"Brighten Up"

(by MoZella) Brighten Up - The Love - EP

Yesterday was my 3rd blogiversary!!! I don't have a fancy rhyming poem like my friend, but I wouldn't want to outshine her with my poetic awesomeness! {ha ha!} I didn't think to commemorate the day with a blog post, because I had other things on my mind. We'll blame Needtobreathe & new music for that! ;) Plus, I had a busy day ~ I met with my friend Desiree about Moms in Touch, took my sweet boy to lunch, picked up my baby girl from her friend's house, finished our back-to-school shopping & celebrated our friend Justin's birthday (with a bunch of people we've never met, but of course one of the ladies knows a friend of mine! ü)!

So we're setting records around these parts. But not fun records like Most Skips In 30 Seconds or Most Ferrero Rocher Chocolates Eaten In One Minute. Nope. Record high temperatures. Boo! The record has been broken for consecutive days of 100+ heat, and we're setting a new record each day now. I know I shouldn't complain, especially since my friends in Dallas have had it worse than we have. {That's part of why I like it better down here, humidity & all!} & it looks like tomorrow we'll tie the record for most 100+ days for an entire summer. & I'm pretty sure we're set to break that on Monday. Nice. The good news is it's not technically hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. The dashboard, on the other hand, is an entirely different story...

I totally forgot to tell y'all some good news last week! Remember the whole crazy bank/hospital check fiasco? It only took two months, 13 phone calls & three face-to-face encounters...but it was finally resolved, & the bank credited the money back to our account!

I told y'all last week that I had an eclectic mix of new tunes. I had been listening to my "Latest & Greatest" playlist on shuffle until about Wednesday, when I fell in love with today's song. After that, I pretty much only listened to MoZella. I know that she sounds like several other artists out there, & all of her songs sound similar to each other. But she's my favorite for today. I'm still liking Donavon, Gungor, Abandon & The Reliques ~ & I'll probably go back to the entire playlist soon. But for now, I'm loving MoZella. And in particular, The Love - EP ♥ And of course, today's song. It just may be my new theme song. Last week, one of my bosses told me that I'm their ray of sunshine! I was trying to tell him that there was nothing for me to do so I was going home, and I think he was just trying to make me feel needed! But still, he tried to convince me to stay because they kinda like having me around. So maybe I really do brighten up their day :) I'd like to make it my new goal to brighten up somebody's day every day. That's probably impossible, but I'm going to try! Yesterday, Cody & I were at McDonald's {the things we do for our kids, huh?!} and I saw this on my cup:

{I think Ronald McDonald would be happy with my new goal, don't you?!}

I hope your weekend is super!! ♥



Happy blogiversary! They time sure does fly by doesn't it? I totally forgot about my blogiversary this year. lol Ok... the egg thing... did you try to fry in on the sidewalk in the pan? When we had days that were smokin' hot, a kid called into the radio station and said he cooked an egg on the sidewalk. I thought it was just egg onto the sidewalk, so I tried it, but it did not cook. My husband said he thought when they say that it means you cook it in a pan. :) I sure hope you get some relief from the heat. So happy to hear the check fiasco was resolved! ♥
{amy} said…
Ha ha! No, I didn't try it on the sidewalk first. I knew it wasn't quite hot enough for that, but it was nearly 180 degrees inside the van!
Zion said…
It's think we are in for a change of weather. I am trying to think positive ;) Thanks for the shout out and happy blogiversary. When I was looking back at old post I saw that you had left a comment about how long it took Cody to be weened off the pacifier. Do you remember how old he was then? I am debating when to start with SJ.

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