"Kung Fu Fighting"

(by Carl Douglas)

The kids & I saw Kung Fu Panda as part of Cinemark's Summer Movie Clubhouse this morning. This was the first time I've seen it all the way through, & I thought I'd share my favorite quotes from the movie. They're probably everybody's favorites, but I'm sharing them anyways:

#1. In Po's dream at the beginning of the movie, he's a Kung Fu fighter that says, "There is no charge for awesomeness... or attractiveness." How awesome is that?! I love it. Such confidence, even if it is just a dream!

#2. Shifu wants to try to prevent Tai Lung from escaping prison, & Oogway tells him, "One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it." I sat there & pondered that through the next scene ~ actually, throughout the rest of the movie! I don't really believe in "destiny" per se. I believe that there's a balance of God's will and free will that I will never fully comprehend. But I know that there are times when we know something is going to happen, or that God desires for it to happen, but we don't want it. We fight Him on it & try to do things our own way. And what do you know...it happens anyway. And generally, we've made it harder on ourselves & possibly gone through some heartache trying to avoid the situation that we should have just allowed to happen in the first place!

#3. Oogway tells Shifu, "My friend, the panda will never fulfill his destiny, nor you yours until you let go of the illusion of control." I don't even think I need to explain why that was so profound ~ but you know me, I have to say something! That pretty much sums up a good portion of my life! It's something I still struggle with at times. The illusion of control. I am not, have never been, nor will I ever be in control. I've tried to be many times, in so many areas of my life. As I mentioned earlier this year (on Day Two of my tattoo story), I thought I was in control when I was abusing my body. Little did I know that I was completely out of control! Oogway knew what he was talking about when he called it an illusion.

So there you have it! Is there a quote from a movie that has really caused you to think?


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