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(by The Beatles) Paperback Writer - The Beatles Box Set

Brooke does a little thing called "What I'm Reading Wednesdays", and I thought I'd join her today. She probably links up with someone, and I should probably check on that. But I don't have time right now & want to be better at posting more. So I'm just going to go ahead show y'all what I've been reading lately...

This shelf contains my eclectic mix of bath time reading/nerd games...

  1. I bought a Woman's Day magazine subscription from my niece's fundraiser last year, but I never have time to read magazines. These are June & July 2012.
  2. Dad found Morris Goes to School (one of my favorite childhood books) when he moved. I hadn't read it in years, but I did read this in the bathtub on the night that he brought it to me! :)
  3. I have a bit of an obsession with Sudoku puzzles. I do at least one of them every night, though bath time/bedtime probably isn't the best time to play brain games.
  4. Uncle Dan sent A Thousand Splendid Suns home with me a looooong time ago, but I haven't started it. I'm not really sure what it's about.
  5. I actually finished Captivating awhile back. I marked some things in there that I like to go back & remind myself from time to time.
  6. Two Minute Mysteries books are technically for kids. But seeing as I enjoyed solving them in elementary school GT, I'd also classify them as nerd games.
  7. My British friend Rosemarie sent me Identity awhile back. Like #5, I have finished it but like to go back sometimes & remind myself of the things that I've marked.
  8. Baby girl read The Giver for school & thinks I'll like it. I think it will make me sad, so I haven't started it, either.
  9. I have not read One Thousand Gifts. {I'm sorry, Sara! I know that I said I'd read it when you gave it to me, but I just haven't yet!} That probably goes against the rules of posting the gifts, but I already confessed to being a rebel when I started that series (though I'm generally quite the rule follower). Maybe one day I'll actually read the book?
I have books on other shelves that I may show y'all later. I guess that's all for now... ü



RR Mama said…
I see a theme of Sudoku books. :)
The book I just finished was Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle. She is the author of The Big Mama blog. I loved her book! Other than that, I'm not reading anything interesting unless you call my American Government book interesting.
Brooke said…
read the book already!!!!

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