"Psalm 73 (My God's Enough)"

(by BarlowGirl, feat. Todd Agnew) 

Psalm 73 - My God's Enough (LP Version) by BarlowGirl on Grooveshark
Today's song could have been my anthem during the years of the wood-paneled rent house. I struggled with discontentment for a good portion of the time when Chris was self-employed, and I hated that I struggled with it. Today's song was convicting, and it served as a catalyst in my search for satisfaction in God alone. Though it would be a bit of a journey (& one that I sometimes find myself on again), it was a start. I seem to be saying that a lot in this series, don't I?! I guess I'm not a quick study. :/ I'll close with my favorite line of the song, and what became a frequent prayer during that time:

Cover my eyes now
So that my heart can finally see
That in the end only You mean anything



Zion said…
I think we all need time to work on things, it's not just you. I totally understand what you are saying.

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