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OK, friends, I need a little advice...

At the risk of sounding terribly shallow, I'm having a huge internal debate about cutting my hair. I know, it's just hair. It'll grow back. I shouldn't make such a big deal about it. I know all that, but a haircut is not a decision that I take lightly. It all goes back to the summer of 1980...

I was five years old, and my mom let me get a terrible haircut. The way I remember it, I said that I wanted my hair to look like Kerry's. I have no idea why I wanted it like my brother's. I was probably sick of tangles. I don't know, but I can't believe she allowed it. She loved it & called it a "cute little pixie cut".

Oh, y'all, it was awful.

Awful, I tell ya.

There have only been three times since then that I've had more than a trim. No lie. And two out of the three times, it was still at least shoulder-length. I had a bob in middle school, and it was just below my chin back then. So other than occasionally growing out my bangs & cutting them again, I haven't done anything drastic for over 30 years.

Have I mentioned that I don't like change? That's part of the reason for my lack of cutting. I also don't really know how to fix hair, so I stick with a style for a long time. {Every other time that I go in for a trim, I ask Jessie ~my hairdresser, & the reason for the song today~ to please tell me when my hair is way out of style...} Another reason for the lack of haircuts is the fact that I tend to not like trends until they're on their way out, hair trends included {like The Rachel that everybody had except for me!} But my main reason for not cutting it is because of that awful haircut when I was five. I don't have a problem with short hair on other people. It's just on me that's the problem.

So my situation now is that because of my little B12 issue a year or so ago, I lost a lot of hair. I now have a massive amount of new growth that is getting to be a pain. It causes problems when I'm trying to blow dry it, & it sticks out in little fried looking fringes (especially on humid days, which is just about every day around these parts). The ends are thin & scraggly, because there's only about 1/2 the thickness I normally have.

I usually have it trimmed every few months, but it'll probably take another year for it to reach the length of my current longest layer. I plan on making an appointment with Jessie in the next couple of weeks, & I'm trying to figure out what to have her do to it. I don't know if I should get it cut to the length of the new growth, just do what I've been doing (trim it & slowly grow it out), or meet somewhere in the middle. This is where you come in! I need your help!! I can't believe I'm going to do this, but I'm going to swallow my pride & show y'all...So you have an idea of what I'm talking about, I had my baby girl take a couple of pictures:
[to clarify: the picture on the left is the new growth, compared to the length of the rest of my hair on the right]
{She wanted me to tell y'all that I actually smiled for these. Ya. I'm lame!}

OK, what do you think? I really need your input on this one. Please, please, please give me your suggestions! & if you're one of my IRL friends who reads my blog but never/rarely comments, please do so this time.
Or email me.
Text me.
Call me.
Drag me to the hair salon.

I'll stop begging now. You know what to do... ♥



Laura said…
You could pull off ANY kind of cut! I think shorter would be cute. What about something like this? http://pinterest.com/pin/139048707214667091/ It's a nice, basic cut that is stylish but not necessarily trendy.
Brooke said…
i like that link Laura posted. I'm a short hair kinda girl, but if you're anxious definitely take it no shorter than shoulder length.
Amanda said…
I agree that you can pull off absolutely anything! I'm all for doing something different and going shorter! I am a little bias toward short haircuts right now though :P Your hair always looks great!! You'll look amazing with whatever look you decided to go with!
Zion said…
I like the link too (she's my doppelgänger). To me that is even that short of a haircut so it wouldn't be too drastic.

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