"Thank You"

(by Mozella, but covered by Abby Baker!!) <~ how awesome is that?!

Abby Baker posted two new videos this week!! I already used one of the songs for my birthday post {so I updated it to include the full song, for those of you who might happen across it again one day!} So I thought I'd post this one today. Seriously, Abby Baker singing a Mozella song?! Yes, please! ΓΌ

Before I forget, I wanted to update you on Kirby! I communicated with a couple of y'all via email, but I completely forgot to update the rest of y'all. His surgery went well! They removed the mass & didn't see any other suspicious tissue. He is out of the hospital & could still use some prayer as he recovers.

My week was fun! One event occurred that I've decided to write a whole post about. There will be plenty of pictures & a few videos, so it'll be a little more interesting than today's post! Elly & I did a little back-to-school shopping & scored some great deals! The kids & I saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green with Amy & Alex yesterday. Laurien came over one day, and we made some peanut butter & chocolatey goodness!

I got the list of moms who will be at my MOPS table this year!! I have to keep it a secret until the first meeting, which is two weeks away. I'm not sure if I can do it! ;) No, I think I can, but it'll be hard! I really want to be a better mentor than I have been before. Can I be completely honest with y'all? I feel like I'm happy with the moms at my table, but they may feel disappointed to not get someone with a little more experience as a mom. We have some new mentors that have grown children. To steal Marcie's phrase, I can get you to age 13. That's all! We won't really know how well I've done as a mom until they've made it through college, at least! I know that the main thing is that I've made it through the preschool years, so I hope that's enough to benefit my moms somehow!

Strange little story...While back-to-school shopping with my baby girl, and she asked if we could go to Panera for lunch. As we were walking inside, I realized that the last time we had been to that particular location was when we were doing some back-to-school shopping last year. Then I realized that it was the day I broke the front license plate off my van. Guess where my van was at that particular moment...at the shop, finally getting her license plate back on! I thought that was a weird little coincidence! :)

Sooo...I got some incredibly exciting news last week! It only affects those of you who go to church with me, but I'm telling all of you because I'M SO EXCITED about it!! My friend Kim is moving back!!! She moved nearly three years ago (as I briefly mentioned back then), and it was sad. It won't be until next summer, but it doesn't matter when because all that matters is the fact that MY FRIEND KIM IS MOVING BACK!!!! She sent me an email with the news, and I was so excited that I wrote an entire paragraph in all caps with lots & lots of exclamation points! Her son Isaac was good friends with my sweet boy, so I told Cody, "I have some good news. Don't get too excited because it's still a year away, but guess.who's.moving.back!" His first (& only) guess was Isaac! Then on Sunday, I saw our mutual friend Mel in the lobby at church. When I asked if she had heard from Kim, she gave me a knowing look. We squealed like little girls & hugged each other. I'm sure we looked silly, but we didn't care! Did I tell y'all that my friend Kim is moving back?! :)

Alrighty, I've got to finish up some things around the house before heading to a BBQ with our Community Group! I hope y'all are having a super great weekend!! ♥



So happy Kirby is home. Praying he is recovering well! Funny coincidence from your back-to-school shopping day! lol Yay for your friend moving back! So happy and excited for you!
Zion said…
Mmmm chocolate and peanut butter. I am going to try to not write a book in your comments section BUT I think the preschool years are so sweet, but really a different type of challenge and I think what you are doing is so beneficial to the women that participate. Also, in reference to my post about the tribulations that we go through and the testimony that comes out of them (having to do with SJ's hearing loss) I feel like your struggles though VERY different than mine do make me remember that I am not alone. You and Hannah are really encouraging to me. I am sure your story will impact many.

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