"This Is Just So Beautiful"

(by Jenny & Tyler) This Is Just So Beautiful - Faint Not

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I have really enjoyed doing this list of things I'm thankful for. It's great to always have it in the back of my mind. Throughout the day, little things will happen that I'm not sure I would've paid much attention to before. I'm constantly thinking, "I need to write that on my list!" There really are so many little gifts that God gives each of us throughout the day, and I am so thankful for them! Today I am so grateful for...
  1. A safe trip last week
  2. Coffee with Laura & a new friend
  3. A good visit with the mom of one of Cody's friends
  4. The kids getting to hang out with their friends over the break
  5. Riding bikes with my sweet boy
  6. A sweet card from a friend
  7. Baked goods from my adorable little neighbors
  8. A nice night with friends on New Year's Eve
  9. Seven-Layer Bars
  10. A thoughtful email from my friend in England
  11. Going to church on New Year's Day ~ what a lovely way to start the year!
  12. A big bear hug from my baby brother ♥
  13. Games with friends on New Year's Day
  14. Laughter
  15. Homemade Chex Mix
  16. My super cute sleep mask
  17. Finally meeting someone with OM face-to-face!
  18. An email from the mom of a high school friend
  19. A chance to see Hugo for free! {we were given some movie tickets for Christmas!}
  20. Getting back into our school routine
  21. The ability to climb stairs when an elevator isn't working
  22. Only having to climb four flights of stairs
  23. A counselor who encourages me with scripture
  24. Less scanxiety than I usually have around this time {scans are Thursday}
  25. The joy I feel when I think of remaining in God's love

Today's song is one of my new favorites. Y'all know how I tend to let things weigh me down, so I like how this song talks about waving goodbye to those things. & I especially love the line that says, "But the sparrows and the roses remind me there's still so much good." There really is so much good! What's on your list of good things today?



Brooke said…
praying for both the scan and that God would calm your anxiety!
{amy} said…
Thank you for your prayers! Unfortunately, I've just been informed that the scans have been rescheduled for Monday, the 16th.. So I get to wait this out for 12 more days... :/
Amanda said…
So sorry about the reschedule. That is really tough to deal with! Praying that you are at peace during the next 12 days, as well as praying for wonderful news at the end of it all.

I am so very thankful for your "thankful list" as well. It is a relief to read each time. I love it.

Hope that you and yours are doing well! Miss you guys!
RR Mama said…
Keeping your in my prayers! I love how you remain so positive in all of this.

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