Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Smiley Face"

(by Gnarls Barkley) Smiley Faces - St. Elsewhere

Little Yellow Smileyface Button by Chad Crouch on Grooveshark

Last year, I explained our student ministry's annual Somethingerween event. We had Scavengerween again this year, which was a costume photo scavenger hunt. As usual, there were lots of creative outfits, and we had lots of fun!

I felt like my team costume last year was so super that anything I come up with after is doomed to fail. But I tried to find something sufficient...When Sloan & I went to Houston, I came across the most amazing dress! I couldn't figure out what I could be if I wore it, though. It would almost work as an early-1900's schoolmarm, except the sleeves are sheer. I'm not sure if that would've been appropriate to wear to school. I really wanted to buy it, especially after I tried it on & it fit like it was made for me. Alas, I resisted & still regret it. At some point when I have the perfect reason to wear it, I'll probably regret it even more. Sloan took a picture, though:

Instead of the dress, my friend Kyla gave me an outfit that her mom found in the attic. She had made it for herself in the 60's & hadn't been able to part with it until recently. Kyla thought I could use it, and she was right! Like with the dress, it's like it was made for me. It really was super!

And my team just so happened to have smiley face wristbands! I won't post every single thing we did, but here are a few of the items on the list:

We totally should've won, but late teams weren't disqualified. We could've crossed several more things off our list if we had been late, too. I'm not bitter or anything... ü

In case y'all would like to see a few close-up shots of some costumes...

A couple of our boys dressed up as my fellow volunteers, Julie & Nicole:

They won best team costume! And because their reactions were hilarious, I had to show y'all that picture as well:

It was such a fun night, as usual! Do you have any fun costumes or traditions? I'd love to hear about them!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

"You Will Find Me"

(by Andrew Ripp, feat. Ben Rector & Steve Moakler) You Will Find Me - She Remains the Same

I really don't know how none of these guys have ended up on my blog yet! I have some of each of their songs (mostly from NoiseTrade), & I like how they all sound. But I guess I haven't listened to them as much as some of the artists that I've been stuck on lately. Anyways, I love the entirety of today's song. But if I had to pick a favorite line, it'd be, "You carried all my shame when you called my name. I am not the same." ♥

My week has been pretty low-key. I worked on a couple of projects around the house, had Bible study & youth, and went in to work a few days. Other than that, we had our 3rd Annual MOPS Sip & Shop on Thursday night, & my baby girl had a few girls over for a birthday sleepover last night!

I guess that's all. I lead such an exciting life, huh? Hence the reason for so few blog posts, I suppose. Tomorrow night is Scavengerween, so I should have a fun post with costume pics next week! I'm also working on a guest post for Brooke {I haven't forgotten!} & I have some pictures to show y'all from my day in Houston with Sloan. So one of these days, I'll get around to posting some blog-worthy stuff! I hope y'all are having a great weekend!! ♥


Thursday, October 25, 2012

"I Can See Clearly Now"

(by Johnny Nash) I Can See Clearly Now - '70s Greatest Hits

I Can See Clearly Now by I Can See Clearly Now on Grooveshark

I finally have a chance to show y'all my laundry room!! :) I posted a little sneek peek awhile back:

But I was searching for the perfect final touch, which I finally found a few weeks ago:

After painting it turquoise & hanging it up...

...my room was complete! :)

This post would be so much better if I knew how to use my camera correctly! Between lighting issues & differences in computer monitors, I don't suppose you can tell the exact shade of paint. It's called Flower Pot, and it is somewhere between the color of a terra cotta pot & a tangerine.

And now for the before & after pics...

The shelves needed a little reorganization, & I switched out the canvas bins with some wicker ones that I had elsewhere:

I traded mis-matched hampers (black & Spongebob) for a grown-up one!

I made a curtain for the naked window. And I kept the words on the wall by painting over the vinyl then peeling it off once the paint dried.

{The words are more tan than they look in this picture. I'm hoping the tan blends in with the room somewhat. I left the ceiling tan, & maybe it all looks OK with the hamper & baskets that are a darker tan?}

& I moved my apron to the pantry & made a missing sock sign! :)

I never thought to take a before picture of the other side of the room, but I took an after pic to show you where I put the calendar that I made & my re-covered ironing board {my old one was torn, so I took this opportunity to make it match my room! And I resisted the urge to paint the legs turquoise...}

I added a few decorative items that I already had. Below are my flowers from Kendra's wedding, a frame that I painted a long time ago (with a printable from Studio JRU, which was the inspiration for today's song), & a cute little box from one of my favorite students:

& one final picture, showing that the super cute chandelier actually works!

