"Perfect Day"

(by Lou Reed) Perfect Day - Transformer

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Aaron's mentor picked him up yesterday morning, took him to take care of some business, then dropped him off at my dad's house. He is free! He can go to the kitchen & drink some milk, get on Facebook, watch TV, and drink good coffee any time he wants. And so much more.

There are so many little things that we take for granted, huh?

Kerry met us at Dad's for burgers last night. Christina had prepared them the way Aaron has been talking about for awhile now (with bell peppers & onions in the patties), and she & Dad got him a cake!

Before we left Dad's last night, and he said it's like he woke up from this terrible nightmare in an unfamiliar house with the people he loves. And it feels good. ♥


P.S. Aaron picked out today's song! :)


Brooke said…
so happy for you guys!! :)
Zion said…
Praise the Lord! What a blessed holiday this will be.
Anonymous said…
Yea!!!! What a special day and days to come! Enjoy!
That anonymous was me...don't know what I was thinking! Hugs! :)
Oh Amy, I just couldn't be more happy for you guys!! xo

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