where Cody was helping to set everything up for the party. He had hopped in the pool after hanging decorations, so I had to wait a little while to see his 70's teenager outfit...

I was delighted to learn that Chris had planned a whole evening of fun...from burgers and hot dogs to live entertainment by Blake & Krystle... a 70's costume contest... cake made by our friend Vanessa of Cutie Cakes & Pies... more live entertainment by Jeremiah!

Chris and the kids tried to think of everyone I'd want to be there, and I really appreciate their effort! In addition to my family (including Dad & P-Dub, G, Kerry & his family, and Tiff & her family) and my closest friends from church and their families, I was so glad to see my much-missed friends who have moved on to Lance's church as well as my little sis from high school!

I said this on social media, and I wasn't trying to sound cliché...I really mean it when I say that I truly feel blessed, humbled, and honored to be loved and celebrated by so many people. And I'm really grateful for this guy!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Iko Iko"

(by The Belle Stars) 

{NOLA Day 1}

A few weeks ago I realized that I had a four-day weekend because Julie & I had switched our days off {so she could do something fun for her husband's 40th birthday -- he's so old! Haha!} Christopher asked off work, too, and we started brainstorming about places we could go within driving distance and with only 10 days to prepare! Christopher searched Airbnb and landed upon a cute little house in New Orleans. Since I had enjoyed my time in NOLA with Amy & Marcie a few years ago, I thought it was a great idea! With help from websites like Groupon, Yelp, and New Orleans Online, we planned a fun trip for our family!

We loaded Lola up and headed out mid-morning on Friday...

We grabbed some BBQ just this side of the border...

And we found a fun spot about half-way to NOLA where we were able to let the pups out and stretch our legs for a little while!

After settling in at the cute little house...

...We headed to the French Quarter and took a walk along the Mississippi River...

...before getting pizza at a place that Marcie, Amy, and I discovered last time. Vieux Carre Pizza has the most delicious Bourbon Pizza which consists of grilled chicken, pesto, tomatoes, and feta cheese. I've been dreaming about this pizza since my last trip!

We strolled up to the Frenchmen Art Market, a neat little venue that sells art, jewelry, and crafts made by local artists. I thought there would be more paintings and such that Elly would enjoy, but it was more of a mixture of arts and crafts. I'm still glad we went. It was super cute!

After we had walked off some of our pizza, we made our way to Café Du Monde for Cafe Au Lait and beignets!

Then we did a little souvenir shopping before heading back to the house. We didn't want to do too much walking, though, because we had a lot of walking planned for the next day...

[This is NOT a sponsored post, but it contains an affiliate link and a couple of links that may give me some sort of credit if you were to make a purchase using the links.]

Monday, July 27, 2015

"Ebony and Ivory"

(by Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder) 

I have so much you tell y'all, but I need to gather my pictures and my thoughts. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy todays song and this post that I've intended on posting this song since we first brought Dulce home...

Pepper was our only furbaby for eight years, and she doesn't get along well with others, so introducing a playful new furbaby into her life was probably not the smartest thing for us to do. The whole way home from Dallas with Dulce, I thought about how we'd probably ruined Pepper's life.

And upon first meeting, it appeared as if we had!

For the first few days Pepper didn't even act like herself. She walked around like a miserable old lady. She snapped at Dulce a lot and was only pleasant when Dulce was calm.

Pepper seems to have adjusted, though Dulce still isn't her favorite! Dulce follows Pepper around, and Pepper tolerates it (mostly)...

A couple of times when Pepper has been sitting with one of us, she has allowed Dulce to sit on the same chair. And one day, she allowed me to carry both of them at the same time!

{Does Pepper look like a giant or what?!}

Every once in awhile, Pepper will grab a toy that she has never played with and growl. We think she is instigating playtime, but we really don't know! Sometimes they'll both grab a toy and run around the living room at the same time but not necessarily together. Other times, when one of them has the rope, and they both seem to want to play, we have to put the other end of it in the other dog's face in order to get them to grab it and tug. But they've done it a few times! Pepper usually lets Dulce win...

She is still very easily irritated by the little one, but things are going quite a bit smoother than in the beginning. I hope they'll be friends one day, but we're glad for baby steps!


