Monday, April 23, 2012


(by Rumer) Thankful - Seasons of My Soul (Deluxe Version)

Thankful by Rumer on Grooveshark

This post comes to you from my patio on pretty much the most beautiful day ever! I hope it's just as beautiful where you are, and I hope the birds sound just as joyful! Today I am thankful for...

  1. The money to pay our taxes this year! {this has rarely been the case, so I am incredibly grateful!!}
  2. Keiljuana {my VBS partner}
  3. Kristi {my wonderful friend & neighbor, who had a birthday last week!}
  4. A spontaneous shout of "I love you, Mom!" from my baby girl {it was because I got her some Goldfish crackers at the store, but I'll take it for any reason she wants to say it!} ♥
  5. 10-year-old girls who are excited to tell their peers about Jesus
  6. A solved mystery {there had been an incessant beeping sound next door for over a month, & nobody had seen our neighbor in that entire time. I was getting really concerned about her. Another neighbor knows someone who knew her brother in high school & was able to get ahold of him. She called me Wednesday night, and all is well! And an electrician came & took care of the beeping!}
  7. A random picnic with Kristi, her adorable kids, & our neighbor guy {not to be mistaken for creepy old neighbor guy!}
  8. Lots of playground fun with my adorable little neighbors
  9. A super great ladies retreat!
  10. Being mistaken for my beautiful friend Susan ;)
  11. Friends who randomly tell me that they like me :)
  12. Late night games
  13. Funny bits of randomness that made us laugh repeatedly {like "I don't, but..." & "door hinges"}
  14. A reminder to let go of the illusion of control {I always think of Oogway when I say that!} & trust God. With everything.
  15. Chuck Colson's legacy {Well, maybe not the whole Watergate part, but definitely the prison reformation part! He was the founder of Prison Fellowship & InnerChange Freedom Initiative ~ the program my baby brother is in}
  16. My sweet boy finally feeling better!
  17. Sharing a Kit Kat with my baby brother
  18. My brother {whose birthday was yesterday!}
  19. Elly texting her uncle on his birthday {she is the only person on the planet that Kerry texts, and I love it!}
  20. Baby girl telling me every detail of her weekend ♥
  21. Baby girl wanting to hear about my weekend :)
  22. Playing silly smart phone games with Amy :)
  23. Beautiful weather
  24. The sound of birds singing
  25. A good conversation with the Jehovah's Witnesses who come to my door every month {a long time ago, they asked me if they could continue to come back & read scripture to me. So I let them. It has been interesting, though our conversations haven't been too deep yet. We'll see how things unfold...}

What are you thankful for today?



Brooke said...

you're a better woman than I (re: the JW) we don't get many around here, and i hide and pretend not to be at home

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Shout of "I love you mom"... that is awesome! Glad your neighbor was alright. Love randomness that makes you laugh! So glad your boy is feeling better! :)