(by Alfa) Supergirl - Second Skin

Last week, I got a package in the mail that brought tears to my eyes. It was from my baby brother (whom I've mentioned a time or two), and this is what it contained:

He also sent a really sweet letter explaining why he had his friend draw it for me. He said, "You're like Supergirl 'cuz you're such a great person, as a mom, sister, daughter & friend. And you save lives, so you're a super hero to your kids, and to me as well." Is he not the sweetest baby brother in the world?! I think that he thinks a little more of his big sister than she really is, but it's super sweet!

Well, this Supergirl is off to save the world...



Brooke said…
i think he's right on with his thinking! :)
Laura said…
Oh my gosh, that is awesome!
Zion said…
That's really and sweet and what a talented friend too.
Aww... that is SO sweet! ♥
RR Mama said…
That is awesome and one of the sweetest things. And I think he's right!
Amanda said…
Your abs look amazing!


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