"Home Free"

(by Wayne Watson) 

Home Free by Wayne Watson on Grooveshark
Today's song helped me have more of an eternal perspective. In the seven months from October 31, 1990 until May 31, 1991, I lost eight people that I knew. Seven of them were 17 or younger. Two of the deaths were due to suicide, one to leukemia, one in a freak accident, and the last four in an automobile/train collision. Needless to say, it was a difficult time for me.

I am thankful that I had a relationship with the Lord at the time, though I still don't feel like I handled it so well. Though I can still get caught up in the light & momentary troubles that we face here on earth, today's song helped me see things with eternity in mind. The words of the song were also the beginning of my understanding of God's sovereignty. I appreciated the honesty of the first line, where he says that he's trying hard not to think the Lord unkind. I could totally relate to that! But this song helped me to see that I may never have the answers, but I could find comfort in the God who does. ♥



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