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Y'all may remember when I posted butterfly metamorphosis pictures (a couple of stages, at least)...I really, really, really wanted to see one during the time when the chrysalis is clear, and you can see the butterfly inside of it. I had been keeping my eye on a chrysalis in my garden, and last night I could tell it was beginning to change. Unfortunately, I didn't see it in time this morning. :/ BUT, I managed to get a few pictures of the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis. I almost missed it completely, though!

Just 20 minutes later, the wings had uncurled quite a bit!

& now it has flown away! I'm glad I saw it when I did, but I'd still love to see it all folded up inside its chrysalis. Maybe one day!

On a completely different note, I'd like to ask for your prayers once again. If you happen to read this any time soon, please pray for my sweet cousin Kirby. He is in surgery right now & will be until possibly around 1:00 CST. This is his final surgery, and it won't be as long as his last one. But it is very serious. They are removing a mass from his chest cavity, along his lung & behind his heart. Thank you, friends. I know that you don't know him, but he & his family are very dear to me.



Oh Amy... these are amazing photos!! How neat to capture that. Beautiful! Praying all went well with your cousin's surgery today. Praying for quick healing now!
Amanda said…
I just want to see a chrysalis!! That's pretty awesome!!

Praying for Kirby!
Zion said…
I wish I could have seen that! How amazing! That is just such a beautiful spectacular part of God's creation. I pray that we will hear a good report and the surgery will go well.

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