(by Jenny & Tyler) Abide - Open Your Doors

I'm a little behind with my year end recap. With the whole Mayan calendar thing, I didn't think I needed to get one ready {just kidding!} Let's see...2012...

My sweet boy turned 11 in January! He participated in art in both the spring & fall. At church camp, he won the "I Am Third" award again! ♥ He started middle school this year & has really enjoyed being a part of the FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students) in his new school. He continues to be such a thoughtful boy, and he is always making us laugh with his witty humor! :)

Our spring was full of good times...we received a visit from Christopher's dad, baby girl & I went on a little mission trip over Spring Break, I went to New Orleans with Amy & Marcie, and the kids & I participated in goingLOCAL again!

The kids both went to camp & helped with VBS during the summer. We had several youth events that were super fun {minus a little tug-of-war back injury}, Chris & I celebrated our 16th anniversary, and I got to be in a couple of weddings! First was Jana's sister Julie's wedding in July, where I spent a few days decorating the church with their family. Then our family drove up to the panhandle for Kendra's wedding in August, where I was her Matron of Honor!

My baby girl turned 14 in October! She still loves writing, and had a wonderfully encouraging ELA teacher in 7th grade. Though she wasn't able to be in the journalism class in 8th grade, she is doing well in Spanish and is in the advanced art class at school this year. She continues to be involved in the youth group at church. I know this is so different from what many parents say, but I am so thoroughly happy with my teenager!

I got to lead a couple of Bible studies this year {the books of John & Luke}, finished up my list of 1,000 gifts, and decorated my laundry room! I started working at the church this fall, where I am a bit spoiled to be working with people that I love! A few highlights of my year include a couple of great concerts {Gungor & NTB}, my baby brother's release from prison, and being with all three of my brothers on the day after Christmas!

Mister Christopher had cataract surgery in January. Though his vision is currently just CF 1', his ocular oncologist can see into his eye better now. I suppose that makes it all worth it! He spoke at an OM conference in the spring, where he was able to meet many other OM patients and family members that we have come to "know" through our online OM community. He celebrated his 4th cancerversary and became an elder at our church this fall! And his scans have been clear all year, which is {obviously} super!

And because I kept forgetting to post our family pictures, I'll inundate y'all with them now...

I had made it my goal to abide in Christ this year, and it has been the most peaceful, restful year ever (despite busyness at times). Though I can't honestly say that I remained in Him every second of every day, I know that my intentional pursuit of Him and study of His Word has benefitted me greatly. I hope that abiding in Him and remaining in His love will continue to be my goal forever!



Zion said…
I loved your card by the way and it is nice to see all the other ones you took as well! It looks like it was a great year full of blessings. I hope this year is too!

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