"Safe & Sound"

(by Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars)

I hope y'all have had a great week! I've been doing some more Spring cleaning. That may not sound so exciting, but I love when things are clean & organized! I've had a bunch of stuff piling up in my scrapbook closet for awhile now, and it was way past time to go through it. One thing I've always had a hard time getting rid of is the kids' artwork. Elly helped me go through some of it, and we came across some funny stuff! There was a list of things from third grade that she loved {like Dr Pepper, puppies, & her dad ~ not me, just her dad!} & didn't love {like dresses & her neighbor ~ if you knew us when we lived in Sugar Land, you know the one she was talking about!} For some reason, the list made us laugh! :D

I got to spend an afternoon snuggling with my little friend Caleb this week! He's a busy little toddler now, so he's not so much a fan of sitting still anymore. Fortunately for me, he was at my house around nap time and was pretty chill. So both before and after his nap, he sat in my lap & let me rock him. That's pretty much the best feeling in the world ~ especially when he put his little hand in mine. ♥

{random side note: did you notice the little injury on my arm? I moved a grand total of one box for my dad yet somehow injured myself. I'm telling you, it's a talent!}

In the spirit of randomness...Elly thought I should tell y'all about a little game I play just about every morning. It's sorta like Where's Waldo?, except it's a coffee bean that I'm trying to find in the midst of a brown & black countertop.

I realize that it's not impossible, but I'm normally unable to find the missing bean until after I've already ground the rest of the beans. It's helpful if I position myself to where the countertop is eye level:


Elly & I were originally going to be in Austin for a youth thing today, but it got cancelled on Thursday. So we decided to take an trip up to Dallas last night to attend a birthday party for my friend Tara today! We won't get home until the wee hours of the morning, but it'll be totally worth it! {ask me if I still feel that way at church tomorrow after only a few hours of sleep!} We went to church with Tara & her family when we lived in the Dallas area. She was a mentor & good friend to me {seriously, there aren't many people who will check your chin for whiskers or your armpits for stench and be completely honest with you about the results!} She is the widow of our hero Pete, & their daughter Kristin was one of my favorite girls in our youth group {& the bride whose wedding Elly wrote about awhile back!} I also mentioned Tara in my very first Friends' Theme Songs post. Anyways, Tara turned 50 a couple of weeks ago, and Kristin is throwing her a surprise party tonight! I'm so excited to see her!! Plus, we had an excuse to stay with Uncle Dan & Aunt Sheryl at the lake last night, & they have a super cute new dog! :)

I have to admit that I am a complete failure in regards to today's song. I consider myself a fan of both Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars, yet I somehow didn't know that today's song existed until I saw The Hunger Games soundtrack this week. There are actually several songs by both of these artists (together & separately) in the movie. Maybe I would've noticed if I had seen in, but I haven't yet. :/ I've previewed the album on iTunes, and most of the songs have the same sad feel as this one. Not that I expected upbeat songs for a movie like that. But I'm liking this song, and I like what I've heard of several of the others. Have you listened to any of it?

Well, I've got to go catch some fish {not really...I don't like to touch the minnows, so I just sit on the dock & watch!} I hope you're having a super great weekend! ♥



Unknown said…
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Jen Price said…
Hope you had a great time at the party! I went to a surprise party last night, too, for my friend who turned 40. So fun!
Laura said…
I love spring cleaning! I think The Lettered Cottage is doing a spring cleaning link party.
I love going through old stuff like that... always brings back so many fun memories! Oh my goodness... I couldn't see the bean in the first photo!! lol Love the sweet photo of you and the little guy!
Zion said…
Awww, I hope the party went well. I did notice the massive cut on your arm, and I had fun playing FIND THE BEAN! When we had granite countertops Jeremy complained because he said you couldn't tell if there was let's say... a glop of jelly on the counter. I was like That is the beauty of it. The counters could be a mess and everything blended with the pattern. I saw it as a plus.

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