"We Will Follow"

(by Jars of Clay feat. Gungor) We Will Follow - The Shelter

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I had a really good week! {I hope you did, too!} I didn't do anything too terribly exciting, but it was still good. On Wednesday night, there was a Jewish Passover service presented by a man that goes to my church. He's a Messianic Jew, and he explained the different elements, why they do them, and why they don't do certain things that Jewish people still do. It was pretty interesting. On a completely random note (surprise, surprise)... bitter herb is NASTY, & I don't recommend that you try it. A little boy dared me to try it, and I let my pride get in the way of common sense. It's called bitter for a reason, just so you know! If you like horseradish, you might think it's OK. But I absolutely detest horseradish. It tastes like something that should go in a car, not a human. {Bleh!}

I got to hang out with my sweet boy yesterday! The kids were off school, and Elly was at a friend's house. After sleeping in (yay!), we went to the mall because I needed to pick up a gift for Elly to take to a birthday party today. I thought it'd be more enjoyable if Cody went with me, but I figured he wouldn't want to go. He seemed quite eager, though ~ which confused me until I realized that he had brought his wallet so he could do the climbing wall & bungee jump. He's such a boy! He was so sweet, though. He has reached the age where he'd rather me not put my arm around him in public. But sometimes he forgets. Either that, or it's only OK if he wants to do it. Several times as we were walking through the mall, he put his arm through mine! ♥

And now for today's song...Do you ever hear a song on your iPod & wonder where it came from? When my iPod is on shuffle, it's like a fun little surprise every few minutes ~ especially when I hear a song that I didn't realize I had! Today's song is one of those that makes me feel like I've found gold or something! Based on a little research, I think I got the album off NoiseTrade in the Fall. Normally I put new songs/albums in my "Latest & Greatest" playlist. I failed to do that with this album, so it got lost in the shuffle. ;) But this song features Gungor! How did I miss that?! Once again, I'm a failure as a fan. Apparently this song has been out since 2010, yet this is the first I've heard of it. :/ My favorite part is:

So set us free
To love the mystery
Until our eyes are clear enough to see You

I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend!!



Zion said…
I am fascinated by Jewish culture and would like to learn more. Zion was circumcised by a rabbi. If I have a boy this time, I am not sure what we will do, because that guy was pretty controversial in his field, you know, providing services for gentiles and all ;) I am so glad you had a fun day with Cody. Such a sweet opportunity.

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