(by Andy Pidcock)

Today is our 16th anniversary, and I have a related post in my new little series:
Of course I have a little background info before I get to the actual story...Due to some unfortunate circumstances, our church went through a split just a few months before Chris & I got married. We were left without a pastor, which ended up being a blessing for me because I had always wanted Brother Jerry to perform my wedding ceremony. {Side note: I remember asking him to marry me when I was a teenager. With a smirk & that thick southern drawl, he replied, "I'm already married." Obviously, I meant that I wanted him to perform the ceremony, and he totally knew what I meant...!}

Brother Jerry was glad to officiate, but we had Tom (one of our church elders) open up the ceremony by welcoming everyone before handing things over to Brother Jerry. Tom is a bit of a character, & he had asked us if it was alright for him to inject a little humor into the ceremony. Here's what he had to say to me...
Just the other day, the thought came to me that you're initials are "AA" as it stands right now. Pretty soon, that's going to change. It's going to be "AE", right? Well you know I had this thought that if I just happened to borrow $5 from you after the service that I could write you a note that would say, AEIOU." And also, if per chance I forgot the reason I borrowed that, I could write a "Y" on the bottom...
Ba-dum ching! ΓΌ



I am so glad I finally figured out how to subscribe to your blog! I enjoy hearing about you and your life every few days! Happy Anniversary - AE! Hugs to you and your family! ~heather
Brooke said…
i thought for sure the story was ending with a "tom & jerry" as in the cartoon punch line!!
Jen Price said…
Ha, ha! That's too funny! Happy anniversary!
LOL Happy Anniversary, Amy! Hope you had a wonderful celebration of your special day!
Zion said…
Tom is hilarious and really observant. I don't know Jerry, but it's interesting to here some of the back story to your wedding and that era of the church

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