"I'm Grateful"

(by Yolanda Adams) I'm Grateful - Day By Day

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This past week has been very long & tough at times, yet it has been so good at the same time. I'll share more about some it later, but for now I am grateful for...
  1. Being referred to as "our Amy" by my adorable little neighbor
  2. The chance to hang out with the sweetest, snuggliest baby boy
  3. My uncle's wise words of advice
  4. Additional words of wisdom from my pastor
  5. Super supportive {& praying!} friends
  6. Romans 8:28
  7. A conversation leading to restoration
  8. Cupcakes made by my baby girl
  9. The godly legacy that my high school pastor leaves behind
  10. The chance for Chris to say goodbye to his grandma before she passed away
  11. The opportunity for him to spend several days with his friends & family in Dallas
  12. Another safe trip far, far away with my dad!
  13. 80 mph roads
  14. Knitting on the trip without getting carsick {on the interstate, at least}
  15. My cousin Brandy finding a great guy to spend her life with
  16. Another opportunity for me to visit with family that I don't get to see very often
  17. Seat warmers in Dad's car when it's 23° outside
  18. My friend "Angels" {ΓΌ} & her willingness to take care of my baby girl when Chris (unexpectedly) had to go out of town for the entire weekend (after I had already left on my trip)
  19. Cody already having plans to stay with Alex for the weekend
  20. My wonderful neighbor Kristi taking care of my crazy puppy while we were all gone
  21. Staying up {way too late} with my baby girl when I got home {I love that she wanted to tell me every detail about her weekend, & it was totally worth a little less sleep!}
  22. My own pillow!
  23. My church body meeting each others' needs {though I wasn't there to witness it, I heard about it from several people ~ & it makes my heart happy!}
  24. The time to prepare my Bible study lesson during a somewhat crazy week
  25. Lunch with my baby girl {I let her stay home today, because she wasn't feeling well when she woke up. She went back to bed until 11:45...I'm thinking she was tired ~ see #696!}

What's on your list today?



Brooke said…
hope everything is okay {{hugs}}
Wise words of advice... such a gift. So sorry for the loss of Chris's grandma. 80mph roads... wooha!! Love our seat warmers in the cold. ((hugs)) to you friend!

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