It probably seems silly that I would spend time {& money, though I only spent a little!} making my laundry room cute, but I've gotta tell ya it has made laundry more enjoyable! Have you done any decorating lately?


Saturday, October 20, 2012

"For You My Friend"

(by Joy Mumford)

This week I...

...heard my sweet boy do the scripture reading & prayer at church

...became an employee of my favorite place outside of the home {not Kroger, despite the frequency of my visits there...} I'm the new Youth, Missions, & Outreach Assistant at my church, working for a couple of guys that I love dearly ~ Wade & Aaron! ü

...gathered together with a bunch of ladies from church & worked on crafts to send on mission trips

...learned a new way to cast on stitches for knitting {because Jen & Melissa are probably the only ones who care, I won't explain that. Just know that I'm excited about this for when it comes to larger projects!}

...got this delicious dessert from my new boss:

...found out that my baby brother will be free by the end of November!!!! {maybe in time for Thanksgiving?! I'll keep y'all posted!}

...celebrated my baby girl's 14th birthday!

...listened to today's song a bunch, & I can't believe I haven't posted it before! I discovered Joy Mumford while searching for a teacake song, and I fell in love with this song. The video is kinda sad, but the lyrics are actually quite uplifting. It's soooo good that I can't pick a favorite part! Of course I love the chorus that says, "Hold on to what you know, not on to what they told you...Hold on to the truth. That's the gift He gave to you." And I really like the second verse that says, "You were made perfect, so don't change. Though the world may be cold, rely on love because it's worth it." The bridge just might be my favorite part, where it says:

"Remember you're beautiful
Remember you're wonderful
Remember when you're down, your story will turn someone's life around
Don't stay silent, scream it out
Shout out who you are now..."

I hope y'all are having a super wonderful weekend! ♥


Thursday, October 18, 2012

"On the Brightside"

(by Never Shout Never) On the Brightside - The Summer EP

My baby girl is 14 years old today!! This is one of my favorite pictures from when she was a baby:

I love this girl & can't believe how quickly time is flying by!

She is growing into such a beautiful, sweet, & kind young woman, and I am so very proud to be her mom. ♥


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Peacock Wood"

(by The Reliques) Peacock Wood - Peacock Wood

Peacock Wood by The Reliques on Grooveshark

I didn't want to blog about Austin until I could take a look through everybody else's pictures & pick the best ones for y'all to see! I hope it hasn't been so long that I've forgotten anything important! ;) This trip was in the making since last summer {or longer?} when Laura first told me about Le Garage Sale. It's a twice yearly boutique sale that is held in a convention center in Austin. We thought we'd spend the whole day there, not just at the sale but doing some fun "Austin-y" things. Laura asked her friend Michelle to come along, which I thought was super! {I liked her from the couple of times that the three of us had hung out, plus her British accent makes me smile!} Even if I didn't buy anything, a day trip with girlfriends sounded like a lot of fun! So Laura, Michelle, & I headed out bright & early one Saturday morning...

We all found some great deals on jewelry & clothes! I got these super cute tweed wedges for $10!

All three of us bought similar glass lanterns to remember our day. I'm using mine as a vase:

We met up with a sorority sister of Laura's, & she took this shot of Laura, Michelle, & me as were leaving the sale:

Le Garage Sale itself was great, but the entire day was super great! We went from the sale to lunch at The Magnolia Cafe, where we met up with another sorority sister {Amy Renee ~ same as me!} & a friend from church. We shared a couple rounds of their delicious queso before heading to Mount Bonnell. Amy came with us & mentioned having always wanted to go to Mayfield Park. It was on Laura's list as well, so we took a very slight detour that was SO worth it! It was gorgeous!

And there were loads of peacocks!!

It started to drizzle as we got out at Mount Bonnell, but it didn't deter us. We hiked up a little & were rewarded with beautiful views of the city!

We used the self-timer on Amy's camera to take a photo of all four of us:

Then we went to Mozart's Coffee, where I got a chocolate peanut butter frozen blended mocha! Yay for places that can make my favorite drink! :) We enjoyed the beautiful weather on the patio beside the river.

Laura took us to the downstairs balcony, but I made them stop for a few minutes to visit with a mastiff & his owners. I thought he was gorgeous & just had to pet him! {but I'm sorry he slobbered on your shorts, Laura!} The reason we went downstairs was for this super great picture spot:

& I guess that's all! We took the other Amy Renee back to her car & headed home. We had some good conversation on the drive & all felt like the day was even better than we had hoped!

{p.s. I picked today's song for two reasons: 1) Sarah M. (of The Reliques) was in the same sorority as three of the girls that were a part of our day. 2) Peacocks, obviously. Good choice, no?}