"My Distraction"

(by Blake Quimby) 

My Distraction by Blake Quimby on Grooveshark

I'm two for two! How's that for starting off right?! I've posted today's song before & even explained why I think it's super, but I'll go ahead and explain again in case you missed it back then...Y'all know how I've struggled with stupid cancer thoughts and stuff for the past 5 years. Well, today's song was life-changing in that it helped me to see Jesus as a healthy distraction to the unhealthy thoughts. This song also refers to Him as our satisfaction. Finding satisfaction in God has been a huge desire of mine (either to achieve or retain) for quite awhile now. There are still times when the noise of life can block out the truth as well as my sense of His presence. But thank God...He can break through the noise! There are other nuggets of goodness in today's song, but that sums up the parts that are so meaningful to me. If you didn't listen to it, you should totally press play!



Zion said…
That's awesome. For me that song is "I Have To Believe" by Rita Springer. It's amazing how God can use music to speak and comfort.

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