"Jingle Bells"

(by Ben Rector)

For my first Christmas-related post this season, I thought I'd do a little:

I came across this bit of artwork that my sweet boy made when he was five:
In case it's too small to read or you don't understand the bits of misspelling & such, he said that he loves baby God, Mary, Joseph, & Amy {that's me!} ♥ And did you catch the "baby God" part?! :D

On another note...if you like today's song, you can download the whole album for free on NoiseTrade! OR if you make a donation, it all goes to a food bank. How about that?!



Zion said…
Awww, that is so cute!!! And it's really good for his age. I am impressed. Thanks for the link to the album. Have you heard Mathew Perryman Jones? We "rediscovered" him through noisetrade and got to see him in concert on our baby moon before Ezra came. My favorite song is Land of the Living.
Aww... baby God... that is the sweetest art ever!!
Amanda said…
Oh Baby God!!

That's adorable, totally done in Cody styling.....I'm farter than you, I'm farter than you....

Cody would also be proud of Dan, he is already teaching Isaac that boys are stronger, faster and smarter than girls!!
Brooke said…
lol!! my newphew told my sister he liked baby jesus best - then he asked her which jesus she liked.

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