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I mentioned a little delay on the way home from my brother's house on Saturday. Again, this could've been summed up in a sentence or two, but I'm not good at that. Plus, Cody took pictures. And it has been a little while since I've posted a MIShap or anything in my:

We were driving home from my nephew's birthday party when I heard a sound coming from Silvie's front tire. She wasn't driving funny, but I knew that helicopter sound. So we pulled over, & sure enough... {my title probably gave that away, huh?}

There was still enough air to drive about a block to a gas station where Chris jacked the van up & started loosening the bolts. One of them didn't want to come off & was getting stripped. We decided to drive to an auto shop nearby, but by that time it was completely out of air! :/

So we hobbled over to a better spot & put our thinking caps on...Fortunately we were only about 15 minutes from Wheeler's {he's my friend Felicity's husband who I called when Silvie had some issues before!} While we waited for his assistance, Chris decided to jack the van back up so she'd be all set when Wheeler got there. Only this time, I forgot to set the parking brake.
{yeah, nice...Chris texted the picture to Wheeler real quick & said something along the lines of, "Umm...you might want to bring a jack!"}

Wheeler arrived with an air compressor & every tool imaginable...

...& an umbrella! {My kids were quite impressed with this. I actually have an umbrella in my van at all times, but it never crossed my mind to use it...}

Anyways...the guys put the spare tire on, and we finally got home hours later than we should've. We took Silvie to the shop the other day, and she got herself a new set of tires, a new headlight, AND she finally got her front license plate put back on (only a year or so after she lost it)! How about that?!

Have you had any car troubles recently? Any crazy flat tire experiences??



Brooke said…
a big oops on the brake!

my latest car issue was the a/c going out on the drive to nashville (about 3 hours away) the first week of hot weather!
We have *terrible* luck with flat tires. Too many times! Our last incident we picked up like a six inch spike/nail thing! :(
Zion said…
Aw, nice to see Butch in this picture. He seems to sneak his way out of them most of the time. Glad everything worked out in the end!

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