"This Is Just So Beautiful" {again}

(by Jenny & Tyler) This Is Just So Beautiful - Faint Not

I hope y'all have had a wonderful first week of the year! Mine was pretty low-key, and I liked it! Other than the rescheduled scans & some lower back pain, my week has been good! I had lunch with my new friend Nicole yesterday, who coincidentally is the person who took the picture I mentioned way back before Christmas. One that possibly involved me, tighty-whiteys, & tramp stamps...

Hee hee hee! Here's the entire picture...

They made me pretend like it was a booty crack! ;)

& this is Clyde (Nicole's husband) wearing his super great gift:

Have you heard of Handerpants? They are amazing! ;) There are hundreds of uses for them, some of which are...sanitary handshakes, texting, cruising, the elderly, and night blogging...? You should go to their website just so you can see the pictures! :D

So I had the weirdest thing happen the other day...I sent a text to my friend Sloan, and as the text was sending I noticed that her name disappeared at the top of the screen & was replaced with her mother's name. What?! She said that it was her mom's number like five years ago. But I didn't have her mom's number stored in my phone until a few months ago, and I never had it stored as that number. Weird, huh?! Has that ever happened to anyone else before?

We celebrated my sweet boy's birthday with his friend Alex last night! It was sort of an impromptu celebration. With his birthday being so close to Christmas, I usually don't plan anything until closer to the end of the month. But Alex was already planning on spending the night, so Cody asked if we could just go ahead and celebrate a few days early. I made him an ice cream cake, & the boys watched a movie. Nothing too exciting, but it's how Cody wanted to celebrate. I'm not even a week into the year & have already disqualified myself from Mother of the Year award. {Now the pressure's off!} Because of my back ache & the fact that I only had like one day to prepare, I didn't get to pick up any birthday cups, plates, etc. And I couldn't even bend down to look in the cabinet where I store the candles & such. I could've sworn I had two #1 candles, but I could only find one. So we used candles that added up to 11. 'Cuz we're industrious like that! :)

As for today's song...Yes, I realize that I just posted it the other day. But I love it & have been listening to it a lot this week. And in case you didn't listen to it then, I thought maybe you'd like to listen to it now! :) I already mentioned a couple of my favorite parts of this song the other day, but I also love the reminder to "close my eyes, breathe in deep." I need that reminder on a regular basis...on a beautiful day & and on a frustrating day. I think my absolute favorite part of the song is:

I felt forgiveness in the deep recesses of my soul
I was so empty, now I'm full
I'm whole

Alrighty, we have one final bit of Christmas celebrating today! We haven't seen my mom & step-dad yet, so we're getting together with them & my brother's family this afternoon! Then maybe I'll get around to taking my Christmas stuff down! I think this is the latest I've ever left it up!!

I hope you're having a super great weekend! ♥



Brooke said…
handerpants - too funny!!! and very creative on the birthday candles :D
Amanda said…
I keep trying to take our Christmas stuff down, but Dan won't let me!!!! I think he is finally giving in, but he has yet to bring in all the boxes from the garage so I can get moving.....procrastination!!

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