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I had a depressing Eisley song post all written, but Gloomy Gus had taken over ~ & I decided that y'all have had enough of him lately. I'm going on about two hours of uninterrupted sleep (partly my fault/partly that spoiled brat of a dog & the grass-eating/puking thing she does every hour throughout the night). So I'd like to ask for your prayers without allowing this to become a pity party! Christopher's scans are in 10 days, and I'm already dealing with some scanxiety about them. Over the past couple of weeks I've had to make about at thousand phone calls (OK, maybe just 10) that led to a couple of emotional meltdowns, and I'd prefer to avoid those. I had one of them in front of people the other day {poor Carrie & Lance ~ I don't think they knew what to do with me! I usually only do that with my BFFs...well, and Pepper's vet...but that was only one time!} Anyways, if you think of me, please pray for peace, rest and that a couple of situations will be resolved so I don't have to deal with that stress on top of the scanxiety over next week. I really appreciate it!

Anyways, I may not be around much this week. The kids are at camp, and I've managed to fill up my days with work and friends. Chris & I went to see our friend Jeremiah & his band last night (the one playing in today's song). We had a great evening with them & their friends (though there were a couple of times when we felt like we were sitting at somebody else's table, 'cuz we barely knew anyone)! We'll have a couple of evenings to chill before he goes out of town & Elly comes back. I'm looking forward to a girl day with her on Friday before Cody comes back! Then VBS is next week, and we still have some things to do to prepare for it. That just leaves a couple of days with nothing planned before Christopher's scans next week. I know that I need some alone time with God in order to have the peace that I need. But if I can be completely honest with y'all, I think I'm over-scheduling as a distraction. That's probably not healthy, but I fear being alone with my thoughts ~ especially this close to scans.

I know that I just spewed a bunch of stuff all over y'all, but there are actually a lot of details that I left out. If I have nothing else to blog about, I may decide to tell y'all about the circumstances leading up to the meltdowns. {Consider this fair warning!} And if there's some resolution, I'll definitely tell y'all about it ('cuz it's a little bit crazy)! Maybe I'll end up in a better mood & post something fun. You never know! Feel free to drop by later this week, if I haven't scared you off! And before you get all worried about me & think I'm walking around in a funk, please know that it's not quite that bad! I didn't even cry when I wrote this! I hope y'all have a super great week!



Brooke said…
i don't know - i think sometimes the over scheduling distraction thing is a good thing.
Amanda said…
Praying for y'all. Remember that you never have to apologize for feeling like this. Stress and anxiety have to come out. Better out than in, and better to out them amongst friends that love you and support you for. ev. er. I would be happy to distract you with empanadas by the way. But, seriously. Love you guys. xo
Sending you huge ((hugs)) Amy! Praying for you friend! ♥
Zion said…
We both mentioned Eisley in our posts :). I will definitely be praying for you. I ended up crying in front of the other nursery worker on Sunday. It's a ling story, I couldn't believe that I lost it like that. In answer to your question I don't think I have ever had any depth perception problems that I know of.
RR Mama said…
You can't scare me! I'll be here where ever you decide to spill your guts again. ;) Praying for you!
It's so important to get these feelings out there and not hold them inside! Distractions will help you balance those feelings, but when you get quiet with your thoughts and God, His presence will calm you more than you expect, I bet! Praying for you.

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