"My Heart is Yours"

(by Abby Baker) My Heart Is Yours - What I Call Beautiful - EP

OK, people, because I love y'all & don't want to be a disappointment, I'm risking carsickness to post this! We're driving home from Dallas & will get home too late for me to post something, & I won't have time tomorrow. We drove up last night for Misty & Rob's wedding this afternoon!! {more on that in a few days, when i can post a picture!} Originally, I figured that we'd leave by 6:00 at the latest, but that was before I knew that our church back home was hosting an art festival. Dan (our former pastor) wasn't staying for Misty's reception because of it, so he asked if we'd stop by before we left town. I'm so glad we did, because I got to see Shelly (my former neighbor/Dan & Sheryl's daughter-in-law) & her kids. I also got to spend time with Hannah & Natalie! {I am so SO so glad we had that time!!}

I also discovered Abby Baker, the girl who's singing today's song. I tried to figure out how to embed a video, but I can't seem to do it on the phone. And I somehow deleted another post while trying to copy the code! So for now, I'll give y'all the link to "My Heart is Yours". {I hope that worked. I'm sorry if it didn't, but I'll fix it as soon as I can!} You should totally listen to it, 'cuz she's super! I only heard her sing one song while we stepped inside the concert venue, but I really liked her sound. I had no cash, but Dan is awesome & bought me her CD! So this isn't technically the song I should've posted today, but I have no way of knowing what that would be at this point.

I did a few things this week that were out of the norm. Some of them have pictures that I'll have to show y'all later. But I thought you might be impressed that I...

...made a vertical garden out of a shipping pallet, clay pots, & hose clamps {strike the whole clay pot thing...the wind blew the vertical garden over & broke all of the clay pots. They have now been switched to plastic ones...}

...stained my hands black from spreading mulch without gloves {'cuz I'm a dummy! I totally know better! I still have black in some of the creases in my hands, & I spread the mulch on Wednesday!}

...made a dress {I'm not too happy with it, but there's potential if I fix one part. We'll see...if nothing else, I learned a few things!}

...helped save a calf {though I'm pretty sure he didn't see it that way! I think we scared him. But we scared him off the street & back into his pasture, so I deem it a success!}

...ironed my shirt while wearing it! {I know, quite risky & quite against the rules. For the record, it was just the bottom, and it got nowhere near my skin. Though I'm definitely known to burn myself with an iron (among other things), you might be glad to know that I didn't this time. Go figure!}

That's all I can think of for now! Please forgive any typos! I better post this before I screw anything else up. I hope you're having a super great weekend! ♥



Becky Crenshaw said…
Cracking up at your calf, mulch and iron escapade! Want to see the dress! LOVE THE SONG.
Wow... what a week Amy!! What a great song and sound Abby has! I want to see your vertical garden! Yay for saving the calf! :)
Amanda said…
The vertical garden is very intriguing.....Pinterest find?
Zion said…
That is so cool about the baby calf. I risked morning sickness on my trip back from Dallas too, but it was to read the Hunger games LOL.

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