Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Choose Life"

(by Big Tent Revival) 

I'm back from India and plan to post all about it as soon as I can! For today, I'm posting this oldie but goodie. Someone I love dearly is dealing with some stuff and desperately needs to choose LIFE. I'm not trying to be vague, but the details aren't mine to share. If you have a moment, please join me in praying that she'll choose life that she might live. This song is my prayer for her...

"A choice is set before you now
Living or dying, blessing or cursing
You know, the time has come around
To turn from your fighting and rest in his mercy

Choose life, that you might live
The life that He gives, He gives you forever
Choose life, the way that it's true
From the One who chose you, your Father in heaven
Choose life

Trust the Lord with all your heart
All of your soul and all of your being
Hold on, listen and obey
Surrender your life into His keeping

Choose life, that you might live
The life that He gives, He gives you forever
Choose life, the way that it's true
From the One who chose you, your Father in heaven
Choose life

And the weight you're under
Will be lifted away and the world will wonder
What happened here today?
Then you'll stand right here and say

Choose life, that you might live
The life that He gives, He gives you forever
Choose life, the way that it's true
From the One who chose you, your Father in heaven
Choose life"

“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses.
Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make.
Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!"
{Deuteronomy 30:19}

How can I be praying for you today?


Monday, January 12, 2015

"Blank Space // Style" (Taylor Swift Mash-Up)

(by Louisa Wendorff & Devin Dawson)

My world has been a bit crazy since I last caught you up on things, but mostly crazy in a good way! There was/is a lot going on at church/work right children's building, new Sunday morning Bible studies, and new midweek studies, all on or within a few days of my departure for India! Though I didn't have anything to do with the children's building, there was a lot of activity going on around me while trying to prep for everything! I'm not complaining, just explaining a bit of the crazy! And up until Tuesday afternoon, I still didn't have all of my days covered while I'm out. I rely on volunteers for this, and there were only a couple of my usual team who were willing/able to help out. I was starting to stress out about that a little. Then Wade suggested someone to call, and she covered all three of my remaining days!! She's my new favorite, and I haven't even met her! ;)

In addition to the crazy, over the past ten days or so...

I got to ride a horse Great Dane!

{he totally squeezed himself into that position so I would scratch his neck!} ü

I got to hang with this girl:

{this was an accidental selfie/usie that happened when we were trying to take a picture of yogurt for Clyde (random, I know...), & I love it!}

My 2nd favorite baseball player of all time was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame!

(photo credit: David J. Phillip, AP)

...I played a little broom ball with the students:

The sweetest boy in all the world turned 14 on Saturday!!

We got to celebrate Evie Kate's birthday on Saturday as well! :)

Our children's building opened yesterday! It was a yucky, rainy day, so I didn't get a picture, but I got a somewhat recent one from facebook:

And I also snagged the following picture from facebook that was taken at the Open House:

I'm so happy for these girls and all of the children they will share the gospel with in our new building!

My India team gathered for one last meeting at an India restaurant last night, and we were prayed over at church in the morning. We girls wore our saris, but I only managed to get a picture with Kristin. {no worries, there will be plenty of pictures later of us actually in India!}

And, I leave for India in two days, 8 hours, 12 minutes, and counting!! I'm not sure that I'll have a chance to schedule any posts while I'm gone, so this may be it for awhile. I hope y'all have a great couple of weeks! Please keep our team in your prayers...that we will have strength and safe travels, that we will encourage the believers, and that God will be glorified. Oh, and that my heart doesn't completely break into 51 pieces when we leave! ♥


Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Who We Are"

(by Switchfoot) 

My sweet boy turned 14 years old today!!

We had a youth event last night, and a bunch of Cody's friends came home with us and spent the night afterward. Then we divided up into two teams went to the mall for a little scavenger hunt this morning!

They had to obtain items (like a ketchup packet, napkin with a restaurant logo, old receipt, and other random items you may find in a mall), answer mall trivia (like number of entrances, store with the shortest name, number of trash cans in the food court, date that the mall was built, etc.), film some things like...

And they had to take pictures while doing things like...

...posing like mannequins in a store window

...reading books/magazines at a book store

...drinking from a water fountain while giving a teammate a piggy back ride

...laying on a bench

...sharing a soda, with each teammate having their own straw

...holding hands while walking through the mall

...shaking hands with a bearded man

...wearing sunglasses

...hugging a stranger

...holding hands with a cute girl


& a few more items!

After the scavenger hunt, we came back home for lunch and ice cream cake!

