"Deep in the Heart of Texas"

(by The Country Music Heroes) Deep In the Heart of Texas - World's Greatest Country Hits…The Only Country Music Album You'll Ever Need (Deluxe Version)

I got to cross something else off my list the other day! On our way home from my beautiful cousin Kendra's wedding, we drove through the Heart of Texas. I know this is lame, but I've wanted to visit the geographic center of my beautiful state for awhile now. This wasn't officially on my list at first, but I remembered it awhile back & thought it should be added. This trip was my perfect opportunity, because we were planning to drive through that general area anyways. We had to take a small detour in order to see the historical marker, but it was worth it to accomplish something on my list!

{This is technically not the exact center, which is on private property five miles northwest of the marker}

We ate a picnic lunch at the Heart of Texas Roadside Park, which is just south of the marker.

There's a lookout tower at the park...

...where I made the family sing today's song! You'll be glad to know that Cody recorded it! :) You can hear it if you watch this little slideshow with a few of the pictures from everybody's cameras:

{I tried to get him to re-record it, but he said he didn't mind if I posted it ~ blunders & all!}

So...there you have it...my super exciting adventure in the Heart of Texas! ;) Have you visited anywhere [I hope more exciting than this] lately?



Brooke said…
we haven't traveled at all this summer, so i'm living vicariously through you!! love y'all's video!
LOL Love the slideshow and the tune! I think I will be singing it all night! :)
Jen Price said…
Awesome that you got to visit the heart of Texas. Now I have that song going through my head. :) The only places I've visited this summer are Connecticut, New York, S. Africa, and Uganda. :)
Zion said…
You guys are such a fun family!

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