"Blood & Bones"

(by Elenowen) Blood and Bones - Elenowen - EP

It has been a long time since I posted an Elenowen song. I really like their sound, but I don't have much of their stuff. I've been listening to a bunch of random songs this week, but I keep going back to this one. I didn't know until I found this video that they co-wrote it with Trent Dabbs. He just so happens to be in a little band with Amy Stroup, who I love! Elenowen also recorded a song while doing a podcst with The Vespers, of whom I'm also a fan! Anyways, I didn't realize they were so connected with other musicians that I like. How fun is that?!

My baby girl's first day of 8th grade was the worst day ever. Like, so bad that we were both crying! :( I won't go into all of the details, but the main problem had to do with her electives. She was asked to be in two special classes: advanced art and journalism. I received a phone call from the counselor verifying her choice of electives a few weeks ago & wasn't given any indication that there would be a problem, but they ended up scheduling those two classes during the same period. She had to choose between two subjects that she is very passionate about, and it was a difficult decision. There were several other issues, but that one was the worst. The only good part of her day was Keith, my friend & her math teacher. Who would've ever thought that math would be the best part of her day?! {Do y'all remember her terrible experience in 6th grade??} Her week has gotten better as she has adjusted to the changes and started to look at the positives (like getting a high school credit out of the way so that she'll have more room for journalism then). Cody's week was much better than Elly's, though he thought middle school would be more fun than it has turned out to be! ;)

As for the rest of the week, I...

...realized that I completely forgot my 4th blogiversary a couple of weeks ago :(

...did some preparation for the new Bible study that starts on Tuesday!

...went to the first meeting of the year for MOPS, & I have a super great table! :)

...was planning on writing a blog post about the Back to School Throwback Brouhaha, but it was similar enough to other summer youth events that I figured y'all would rather just see the picture of me with Nicole & Julie in some clothes from our high school years:

...did a little painting in my laundry room! {I plan to show y'all pictures once I add a few finishing touches}

...totally gashed my head while doing said painting earlier today :/ It still hurts tonight, so I had Elizabeth look at it. She said that my injury is about an inch long. Am I weird that I'm glad it left a mark? 'Cuz it hurt bad. I hate when I hurt myself badly, but it doesn't even bruise or anything. I guess I sorta feel like my pain is justified when I have something to show for it. Wow, that makes me sound a little bit crazy, huh? Anyways, it could've been worse. I've been on top of the fridge numerous times this week & haven't fallen off. I'd call it a success. {ftr, I don't get on top of the fridge most weeks. I was painting up above it, in case you wondered why I was up there!}

It seems like there were other things that I wanted to tell y'all, but I can't remember them right now! I have two new items that I want to show y'all, but I thought it might be better to wait until I post about my trip to Austin ('cuz I bought the items there). So maybe I'll get around to that soon!

I hope y'all have a super great Labor Day Weekend!! ♥



Amanda said…
I am the same way about pain leaving marks. I want proof and justification for how much pain I am in!! Sorry Elizabeth's first day was so bad!! :( Hopefully that's the worst part of this year for her. I think you are quite ambitious painting the very first week the kids are back in school. You're so motivated!!
Oh no... I am so sad to hear Elly's trouble starting school. That is such a bummer that she had to pick between two things she loved. Glad to hear it got better though. And you... be careful, girl!! ;)
Zion said…
ZzOh dear! I remember middle school (that's weird that your children are old enough for me to have VIVID memories of being their age. UH, before you know it mine will be that age and yours be going to college!

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