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Live While We're Young"


Hello there! I'm still here! I think about y'all a lot and desire to keep up with y'all, I promise. Maybe things will slow down and allow me to blog somewhat regular one day?? Until then, I'll try to catch y'all up on the fun happenings of late...

If we're friends on any sort of social media, you probably saw that my family took a mini-vacay!!

I have every intention to tell y'all ALL about it within the week, and I'm hoping that by setting a timeframe it'll actually happen! ü

Aside from that...

Baby girl got a sassy new haircut!

We held our first Ridiculous Tricks & Skits at the Warehouse...

For a glimpse of the ridiculousness of the night, watch part of this video of the winners:

Cody went to the park with his friend Allen and Allen's younger siblings and friends one day. He took a bunch of selfies with Shay & Asher, and the following one was too cute for y'all not to see! :)

Speaking of Cody, we celebrated his half-birthday with snow cones (for the second year in a row):

My friend Ashley is moving, which makes me sad. What makes me happy, though, is that her son Jake invited me to his going away party!! I snagged this photo from his Instagram:

Christopher had a birthday, so he's as old as I am for a couple of weeks! We all had other obligations on his actual birthday, and the kids both had different things happening the weekend beforehand, so we had two separate birthday dinners. Chris, Cody, and I ate at Ragin' Cajun the Saturday night before, and Chris, Elly, and I ate at Sam's that Sunday.

Elly & I do fun things in Houston when we we're in town. She wanted Chinese food last time we were there, so we went to a dumpling house that had a neat dragon on the wall. You may not really care, but I thought I'd show you anyways!

And the reason why I thought today's songs was fitting...

I took Cody to the doctor today, and the medical assistant was hesitant to ask if I was his mom because she thought I might be his sister!! #WinningAtLife

I hope y'all are having a great week, and I hope to catch up with y'all soon! ♥


Friday, July 10, 2015

"Friday Song for Children"

(by Dream English for Kids)

It has ended up a bit harder to post this summer than I thought it would be, so I may only post "Our Friday Thangs" every two or three Fridays. Lame, I know, but they aren't all super exciting!

The weekend of Father's Day/Christopher's dad's birthday, we drove up to the Dallas area. We made a few fun stops along the way, and we managed to document some of the fun! Even though Our Friday Thangs are generally just the kids and me, we decided to allow Christopher to join us! ;)

First, we stopped for lunch in College Station. We'd heard of the Cane's vs. Layne's rivalry and thought we should see how they compared. We have Cane's here, so we ate at Layne's...

We didn't come to a conclusion as to which place is better, though both of the kids prefer Cane's.

Our next stop was a place I've driven by and always wanted to stop. I'm usually driving through there on the way to my beautiful cousin Kendra's, and I never stop because I've just stopped for coffee and still have nearly 4/5 of my drive to go at that point. It's also too early, so they aren't opened. This time, though, they were open! And we were making the most of our day, so it made since to stop and indulge in some chocolate!

Since we were driving through Waco, it only made sense to stop at the Dr Pepper Museum!

We also nearly ran out of gas {not intended to be part of our adventure!}

[note that it says we have 0 miles until empty]

That night we watched Napoleon Dynamite at Dan & Connie's B&B!

{it was really just their house, but they weren't there, so we pretended we were at a Bed & Breakfast!}

The next Friday was a little more chill. The kids had just returned from camp the day before, so they slept in. Then we went to lunch at Panera and spent some time at Rocket Fizz!

Photo fail! Cody kept not being happy with how he was smiling, and it was starting to rain, so I was in a hurry. I managed to cut out the sign in what turned out to be the best picture. I've never claimed to be a photographer!

Fortunately the rain was short-lived. Cody had purchased a boomerang at Rocket Fizz, so we took it to the playground to try it out!

Then we girls needed to run home real quick, and we thought the pups would enjoy the park, too. Though they both seemed to love their puppy playdate...

...I think Pepper enjoyed the "freedom" the most!

Cody was still helping out with 5th & 6th grade camp the following Friday, so Elly & I had our own adventure! First, we tried out a new place for breakfast...

Then we spent some time at an art supply store that she has been wanting to visit for a long time now!

Today isn't a typical Friday because I will be working. I switched days off with Julie because of scans, so I won't get to do anything fun until after work. We've been having some nice times together, and I'm looking forward to more fun Fridays with my kiddos! ♥