"Remind Me Who I Am"

(by Jason Gray) ~ I totally almost typed "JJ Grey" on accident! ;) Remind Me Who I Am - A Way to See In the Dark

Brooke told me about this song awhile back, but I forgot about it until I was looking for a different video on YouTube & came across this one again. It is so good! We so often forget who we are. We forget about God's grace & label ourselves with the sin or other issues we struggle(d) with. But He wants us to see ourselves as He sees us: beloved. I pray that you believe it today. ♥



Brooke said…
i definitely needed this reminder today. maybe God helped you forget until now for me?
Laura said…
Like Brooke, I needed the reminder as well. Thanks for the reminder and the prayer!
Zion said…
Great video. Side note, when I was at Brandon's studio I took a picture of a Need To Breathe Album that he had autographed and displayed from when they recorded there. My phone was all dirty and the picture was blurred, but I was thinking of you.

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