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(by Petra) Thankful Heart - Back to the Street

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I had a super great song picked out for today, but then I decided it'd be perfect for the last one in this series. Let me just say that I started the draft of that post & tears came to my eyes. The song is that good! But you'll have to wait a couple of weeks for it...today you get old school Petra. Alrighty, I'm thankful for...
  1. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs {especially when they're 50% off after Easter!}
  2. Mosquito repellant
  3. An impromptu VBS craft brainstorming session with my friend Susan {who is using the same material as we are for a different mission trip}
  4. Fun new knitting projects
  5. Dad finally closing on the sale of his house {apparently finance companies are dragging their heels these days, because they really don't want to loan people money at these low interest rates}
  6. Celebrating Amy's birthday with her & Kyla
  7. Finally getting to see October Baby
  8. The freedom to be silly with my friends {John Schneider was in the movie, which got us to talking about our childhood celebrity crushes. We were like teenagers at a sleepover, looking up pictures of dreamy celebrities on Amy's phone...Mark Harmon in this picture. Be still, my beating heart!}
  9. Surviving a crazy busy week
  10. Stone for our front yard {finally!}
  11. Christopher taking care of dinner while I made a few desserts
  12. Baking for the student ministry auction with my baby girl ♥
  13. My pharmacist friend who doesn't mind answering texts early on a Sunday morning {you may recall one of my Excedrin Migraine posts where I rambled on about the ingredients & such in several of their products...another strange fact: one bottle says 2 max per day while another bottle says 8. Same exact ingredients. Go figure!}
  14. Loads of baked goods donated by some great cooks in our church
  15. An apron to keep my clothes clean {though apparently it was a little misleading when I wore one at the auction yesterday. I had splattered water all down the front of myself while working in the kitchen, so Teresa tied it on me before I spilled something that might stain. Some people thought I looked official, therefore they asked questions for which I had no answer. Nope, I was wearing it because I'm a mess, not responsible!}
  16. Church members who gave generously toward the fundraiser
  17. A few leftover party balls for us to enjoy :)
  18. Thermometers {crazy little fact: our thermometer broke awhile back, and I hadn't replaced it yet. Apparently God knew that I would need one, because Toni gave me one out of the blue at our meeting on Thursday night. I needed it for Cody only a few nights later ~ my poor baby had a fever of 103.2}
  19. A desperately needed good night's sleep
  20. A break from the rain just long enough to run to the store & back
  21. Laughter coming from my sickly boy upstairs
  22. A sweet thank you card from a dear friend {even if it was way overdue! I kid, I kid ~ it never crossed my mind that one was "owed" to me!}
  23. An email from Marcie that mentioned hazing?! {thanks for making me laugh!}
  24. Doctor's offices that will see my baby boy without an appointment {if you can believe this, we left the house, went to the doctor, & got back home within an hour!}
  25. Peace of mind from finding out that my sweet boy doesn't have the flu or strep...just a virus {totally worth the $20!}

What's on your list today?



Ohh... you gotta love some Reese's peanut butter eggs! LOL oh yes, crushes on those good ol' Dukes boys! :) Oh goodness, that is a high temp. Hope he is feeling better now!
Zion said…
Oh my goodness! I can't believe you are that close to the end. Can't wait to hear the song and nothin' wrong with a little Petra throw back either.
Laura said…
I love how you find lots to be thankful for in the midst of a crazy week. :)
AmyB said…
Birthday dinner was great fun, the movie was good but sad, and yes, John Schneider used to be better looking, but Mark Harmon still takes the cake. I had so much fun and I'm thankful that I get to be a part of your "Thankful" list. I am thankful for YOU and your SWEET family!
Brooke said…
someone else taking care of dinner always makes me thankful!

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