"Be Thankful"

(by Sarah Connor)

Be Thankful by Sarah Connor on Grooveshark

I didn't post this yesterday because I was hanging out with my kiddos (who were off school) & ran out of time. Plus I didn't quite have 25 things, so I didn't try to to make time to post it. How's that for being honest? Anyways, today I am thankful for...
  1. Birds & butterflies visiting my garden
  2. The discovery of new flowers almost every time I go to my backyard :)
  3. Flowers from my neighbor's garden hanging over the fence into my yard
  4. Friends who make a point of talking to my baby brother when they're at his unit
  5. An interesting presentation of the Jewish Passover
  6. New music discoveries on my iPod
  7. Almond Joy coffee creamer
  8. Hanging out with a cute little guy named Asher
  9. Lunch with one of my Bible study girls from last semester ♥
  10. Pei Wei lettuce wraps
  11. Two school holidays {so I could sleep in!}
  12. Baby girl getting to spend the night with a sweet friend of hers
  13. Chocolate chip cookies
  14. A day with my sweet boy
  15. Cody putting his arm through mine {in public} ♥
  16. My Savior, who knew the agony He would endure, yet faced it anyways
  17. Jesus' victory over sin & death
  18. A great evening at my brother's house
  19. Making my niece Julia laugh
  20. Hershey Kisses
  21. Breakfast with my dad
  22. A bike ride with my kids on a beautiful day
  23. Baking cookies with Amy
  24. Walking with Dad {He usually walks 5 miles in less than an hour, & this mama is out.of.shape ~ so I'm sore, even though I'm pretty sure we only walked 4!}
  25. A random smiley face balloon on the side of the road {that made Elly giggle when she had been feeling sad}

What are you thankful for today?



RR Mama said…
Love the balloon. It made me smile too.
Brooke said…
sounds like your dad is a speed walker!!! :)

i'm sorry you didn't have all 25, but glad you didn't chuck it all together and came up with the extra!
Becky Crenshaw said…
I am thankful for my little Lukey who loves to give kisses at random times for absolutely no reason!!
I can just image how yummy almond joy coffee creamer is! :) Wowza your dad can walk! lol Finding that balloon is a sure way to smile!
Laura said…
Love the happy face balloon!
Zion said…
I have been thinking about thankfulness and blessings a lot lately. Your lists are always so good

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