"It's a Great Day to Be Alive"

(by Travis Tritt) It's a Great Day to Be Alive - Down the Road I Go

It's a Great Day to Be Alive by Travis Tritt on Grooveshark

There was so much goodness this week ~ especially over the weekend! I am so thankful for...
  1. Finally completing our taxes {huge sigh of relief!}
  2. Pepper welcoming Dad into the family {have I mentioned that she's afraid of everyone that doesn't live here, even if she sees them all of the time? She's a freak!}
  3. No altercations between Pepper & Ash (my dad's cat) so far
  4. Lunch on Laura's patio {complete with alligator sighting!}
  5. An afternoon with my little friend Caleb
  6. My kids surviving their first STAAR tests
  7. Lunch with Amy
  8. Chips & salsa
  9. The opportunity to embrace spontaneity
  10. All of the details working out for a last minute trip
  11. Not having to take my crazy dog since she was able to stay at home with Dad {am I taking advantage of him already?}
  12. Staying up way too late catching up with Sheryl
  13. Drinking coffee on Dan & Sheryl's porch
  14. Food traditions at the lake {like biscuits & gravy and root beer floats ~ not at the same time!}
  15. A full lake for the first time in years
  16. A bonus visit from Sheryl's brother & sis-in-law
  17. Baby girl reading riddles to me {& being impressed with my riddle solving skills!}
  18. Surprising Tara
  19. A woman at the party making a point to come & tell me about something thoughtful that my sweet boy did for her {I ♥ him!}
  20. A safe drive home late at night/early in the morning
  21. My beautiful cousin Kendra's engagement to a wonderful guy
  22. Being asked to be her matron of honor
  23. A friend who let me borrow her shawl when I was freezing
  24. A drive through the country with my baby girl ♥
  25. God's hand of protection over my step-sis during her reconstruction surgery today

I'd love to know what you've got going on that makes this a great day to be alive! :)



Laura said…
Awe, I'm honored that I made your list! Thanks sweet friend. :)
Zion said…
I think I missed the post about your dad. I'm going to look back!
RR Mama said…
I love each and every one of your thanksfuls. :)

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