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So I've been a complete failure at posting Christmas-y things this year. Maybe next Christmas...I do still plan on telling y'all about our community group Christmas party. Maybe I'll get a chance over the next couple of days.

We basically have no plans for Christmas yet, which is a little bit crazy. I used to have every bit of my life planned out, but not so much anymore. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing! Anyways, we used to do the "North Texas Tour" beginning every Christmas day after lunch...I described it a couple of years ago, but basically we'd spend a few days (up to a week sometimes) after Christmas traveling up to the DFW area & beyond. We would visit most of our family up there, staying at a different place every night or so. Sadly, events have changed over the past year or two, and three out of the four places we used to stay are no longer feasible. As you may recall, a year ago today my Grandmommy went home to be with Jesus. Since then, both of Christopher's grandmothers have passed away as well (GMC in January & Babushka in September). So we won't be seeing any grandparents this year [I don't have any left, and Christopher's remaining grandfather lives in Indiana] & don't know if we'll see his dad. Kendra's family {who we used to see each Christmas} all have moved to the panhandle now, which is a little far to travel in such a short amount of time. With Christopher's scans on Thursday, we'll just see Uncle Dan & Aunt Sheryl at some point after that.

As for my family, we haven't made any set plans yet, either! Dad was hoping that Ivar would be able to visit, but it doesn't look like that'll work out. The rest of us will get together at some point, though! And I'm sure we'll visit Mom & G this week, too. We just haven't worked out any of the details yet.

Anyways, a few exciting things happened this week...

Mine & Christopher's Christmas present arrived a little early! We got an espresso machine {which I affectionately refer to as "Lady Gaggia"}:

Our church's annual hayride & cookout was last night! I didn't actually go on the hayride because it was too cold! I knew that if I was freezing just sitting there, I would be frozen solid if I was in the back of a moving trailer. But I enjoyed hanging out with friends & seeing my church family enjoy their evening!

{ftr, we weren't sending mixed signals with the signs saying "Welcome" & "Go"! We had the check in table sorted by last names, & you can't see the other two signs in this pic...}

Kelly passed around Santa hats & such...I think Russ was a good sport wearing this hat with elf ears! :)

This morning, I went to a baby shower for my good friend Amanda!!

& because it was funny when Catherine went all camera-happy, I'll share a few of the outtakes, too! :)

{Hey Amanda, what if we played Bible character charades...?}

Alrighty, I guess that's all for now! Today's song isn't accurate, but I don't really know what I listened to the most. I used it because of my Christmas post failings & my hopes for doing better next Christmas! ;) I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend! ♥



What a great early Christmas gift! A Christmas at home might be fun! :) Merry Christmas, Amy!! xo
Amanda said…
Oh man, my candids are not flattering!!! lol. What can you do?? So thankful to see you Saturday!! Bible charades; you Marcie and Catherine killed all of us. Absolutely no competition was brought from the rest of us :)
Brooke said…
merry christmas friend!!

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