(by Art Garfunkel) Grateful - Across America

Since yesterday was the first day of school (hence there was an actual theme song), I'm a day late with my gratefulness post! I fully intend on continuing this every week at least until I reach one thousand. This week I am incredibly thankful for...
  1. A new school year
  2. The peacocks welcoming us back to school {I would love to have that kind of traffic jam every day!}
  3. My kids' teachers
  4. Cody's concern for his little Kindergarten friends {One was on the bus, & when he got off he had me call her mom to let her know she was OK. The other one wasn't on the bus, so he had me call & make sure she had been picked up!}
  5. My snuggly little friend Caleb
  6. His big sister Clara Belle
  7. Their parents {I'm tempted to write something here that THEY would think is hilarious, but everybody else would totally misinterpret. I'll refrain ~ but Jana, you totally know what I'd like to say!!}
  8. & their grandparents (who warm my heart! ♥)
  9. Moms in Touch
  10. Coffee with my friend Desiree
  11. Thoughtful "back-to-school" texts :)
  12. BBQ with friends {two days in a row!!}
  13. The IFI Program
  14. My super flexible part-time job
  15. Mad typing skills
  16. The funds to pre-buy "The Reckoning"
  17. Chapstick
  18. Gum
  19. Pens
  20. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  21. Finding out that I made someone smile :)
  22. Snuggling with my kids when I wake them up in the morning
  23. Snuggling with my kids when I tuck them in at night
  24. Lunch with a new friend :)
  25. My little neighbor who greeted my by saying, "You're gorgeous!"

What are you thankful for today? {& if you know of any songs that would be good for my One Thousand Gifts posts, please let me know! I figure I'll need about 40 of them! & I could use some help, as evidenced by today's song. Great words, but I must say I like him better with Simon}

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
I Thessalonians 5:16-18



Zion said…
I LOVE magic erasers and snuggling with my kids :)
Anonymous said…
Laughter in the middle of a hectic frustrating day... Thanks
Brooke said…
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are da bomb!!!

i'm thankful that God never gives up on us (see my blog post today)
Anonymous said…
i've never tried the magic eraser but i think i should!
as simple as this post is, it was SO encouraging and challenging to me. i forget to be thankful for the small things in life (that sounds so incredibly cleche'!) and i need to be reminded of that. :)

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