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I am about to admit two things that may make me come across as pretty lame. Please don't judge me. 1) I was a big Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye fan & still wish they would make more episodes. 2) The show's theme song changed my life. There's just something about the confidence behind her stating and accepting who she is that made me want that same confidence. She knows who she is, she accepts her limitations and quirks, she knows that she is loved, and she's not afraid to fail or be hurt or take a stand. I have come such a long way in this, but there are times when I still struggle to believe God over the lies. I am so grateful to Him that those times are fewer and fewer now!

In Growth Groups this week, we have been discovering our identity and writing identity statements. This wasn't something like, "I am Jerry & Karan's daughter, the sister of Kerry, Ivar, and Aaron, etc.," though it's great to do that as well. This was a look into Scripture to see who God says we are. For me, this was a great continuation of a brief study that I did with friends over the summer, when I jotted down a few things but never really wrote it out. We looked at loads of scripture and wrote down what God says about us, then we wrote a concise statement. There is so much more in the verses than what I condensed it down to, but this is what God was wanting me to believe about myself at this point in time:

  • I am loved and accepted by Jesus.
  • I am a child of God who is fearfully and wonderfully made, and my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. I am not enslaved by my past sin but am redeemed, forgiven, victorious, and free.
  • I am a friend of Jesus who is set apart & joyfully abiding in Him as a disciple.
  • I am free from the fear of death and can now understand the living hope to which He has called me.
  • I am created for good works in Christ Jesus, but I am not saved by them. I am saved by God’s rich grace through faith in Jesus, and I am sealed with the promised Holy Spirit.

If you are interested in learning more about who God says you are, I can provide you with some resources. I'm not an expert, but I have quite a few scripture references, a book (mentioned awhile ago) that I refer back to sometimes when I realize I'm listening to lies, and an alphabetical listing (complete with scriptures & songs to go along with them, as you might expect). It really is so good to know who God says we are, because sometimes we get stuck thinking of ourselves how we used to be or how we think we are. But if we don't have a biblical view of who we are, then we are believing lies. Let's believe the truth, shall we? ♥



Zion said…
Amen! I don't know who Sue Thomas is, but when the theme song changes your life it must be good ;)

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