And Cody opened his presents after we returned from another birthday party {more on that later!}

I think Cody had a fun and memorable day! :)


Friday, January 9, 2015


(by Taylor Swift) 

I finally had a chance to sit down an compose my 2014 recap. If I can be completely honest here, 2014 wasn't my favorite year. It was just hard, and there was a lot of change and stuff. I've had a hard time even writing this post because of it. Change is not my favorite. I've always been told to embrace change, but some of it just isn't worth embracing. And some of it takes a lot of time and effort to embrace. Though I may not be able to embrace it all, I try to see change as an opportunity for growth. Despite all of the change that negatively marked this year, there were a lot of good things, too. God continues to be faithful. He truly does give strength to the weary, hope to the hopeless, and peace to the anxious. I am so grateful.

And now for the recap...

In January, my sweet boy became a teenager, and he is now the tallest person in our family! He was inducted into the NJHS in the spring. He continues to enjoy running. He had a very successful first track season in the spring (placing 2nd in the 800 and 1st in the mile at district), and he won district in cross country in the fall (he actually won every meet except for the one where he came in second to a senior in high school)!

Our summer was filled with youth activities, as usual! I still enjoy volunteering with the students, and my kids enjoy going to camps and other events (like Color WarsGoo Games, & stuff) with the youth group. Though I completely failed to post anything about Christopher's birthday {I did post a picture on IG!} we both celebrated our birthdays as well as our 18th anniversary this summer! ♥

Baby girl celebrated her sweet sixteen this fall and got her driver's license! She continues to enjoy art, competing in several competitions throughout the year. She is also taking a creative writing class this year, and it has been such a great experience! We have officially started looking into colleges for our baby girl {gasp!} and, more specifically, art schools. I can't believe I said looking into colleges and baby girl in the same sentence, but it's true.

I did a bit of traveling this year! Christopher & I went to a CURE OM conference in LA at the beginning of March, which I just realized that I never finished telling y'all about {maybe because the only pictures I took were at The Coffee Bean?!} And I also apparently never finished telling y'all about when Laurien & I went to New Mexico toward the March! {Ah! I've started a post now and will finish it as soon as I get a chance!} I flew to the panhandle in May for my beautiful cousin Kendra's baby shower! Our family took a brief trip to Dallas and got to see quite a bit of Christopher's family when Aunt Kim was in town in June. I got to meet sweet Judah later that month and took another road trip to see Kendra's little family in September.

Christopher's scans in February and December were clear! We are now over six years into this journey with stupid cancer. Though I'm not thankful for cancer itself, I'm very thankful for all that the Lord has taught us and for the wonderful people we've met because of it! We had a few different meet-ups with other ocular melanoma patients this year, which were super!

One weekend in particular was a huge highlight of the year for me... I had the opportunity to see NEEDTOBREATHE again! And the very next day, I got a new [to me] vehicle: Lola!!

And because I think these are fun {& super random, like me!} I'll close with another Google+ highlight video of my year!

That about sums up the year for my family!

I hope your 2015 is super!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

"More Heart, Less Attack (Live)"


Since I totally failed at posting last weekend, I thought I'd post a little early this week. I plan on trying to put together my yearly recap post very soon. Today would've been a great day to do that, but I'm too tired to think enough to compose that at the moment!

Most of my last week or so has been pretty good, but I'll go ahead and get the bad out of the way...

Baby girl wrecked Sylvie last week. Elly & the other driver involved are fine, but Sylvie is not! :(

We drove up to the Dallas area on the day after Christmas! We stayed at Dan & Sheryl's for a couple of nights, but I failed to take any pictures. We played games & ate yummy food, as usual! On Saturday night, we met Erick for dinner:

We enjoyed catching up with our old church family on Sunday morning! Hannah & I completely forgot to take a picture, but Dan took a few that I snagged from Facebook...

Jeremy & Natalie were in town, so it was a bonus to get to see them, too!!

We spent Sunday afternoon with Christopher's dad & family. His step-sister took a few pictures, but she hasn't shared them with me yet. I'll post them when I get them! :) We stopped for coffee on our way home, and I got a picture of this cute girl:

Samantha & Kristi's home group invited our home group over for New Year's Eve. We ate a lot of delicious food and played games! So fun!! Then today...My new year began with a phone call from India and breakfast with Jana. Then Jason, Judah, & my beautiful cousin Kendra were visiting Jason's parents in San Antonio this week, and we got to meet up with them for lunch!!

What a great way to start the new year!! I hope your year has started out great as well! ♥